A/N hello to all of my lovely reviewers/fans I know that it has been a million years (5 to be exact) but after many years and a few drinks I am feeling inspired to finish this story for everyone who has been patiently waiting for an update. So I hope that you all enjoy it.

Logan's P.O.V

After all of the glee clubs had performed we all went out to the lobby to wait for the New Direction's to come out. Ever since they had performed Gustavo could not wipe the smile off of his face. Quinn performed amazingly and I was very hopeful that Gustavo thought that she had done great too.

"So Gustavo what did you think?" Burt asked him quizzically.

"There are lots of talented kids in that group but a few stood out to me." Gustavo responded vaguely.

"What are you thinking you are going to do?" James asked Gustavo. I was glad that James asked because I was very curious too but I was too afraid to ask him myself.

"Well there is one big thing that my record label does not have and it seems to be pretty in right now." Gustavo said still not giving us much information.

What could Gustavo mean by there is one thing that the record label is missing? Just as I was going to ask Gustavo what the label was missing New Directions walked over to us all overjoyed by their victory at sectionals.

"Great performance all of you, but an exceptional performance by Rachel, Santana, Brittany and Quinn. You all know that I am here to give somebody a record deal but I can only give out one record deal so how would you four like to become Rocque Records first ever girl band?"