Chapter 3

The following morning Marti awoke by her alarm clock. She turn it off, and stumbled out of bed.

She looked over at Savannah's bed. It was already made, 'does that girl ever sleep in' she thought.

"Good Saturday morning Marti" Savannah said walking in

Marti just looked at her "Good Saturday morning?" Marti repeated back to Savannah.

"It's Saturday and its such good morning" Savannah giggled.

"Right okay, have you been drinking?" she looked at Savannah.

"What no, don't be silly Marti" Savannah giggled again.

Marti looked at Savannah up and down "You've only just got home haven't you?" Marti smiled at her.

"Why you say that?" Savannah looked worried.

"Because your in same clothes as you were yesterday?" Marti raised one eyebrow and smiled.

"I had sex with Dan" She smiled widely.

"I knew it" Marti shouted

Savannah rolled her eye. "So give me details" Marti sat there and thought one moment "Okay maybe not to much" Marti Laughed.

Savannah laughed "Well, it was nice and perfect" Savannah smiled "How I always wanted it"

"Well I'm happy for you Savannah"

"Thanks Marti" Savannah smiled.

Julian lifted Marti off her feet she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Julian carried her upstairs searching for the bedroom. As soon as he found it he laid her down on the bed, his breathing becoming slower. He relished removing every last pin from her hair, allowing Marti's curls to fall around her face. He pulled her dainty black dress straps over her shoulders and down below her breasts. He Leaned down and kissed her nipples, gently, then more firmly. Pulling her dress up to her waist, caressing the inside of her silky thighs with his fingers. He Rubbed his body against hers, kissing and gently biting her her neck, and she could feel how aroused he was by her. Pulling his face towards hers, she responded, kissing him and gently biting his soft lips. She felt lust take over, and pulled herself up to face him so that they were both on their knees. She undressed him swiftly, revealing his taut, chiselled body. They could hardly take theirs eyes off each other and soon neither could take any more.

Julian curled up to Marti "You're so beautiful you know that?" he whispered. Marti smiled, "I've

missed you" Julian said while kissing her forehead.

"I've missed you too"

Marti woke up alone the next morning, she climb out of bed "Shower time" she said to herself, as she turned round Nikki was standing at the door way just looking at her.

"N...ikki" she tried covering herself up with her hands, She grabbed one of Julian's long t-shirts and put it on.

Nikki was shocked and ran off to find her dad.