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KC x

x x x x

The sun was abnormally bright when she swung the car onto the driveway and killed the engine. They both climbed out, squinting into the horizon as they silently made their way up the path and into the house.

Cath tossed the keys onto the table by the door and flung herself onto the couch. A note fluttered by her side at the motion. She picked it up and scanned the brief message, a smile tugging at her lips.

Taken Lindsey to school
Don't know if you know this but I think you're going to the zoo at the weekend ;)
N x

In other words, Lindsey had decided that they were going to the zoo at the weekend.

She chuckled softly, shaking her head.

"What's funny?" Sara asked, draping herself over the back of the couch.

"Oh nothing." Cath shook her head. "I hope you don't have plans at the weekend." Sara frowned but shook her head all the same. Catherine stood up and stretched, arching her back like a cat – her shirt riding up revealing a strip of cream-coloured skin. "I am exhausted." She yawned, ambling towards the stairs. However, before she reached the first step and stopped and turned. "Oh, you wanted to tell me something earlier."

Sara chewed her lip and shook her head.

"It's okay. It was nothing." She mumbled, suddenly fidgeting on the spot. Cath walked back towards her.

"No, if you want to talk then it matters." She insisted. "It's what I'm here for."

"Really, it's not important." Sara tried to back out, but Cath was not allowing it. She tugged the brunette's sleeve, encouraging her to sit down.

"Hey, we let you down by not paying enough attention. We're not going to put things off from now on." She softened her voice. "If you want to talk then we're gonna talk and I don't care if there's a crime scene, or a meeting or a court case to go to. It can wait." She reached out a hand to tenderly stroke Sara's hair. "The whole world can wait."

For a long moment Sara was at a loss for words. She daren't open her mouth in case the tears started to fall. Eventually she shifted her gaze up to meet Catherine's patient blue eyes. She took a deep, calming breath and started to talk.

"You remember a couple of weeks you said I should deal with everything that's going on before thinking about relationships." She began. Catherine narrowed her eyes slightly.

"I remember." She agreed quietly, understanding Sara's nervousness now.

"Well, I think you were right." The young woman continued. "But I think I'm ready to start thinking about it now." At last, she looked up, eagerness disguised behind anticipation. Cath sat forward, taking Sara's hands loosely in her own.

"Sara," she paused. "Why don't we talk about this over dinner tonight?" He voice was soft, warm but there was a playful spark dancing in her eyes. Sara smiled impishly.

"I'd like that." She mumbled at last. Catherine matched her expression as she leant forward and pecked Sara's lips in a chaste kiss.

"Me too."

X x x

When Catherine blinked her eyes open early the following morning, she was almost not surprised to find herself alone in bed. The covers were straightened out, as if no-one had been laid beneath them just hours earlier.

As if last night never happened. As if she had not had a taste of perfection last night.

She crept downstairs, trying not to wake Lindsey. A part of her hoped to find a note tacked to the fridge but there was nothing. No sign of where her girl might have gone.

Not that it mattered anyway; she already knew where she was.

X x x

The grass glimmered with dew under the rising sun. She sunk her hands deep into her pockets and ducked her head as she walked through the deserted park, casting her eyes from side to side every few steps. A lifetime of studying criminals told her to be wary.

However she needn't have worried. There was only one other person in the park that morning.

"Hi." She said softly. Sara didn't turn around, keeping her eyes trained on the battered carousel. It creaked softly, swaying lazily in the light breeze.

"How did you find me?" She asked calmly. Cath ambled up beside her.

"I'm getting good at reading you." She answered, sending a sly smile towards her. "Do I need to frisk you?" she laughed nervously. "Sorry, that was in bad taste."

"No, it's okay." Sara promised with a gentle smile. "I just can't believe how everything spiralled out of control like that. I really thought I had it under control."

"Yeah, well. So did we." Catherine interlocked their fingers. "I guess we were all wrong." A look passed between the two women and they shared a brief kiss. Their gaze returned to the carousel, sitting unimposing, once majestically, behind its shroud of trees. Cath tugged on her hand. Come on baby." She whispered. "Let's go home."