Hi, my name is Nicolette Ann Wickam, but I go by Nick, so that's you'll call me. I have shortish, black, flat-twisted to one side hair, a nice enough to be considered hot, body, and a very gothic striking attitude.

I too, have a role in Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials; the role as Tyler Wickam's sister, obviously, but as his unexpected kind of sister. So y'all stay put, and hear the story from my point of view.

My brother and my origin is the origin of Chola, which gives us the effect of black people skin, and Indian people hair. I used to have elongated thick silken blond hair, yet of course, the gender of male had to ruin this. I was tired of being underrated; and so that led up to the act of me cutting my own hair and dying it black. Every month I have to cut it and dye it again because it keeps growing, and when it grows it grows out blond.

My brother, Tyler, has hair regular length for a young man, and is considered the hottest boy in Harmony Falls, since I was the hottest young woman there, and people say we look exactly identical. Well maybe he wasn't the hottest, maybe Dylan was, it unquestionably wasn't Matt, ugh, Matt was not cute at all.

Anyway, there was something a little in the wrong with my brother, he never seemed to get the big picture, and was always letting the peeps on the lax team use him, he was a tool.

And this tool-like behavior exasperated me and my 2nd best friend at Harmony Falls, Charlotte Ann Healey, or Charlie, and her other friends, Sydney and Nidhi.

Okay, so Tyler wasn't an individual you would imply things too, you would have to say everything right out front so Tyler would understand it, and since Tyler had this problem he made my life such a stress. He was a simpleton.

Anyway, so here's: