Digimon Adventure: A Slightly Darker Retelling

"There was a year that couldn't be forgotten in the world of Digimon. But this time, there's a bit of a twist..."

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, any of its characters, or whatever material I reference to. I DO however own my original characters. All material is property of its orignal creators.

Author's Note: Sorry that I have been dead for a while now, but I tend to lose interest in quite a few things. Don't worry, I will get back to making Dead From The Beginning eventually. For now, I just want to go back to my childhood...with a bit of a twist, of course. I apologize for the wait. Why am I making this? Because Brian Cole has gotten me back into Digimon, and I figured out that high school friend Robert Willis likes it too. This ended up spawning a roleplay where me and him are in the story of the first and second seasons. This will only cover the first season. Keep in mind, there WILL be a slight bit of Adaptation Decay, but nothing too serious. Just sit back, and if you enjoyed watching Digimon growing up, you may like this. Or not.

The Prologue: One Day During the Summer

It was a hot summer day in Brandonopolis. It was the month of May, and everyone was awaiting the annual summer breakout party. Today was the day. The Legend's schoolwork was finished up, and he was about to arrive in his city.

Then, he arrived. Stepping out of the large airship that had just landed, the fellow was wearing triangular shades. You know, the ones you'd usually see on cool characters in anime? Yeah. He wore a colorful hawaiian shirt over his double bandolier, blue summertime trunks, and his trusty army helmet.

Because when you think summer, you think army helmet.

He raised a bottle of blue cream soda over his head as if he were giving a toast as he stood in front of the numerous citizens of his proud city.

"Today, Brandonopolis, is a good day! For I have made it through the school year once again. Now...it's time to party, max, and RELAX!", the teenaged stickman yelled to his people. They cheered wildy as the summer break from school had been announced.

The stickman had set out a bunch of food and everything for damn near everyone in the city. Millions joined the party, and had one hell of a time. Life was cool in Brandonopolis...

But even when people party, there is always someone around to spoil the fun times. There was only one being who was intent on destroying the city and its hero.

Enter Xana, an orange lizard who was mutated by the world's first atomic bomb back near the end of World War II. He started off fine, but eventually, he resented humanity for berating his general appearance, and soon regressed into wishing death upon it.

Xana watched over the festivities, not the least bit pleased.

He sighed with incontempt. "That damn little brat... It seems that no matter how hard I try, he always gets in the way of my plans", he snarled a snarl most menacingly.

"This time, I'll show him just how prepared I've become in my advances. I'll hit him with a warp the next time I'm beaten. He'll see that I have power even outside his own world."

He smirked, knowing that he had planned a gambit that existed outside the plane of reality. But he would wait unti lafter the party was done and over with late into the afternoon.

Later that afternoon, the party was over. The citizens left the party, content and ready to relax. However, the Legend knew there was much to still worry about. He had a hunch that Xana was planning something soon. The hunch was proven when one of his friends called him up on his cell phone.

"Hello?", the stickboy questioned.

"Hey, Brandon! Listen, there's a problem again", answered another voice.

"Let me guess, Bob. It's Xana, right?", Brandon asked, right on the mark.

"Yup. Not surprising at all, honestly", the purple cat responded.

"Figures. I'll go and see what he's up to...", Brandon said, exasperated.

Brandon began running towards Xana's Factory, one of the largest that he's built. Other factories he had built were destroyed by Brandon, and they just kept being built. He was a little miffed that he had to go and beat Xana to a pulp once again.

Brandon never wanted to continue to do this...but he had to. For everlasting peace.

(Brandon's POV)

Great, I thought to myself. I was beginning to wonder why Xana had to set up plans like this on nights that I had to do important things on. I'm not gonna lie, it was getting on my nerves fast.

But, I had to make sure Brandonopolis was safe and sound before I went to the Brandonopolis Army's party, so it wasn't going to take long. At least, I hoped it wasn't.

Taking various shortcuts throughout my massive city, I finally reached the factory. Saying it was as large as a city was nothing, it was at least half the size of Brandonopolis.

I had to take care; despite Xana being a bumbling idiot many times, he does have a large arsenal and tons of milita soldiers. Running headlong into the factory, if you're a regular person, is absolute suicide. You'd be dead if you're not quick to react.

I pulled out my Angel Materiel .20 cal Sniper Rifle. No sense in going loud yet unless I wanted to get ventilated twice as fast.

The sun was coming down, and I had to find some shade to avoid getting noticed. I looked through the scope of my gun, and saw two guys playing Scrabble. Guess the soldiers have to have SOME fun. I had put in tranquilizer rounds, because at the moment, I could not risk being caught. I took two shots on the guards, and both fell to the ground out cold.

I took one's clothes, and disguised myself as the enemy. I soon was inside the factory, making myself as inconspicuous as possible. It was a start, at least.

I eventually found an under construction area off to my left. I was wondering what Xana had planned to build? Curious as I usually was, I stepped over the "KEEP OUT" tape and continued forward. Inside, the hallway was not finished at all. Daylight swarmed the work area, as did construction workers. These guys were huge and muscular. They were looking at me as if I was just more gutter trash in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was there to deal with Xana, but I had to keep that to myself. Otherwise, I'd have a ton of militia on top of me in seconds.

I looked further ahead. More workers and scaffolding were abound, but I saw a tall tower-like structure. It was made of white metal and looked sleek and new. I chuckled to myself at the thought. Xana never built anything like that. In fact, everything he built looked like a junkyard industrialist's wet dream.

Speaking of the big orange lunkhead, he is on top of the tower...and modifying his flying capsule. Oh boy. If there's one thing I hate about Xana, it's his tendency to always come back stronger than before. And I'm catching him in the act.

Judging from the labels and everything, I figured he was building a nuclear ICBM launch facility. The missiles being transported supported this. It was just like the third time I fought him. Ah, memories...

Well, time to stop wangsting over nostalgia. Time to kick a lizard's ass for the umpteenth time.

I ran up to the tower, and yelled up to Xana.

"HEY, OIL BREATH! Guess who?", I yelled.

He turned around, and his otherwise happy expression melted into slightly stoic anger almost instantaneously.

"Oh...it's you again. I figured you'd show up again.", he said, clearly pissed that I'm about to mess up his salad again.

"When do I not show up? I practically have to! You're trying to set nuclear fire to my city!" I yelled, raising my tone of voice further.

"That's the idea! You destroyed my nuke facility the third time we dueled! I figured I could do it again!", Xana yelled back to me.

"Yeah, don't bet on it...", I said, pulling out my assault rifle. I begin running up the tower's unfinished frame. A small yellow laser was following me...and then I dove for cover as the laser became a huge laser beam. I looked to the sky and saw a large satellite looking directly at me.

Son of a bitch. He had a satellite laser. Not a regular one, but a sentient one. He knew I'd try to climb this to reach him. Not only was the laser going to be a problem, but I had to watch out for the workers throwing large flammable barrels, and ones with guns. They weren't nearly as durable as the Clockwork Knights Xana sent after me, but they still took a few shots before going down.

It was hell getting up the tower. Between the satellite laser and the workers, it was a death sentence.

At last, I got up the tower. Xana was waiting there with his capsule.

"Damn it! I was hoping the laser would've finished you!" Xana said, almost enraged.

"Boo-hoo, reptile brains. I hope you still got what it takes to fight.", I shot back.

"Trust me, I have upgraded this thing to have more weapons in addition to the ones it currently has!" Xana said, as he jumped into his newly upgraded capsule.

It floated up off the ground and sprouted extra thrusters and guns. This wasn't going to be that easy.

[BOSS: Xana Capsule IV Modified Version 2.0]

Xana opened the battle up by firing the two side guns. Both whizzed past the sides of my head as I dodged. He followed up with a blast from the center cannon. I had to simply roll out of its way to avoid it.

Then Xana fired the two homing missiles. Not good. I shot one down quickly, and hopped on the other one, steering it around like I was some sort of bizarro space cowboy. I nailed the capsule with the missile as I jumped off. It damaged the capsule a slight bit, but not enough to totally incapacitate it temporarily.

Xana was persistent, as was I. He backed out of the action to sic some more workers on me. Too easy, I said, and I peppered each one without missing a beat.

I did not see the capsule careening towards me with its thrusters doing overtime though, and it managed to knock me to my feet for a follow-up.

The satellite laser was aimed directly over my forehead, but I knew that it would do more than destroy my head. Xana was about to make a second pass, and the laser was about to fire again. I just had to move at the right time...

That's when Xana made the second pass. The laser fired, as I rolled out of the way as both were about to make contact. The laser ended up hitting Xana, as expected. Now it was totally charred, and almost out of commission.

At this point, Xana was pissed as all hell, and started to use plenty of bullets. I returned fire and kept at it with burst fire, to get maximum accuracy. At last, it was damaged enough to the point where Xana was forced to eject from the pod.

Xana growled in anger. "You will pay for this, Brandon. You. Will. PAY.", he said as he flew off.

I hated to leave him to escape, but his satellite laser was of more concern. It would blast Brandonopolis to hell and back if given the chance. I looked around for anything that would be useful for getting me into space. My eyes set on the rather busted up capsule. I hopped into it and prayed to the gods and goddesses that it would work. Thankfully, it was saving grace when its engine roared to life. With weapons out,I headed into space to deal with the laser.

On the way there, I had to watch out for space junk and automated turrets. Apparently, Xana doesn't give a hoot if he pollutes, even in space. The turrets are hazardous enough, but when there's all of this crap floating around as you try to dodge shots, it can get pretty draining. Combine that with all the shots being fired by the satellite, and I can say that it was like combining Asteroids with DoDonPachi. I did manage to shoot out the turrets and destroy most of the space junk, but amongst it were some mines. Xana really wanted this to be my last breath. Too bad for him; he's crap out of luck, my friends.

The satellite laser, as expected, was larger up close. However, its laser did not fire when I was close up to it. It did have plenty of turrets and stuff on it too, so I had to work at it to compact it into space debris.

Eventually, there was almost nothing left of it. My work was done here. I was about to move along until I heard the remains of the satellite speaking.


Uh oh.

A large turquoise portal then opened up and sucked in the remains and the capsule that I was in. I couldn't eject myself from the capsule, or else my head would've popped like a blood filled balloon. I was just supposed to sit there and accept my fate as the portal pulled me in.

It was not a pleasant time. I was tossed around like a ragdoll, and I ended up hitting the eject button, launching me out into the warp.

I floated through for what seemed like hours, and I could breathe fine. The only real question I could ask at that point was:

"Where am I going?"

I was worried for two reasons. One is that I won't see Brandonopolis for a while. Two is that I was afraid that, wherever I was going, I would end up attracting the Villain's Alliance and risk other lives.

Soon,I found that the warp was going vertically now...and I was falling.

Screaming bloody murder, I was met with open air, falling thousands of feet to my doom. I had forgotten my jetpack, so I had no way to save myself from the inevitable crash landing.

The clouds eventually gave way to a small archipelago of islands off the eastern coast of Asia. It then hit me that I was heading for Japan. Well, alarmingly fast, but I was heading for it nonetheless.

I soon found out that my exact location was gonna be Odaiba. Then, finally, after several minutes of falling thousands of feet, I painfully landed on top of a car. That's when I blacked out.

I swore my body was on fire from the pain and impact of the landing. It was no joke, it really, really hurt. And I'm supposed to take pain like this often. This isn't a fight, though.

Several minutes later, I finally came around. The first thing I noticed is that I was bleeding badly from the impact. Well, would YOU like it if you fell onto a car with the force of a train going 500 miles per hour? Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it felt like what I said.

The second thing I noticed that there nine kids all around the chaos. News reporters were filming my accident, and I still felt quite sore from the impact.

The kids were all different, and they weren't anyone I've ever seen before. One had the spikiest hair I've ever seen, and had a pair of goggles. It makes me wonder if he ever uses them, if at all.

Another one had similarly spiky hair, but a green shirt, and looked more along the lines of the cool foil of a group. I'm just hoping he's not emo. Then again, I'm being an asshole.

The third one was a girl, but at the time, I couldn't tell. She looked to be a tomboy. The only way I knew she was a girl was that I noted her eyelashes through my blurred vision.

The fourth one was, honestly, shorter than the rest. He was, like, a head shorter, but he had a laptop. I guess he's a brainiac.

The fifth one was definitely a girl, because I could tell the iota of pink she wore from the others. What was with that cowboy hat, though?

The sixth one looked like a geek. He had a fist aid kit, and was trying to patch me up a bit, though he looked a bit nervous. I was afraid he'd botch the job.

The seventh child looked like the youngest of the group. He was looking at me with worry, and was rather close to the cool looking guy. I figured they were brothers.

The last two looked like regular humans...sort of.

They all shared the same concern, it seemed. They all looked worried...and then they began carrying me to god knows where. It hurt like hell, and I blacked out once again.

About a half hour later, I woke to them again, this time, in what looked to be a summer camp infirmary. At that moment, I could only ask myself "why did they take their time to save me"?

That's when one of them began to speak with me.

"You okay, buddy? You were pretty banged up when we saw you in that car crash.", the goggle boy said.

"You were bleeding quite a bit. The impact must've been really hard for that to happen.", the cool guy said.

"Ugh...I still feel sore..." I barely muttered.

I tried to move, but the guy with the glasses stopped me before I did too much.

"Hold on! You're not completely healed. It'll be a bit longer before you'll heal completely.", the guy with the glasses said.

I sighed. "Thanks... But...why did you help me out...?", I had said.

"We couldn't leave you out there to die. So we simply brought you back here to rest up.", the tomboy replied.

"Oh, you guys didn't have to...do...that."

My words slowed to a stop. What was I saying? I had been saved by these children.

They're my friends. I should be treating them as such.

"...wait. Forget what I had said. Thank you, guys."

They returned the favor. At last, a place where I felt normal for once.

If they knew where I came from or know what I can do...

Oh, don't worry about it. Give it some time, and I'll be better in no time.

Little did I know, I'd be forced to show my true power in two weeks time.


Hope you liked this. I will continue working on this. This should hold you over until then.