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Jessica turned around after hearing her Parents gasp and smiles tumultuously a them. Lila smiles at her and rushes up to her and gives her a hug. "My little girl is back!" Jessica looked a little overwhelmed by this greeting from her Mother but she wrapped her arms around the older woman. "I-I take it the girls won't be punished for this genetic experiment?" She looked over at her dad seeing him shaking his head no and smiling. Hugh then decided to speak up "Come, Girls it is time to eat." The family went to the table and sat down to eat the meatloaf Hugh had cooked for dinner. As they ate the family kept looking over at Jessica.

The way her family was looking at her constantly was starting to work on her nerves. She looked back at her family once more seeing them staring at her she could see the love in their eyes but it was starting to get on her nerves even more she was close to her breaking point. Her mother, recognizing the signs of an impending blow up in her youngest daughter, finished eating quickly and took the young lady by the arm and dragged her out of the dinning room and up to the newish girl's room. She looked around and saw the life of the boy her daughter had once been. "You do realize we will have to get you your own new wardrobe now right?"

Jess gave a shake of her head "Actually we don't need to do a single thing for clothes mom. The twins kept a full wardrobe of dresses and stuff for me in their Lab. That is actually where this outfit came from." Lila looked at the dress and saw that it was a little small but not by much. "We will still need to get you a new wardrobe Jo-Jessica. That dress is a little small for you as it is. I expect the rest is like that one as well." She looked at the blue pumps her smallest daughter was wearing and saw that they were just fine for size and width.

Lila nodded and dragged her daughter to go to the mall with her. Jessica dug her heels in, almost literally in the house and then literally in the yard as the ground was soft enough for her to sink the heels of her pumps in the grass and dirt. She stopped her mother from taking her any further than what she had already. "Mom! stop dragging me around for one for another-" She looked at her watch and saw that it was eight forty five. "the mall closes in fifteen minutes." Lila looked at her own watch and saw the time. "Oh. I guess your right dear." She sighed as she saw how her baby girl stopped her. She walked back to Jessica and crouched down so as not to get her skirt dirty and pulled the heels out of the ground and cleaned them off from the dirt that clung to them.

Lila then double checked the time and saw that it was almost time for Jessica to go to bed. "It is also almost time for a certain young lady to go to bed." She smiled when she heard Jessica whine a little "aw~ but mo~om I just got returned to my natural form!" Lila chuckled and started escorting her daughter back into the house. "We will be doing the shopping tomorrow after School." Jessica sighed and headed inside nodding her head in agreement with her mother. As she reached the house she unconsciously took her heels off copying her mother who was next to her doing the exact same thing at the same time.

Jessica then went upstairs and to the twins lab to see what they had for her in the way of sleep clothes as she got up to the lab the twins were watching a security camera that they had installed in their lab so they could see what Johnny was doing in there when they weren't there or in the case of this video at night while everyone slept. She saw herself as Johnny creating the potion that she was forced to take to change her into this form. "So you two had no clue what that mix would do did you?" Jessica spoke softly and watched as the twins jumped and spun around.

The twins looked at the girl version of the boy on the screen and shook their head. Jessica watched as she put a few chemicals together and realized she recognized what was being put in except the last ingredient she couldn't piece together until the loop played again and saw that it was hair from someone, probably female. "I know what I did now and you two were right there isn't anything to bring Johnny back. That video is ME subconsciously taking control of the boy version of me and creating something that would allow me to get back to me being me. Now since we figured THAT out. I came in here originally to see what you had in the way of night clothes for me."

The two older girls looked at each other then over to the closet area that held the younger's clothes and they both smiled. They led her over to her wardrobe area and pulled the lever to show Jessica's dresser. They opened the drawer next to the top and pulled out a long T-shirt with the Biohazard symbol on it and handed it over to her. She shucked her clothes in front of the twins not even thinking tossing her clothes to one side. As the clothes flew off they all landed into the laundry hamper that was next to the dresser. The young girl then slid the night shirt on over her body. The twins looked at each other nodded and went up to the newish girl as she went to leave for bed yelling "SLUMBER PARTY!" as they grabbed both of their younger sister's arms.


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