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Tuxedo Mask knew he was in trouble. He had been caught off guard by all of Zoisite's attacks. Now on the ground with his right arm useless and his legs in no position to help him brace himself he struggled to block Zoisite's blade. The lone female shitennu was toying with him, only using one arm to push her weapon against his. The battle was over and they both knew it.

"A handsome face," she teased as his mask had been blown off, "but it makes no difference. Give up now."

"I'll never surrender!" he screamed back, knowing it was as futile as his escape to this warehouse had been. He had lost the moment he had let Zoisite, disguised as Sailor Moon, stab him in the back of his shoulder. He should have realized form the start that she was only impersonating Sailor Moon, but for some reason his judgment always seemed impaired when it came to that girl. Now he would pay for that lapse in judgment.

"Just what I was hoping to hear." she sneered. She raised her free hand to deliver the final blow.

"Crescent Beam!"

A small beam of energy lit up the warehouse as it blasted through the hand Zoisite was using to push her weapon against Tuxedo Mask's. She screamed as the blade dropped from her hand, followed by blood. She clutched the bleeding appendage and looked in the direction the attack had come from.

Standing in the highest window of the warehouse was a girl or a woman, visible only as a silhouette against the night sky. "Who are you?" Zoscite screamed. A sound disturbed her, and she looked where Tuxedo Mask had been lying seconds before. The caped hero had taken her distraction as his opportunity to escape. "Damn! Where did he go?" She looked back up at her attacker, who had also disappeared.

"Damn! Damn! Damn! Who the hell was that? Where the hell are they?"/

Not too far from the warehouse, by the waterfront, Zoisite found that Kunzite had the situation with the Sailor Scouts well in hand. He had all four of them trapped in a black energy dome that was slowly shrinking. In a few minutes it would crush them, provided that they didn't run out of air and suffocate first.

"Kunzite, beware." Zoisite warned. "There's another enemy here. She rescued Tuxedo Mask and did this." Zoisite showed him her bleeding hand.

"You let him get away?" he responded in frustration. He began to turn towards her, but then turned back. Maintaining the dome required a great deal of concentration and that his hands remain in a fixed position, moving only to change the dome's size.

"Yes. But he's too badly wounded to have gone far. Besides, he wouldn't leave his precious Sailor Moon like this."

"True." Kunzite agreed. "Tuxedo Mask!" he yelled. "Come out and give us the crystals now! If you do I promise to spare your friends here!"

"No, Tuxedo Mask!" Sailor Moon screamed from within the dome. "You can't!"

Zoisite chuckled. "Silly girl. What choice does he have? Isn't that right?" she yelled the last line. With Kunzite by her side her confidence was being restored. After all, he did handle all of the Sailor Scouts with ease.

"All right! You win!" Zoisite turned to see Tuxedo Mask sneaking out from behind a stack of crates, his mask restored to his face and both of his rainbow crystals in his good hand.

"Very good, pretty boy. It's smart to know when to throw in the towel." Tuxedo mask slowly walked towards her.

Just then, a beam of light lit up the waterfront. It passed through both of Kunzite's hands, causing him to lose his control over the dome. It disintegrated, leaving the Sailor Scouts short for breath, but relatively unharmed.

All looked at the source of the beam. The silhouetted figure was on the roof of the warehouse, too far away for any of them to have heard the cry that preceded the attack. The woman jumped off of the warehouse and landed on one knee. She proceeded to walk slowly and confidently towards the assembled heroes and villains.

Sailor Moon gasped when the woman came into view. There was no mistaking the blue and white costume, the red mask, or the flowing blonde hair, even under the poor nighttime lighting at the waterfront.

"Sailor V…"

The response was the same from the other three Sailor Scouts. Their icon, their inspiration, was right in front of them.

Sailor V ignored the Sailor Scouts as she walked past them. She stopped and pointed her finger at Kunzite, whose hands her both bleeding profusely. "That was a warning, Kunzite. The next one goes through your heart."

Zoisite stepped in front of Kunzite, raising her good hand in a battle stance.

"How nice." Sailor V taunted. "I can kill two birds with one blast. Give me my crystals or you're both dead."

The reaction was the same from everyone present. 'Your/her crystals?'

Sailor Moon was the first to voice the dawning realization all shared. "Sailor V is the moon princess we've been looking for! See the moon on her forehead?"

Sailor V's finger began to glow. "I'm waiting."

Zoisite's hand also began to glow. "Well, you won't have to wait much longer, princess, 'cause soon you'll be dead!"

"Wait! Zoisite! Kunzite! Return at once!" a disembodied voice rang out.

"But Queen Beryl," Kunzite protested, "we don't have the crystals!"

"I am aware of that. The situation has changed. Withdraw."

"But we can win!" Zoisite insisted.

"Zoisite…Never question Me!"

With that, Zoisite and Kunzite vanished, leaving only the blood that dripped from their wounds behind.

Sailor V lowered her arm and looked in the direction of Tuxedo Mask, who had disappeared again, much to Sailor Moon's disappointment.

"Where'd Tuxedo Mask go? I know he was here. He looked hurt."

"At least we're safe." Sailor Jupiter said. They all looked at their savior, who regarded each of them with a long glance.

Luna, Sailor Moon's black cat, ran up to them. "Sailor Moon! I was so worried! Thank God you're all right!"

"Thank Sailor V too." Sailor Mars said.

"Yes." Luna agreed. She walked up to Sailor V. "To meet our princess at last! You have no idea how long we've waited for this moment!"

"Believe me, we do." A white cat, who, like Luna, had a crescent moon on his forehead walked towards Sailor V, who picked him up. The crescent moon on her forehead glowed as she held him.

"Artemis!" Luna exclaimed. "You mean you found the princess years ago and didn't tell me?"

"We've been busy."

Artemis' answer was clearly not enough for Luna, but Sailor Moon was too excited to allow her to ask any follow up questions. She shook Sailor V's hand ferociously.

"Hi! It's so awesome meeting you Sailor V! I'm your number one fan! Oh god this is so cool! I can't believe I'm actually meeting Sailor V! This is so cool!"

The other three Sailor Scouts face palmed and Luna moaned "Sailor Moon…" but the words kept coming out of her mouth until Sailor V said

"I'm going to need that hand back."

"Oh. Right. Sorry." Sailor Moon said. "I mean sorry princess." Artemis chuckled.

"Now that we're all together," Sailor Mercury asked, "what do we do now?"

"You are going to go home and get some sleep." Sailor V answered. "You're all exhausted. We'll meet after you finish school tomorrow at Mars' shrine." She turned to leave, but first said to Sailor Moon "Try not to get detention."

"What are we going to the shrine for?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"I want to begin training you all." With that, Sailor V took her leave. A single leap propelled her onto the roof of the nearest building. Another one and she was out of sight, leaving the Sailor Scouts with many questions.

"What sort of training?"

"How does she know about the shrine?"

"How does she know Serena gets detention a lot?"

Sailor Moon, on the other hand, had no questions. "I'm going to be working with Sailor V!"/

In the underground of the Antarctic ice, the last two of the shitennu cringed under the gaze of their mistress, who sat on her throne.

"Queen Beryl-"

"Be quiet, Kunzite. Neither of you are to be punished…yet. These new developments concern me greatly. The princess is a far more formidable adversary than I anticipated."

"With all due respect, Queen Beryl," Kunzite said, "she's just a child, no older than the Sailor Scouts."

"It took three Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask to defeat Jadeite, and even then it was I who killed him. This child defeated the two of you with ease and would have slain you both were it not for my intervention, just like she slew Dabunite."

"Dabunite was-"

"A fool. Yes. More interested in impressing me than obeying me. He made his move too early and I gladly let Sailor V teach him what he failed to learn in life." Beryl rose and began to pace.

"I should have been concerned then. Dabunite was not that inferior to Jadeite. But her interference seemed incidental. It was the Sailor Scouts who seemed to be actively working against us. Sailor V even left the country for some human case right after killing Dabunite."

Queen Beryl was proud, but she had a secret. Though her minions all believed her memory of their past lives to be perfect, there were gaping holes in it. Had she realized just who Sailor V was the reincarnation of she would have killed the girl herself years ago. But in truth Beryl remembered little more than they did: her death at the hands of the leader of the Sailor Scouts, a few names such as that of the Queen Serenity, and one face.

"You will bring me Tuxedo Mask, alive."

"I'm sorry, my Queen, but did you just tell us to bring you Tuxedo Mask?"

"Yes, Kunzite. When his mask came off I discovered who he is, and that he can be very useful to us."


"There are no buts, Zoisite. It is more imperative than ever that we acquire the silver imperium crystal. You must bring me the remaining rainbow crystals and Tuxedo Mask immediately."/

Darien Shields groaned as he fumbled with his keys, the task of opening the door to his apartment among the hardest he'd ever encountered. When he finally succeeded, he found someone else already in his apartment.

Sailor V. Sitting on his couch.

"Hello, Mr. Shields."

"Hello, princess. What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for the crystals you have."

Darien was careful to avoid giving any hint of emotion on his face other than anguish from his wounds. He could not, however, find the words to respond. He was simply too surprised and unprepared, both for his identity to be exposed, and for the demand for the very objects he had risked so much to acquire.

"You can't hope to protect them in your condition, Darien. If the enemy takes the crystals from you we're all doomed. Besides, the silver imperium crystal is mine, as are its pieces."

He could not fault her logic. He couldn't fight with his shoulder injury, an injury that was still bleeding. And her white cat, who was clearly connected with Sailor Moon's black cat, was as close to a definitive proof of her identity as he could ask for. Now that he thought about it, where was her cat?

She rose from the couch and walked towards him. "I'm not leaving without them. Don't make me fight you."

Darien sighed. He hated not having a choice. He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and removed the two rainbow crystals. "Take them." he said, dropping them into her hand.

If he was in peak condition, he might well have fought her for them.

Sailor V put the crystals in a compartment on her utility belt and walked towards his window. She turned to him as she opened it. "Get your shoulder treated. We'll need Tuxedo Mask again soon." With that she leaped out the window.

Darien watched her leap out of sight before closing his window. He walked over to his couch and fell on it, allowing a few groans out.

It had been a really bad day. First he failed to save Sailor Moon and the other scouts, then he got himself injured, possibly severely, and he wound up losing the two rainbow crystals he had.

Despite the pain, despite the frustration, he was almost about to fall asleep on the couch when his television somehow turned itself on. He opened one eye to look at it.

'Oh hell.'

His day had gotten even worse.

Zoisite had figured out who he was./

Artimis was waiting for Sailor V when she got home.

"I expected you back a while ago. Things didn't go badly with Tuxedo Mask, did they?"

"No. There was a burglary three blocks away. I had to stay until the police came in case the perp woke up and escaped. I've got the crystals." She touched the compartment on her belt where she had put the crystals.

The utility belt had not originally been part of Sailor V's costume. She had decided to where one several months after her debut for the convenience of having a place to store small items. Her crescent compact, small flashlights, marbles for tripping groups of enemies, ect. The belt also made her appearance more politically correct, covering the small amount of midriff between the shirt and skirt of her costume.

"Good." Artemis said. "You know I get worried when you're out later than planned."

"I'm all-" She stopped.

She had been about to say "I'm all right."

She was telling that lie so often that she almost said it without thinking to Artemis, the only one who knew how just how far from all right she truly was.

"I assume Luna went to the arcade to check in with central command." she said, changing the subject.

"And received conformation that Sailor V is the princess, and that the princess is to begin training the Sailor Scouts immediately."

"Good. Now the real work begins."