Chapter One

Charlie's POV

I stood outside the Diner waiting for him. I saw him walking towards me smiling that smile that always my knees melt. He took my hand and kissed me.

"Ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be."

And so we walked into the Diner holding hands. I saw Colleen stop dead when she saw us.

"Hi Colleen" said Brax. We walked over to Ruby and Casey who were sitting in the corner. "Hey guys" said Brax when we reached them. We talked for a while about nothing In particular. Suddenly I noticed a quick look between Brax and Casey then Casey said

"Anyone want some more coffee?"

"I would I'll come too." Said Ruby.

"No, no. it's fine. You stay here with Brax and Charlie." Ruby stayed but didn't take her eyes off Casey. I knew she was suspicious.

Ruby's POV

Casey walked up and started talking to another customer there. Whatever he said to her made her look around and stare at us. I noticed she was mainly staring at Charlie. Then Heath arrived and left with the girl.

"Who was that?" I asked Casey when he returned.

"Oh just one of the rivergirls." He said. Suddenly I was furious. It seemed obvious there was more to it than that.

"Fine! Don't tell me! We're finished! I said and stormed out.

Charlie's POV

"Aw great! Thanks a lot Brax!" Casey got up and raced after Ruby.

"Why is he blaming you?" I asked Brax. Brax looked like he was trying to

think of an answer. "You know what? I'm going to leave before you

manage to think of some lie to tell me!"

I turned and walked out ignoring Brax who raced after me. I drove home.

I walked in the back door. I could hear Casey and Ruby arguing in the kitchen. I tried to walk quietly to my room but their words caught my attention.

"If you weren't cheating then why can't you tell me who she is?"

"Fine. You really want to know? She's my niece! Alright? You happy know?"

"Heath has a daughter?" Ruby asked sounding shocked. When Casey didn't answer Ruby asked again. "She is Heath's, right?"

Again Casey didn't answer.

"Wait! Is she Brax's?"