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Chapter One

"We interrupt your show for an important news broadcast."

"Flight 385, flying from Tokyo International to Paris International, has crashed. I'm being told the plane started going down five minutes ago and has crashed since then. I'm also being told 87 passengers were on that flight, including crew. No one knows if there are any survivors….."

The reporter's voice faded from the man's ears.

Survivors….. Could this be real? It couldn't be. No way. There was no way this was happening. There was no way that his friends could have been on that flight….. But the number…. 385…It was the same number on the tickets he'd ordered for them.

The man muted his television and reached for his cell. The call didn't last long.

"Mori, it's Kyoya; the plane Tamaki and Haruhi were on has crashed."