Chapter 1

After high school I and Otani decided to take different way.
So the opportunities to see us are less and less every year pass.
I finished my studies last year and now I work as assistant stylist for a magazine and I finally found what I really like to do.
But Otani hasn't finished college yet. Thinking of his aptitude for the study I can't believe he choose a school so hard.
Today he asked me to go out, but his voice on the phone seemed so tense.
I'm worried. And if was it the end?
However I try to put it in the nicer closet that I can wear for the occasion, I take my bag and leave.
For the first time in my life are ahead, so I decide to go take a look at the shop's windows.
I can't do anything, my eye always fall there.
A beautiful glittering showcase where shining, among many other wonders, three radiant rings.
Nobu and Nakao got married last year.
Nobu was beautiful in white, all just looked at her as she crossed the nave of the cathedral.
Maybe I'm a bit 'jealous, but who would not?
Being able to stay forever with the person you love, is priceless.
I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I had not even noticed that I'm arrive.
Suddenly I feel a warm hand rests on my shoulder.
"Risa where the hell were you going?" Otani said a bit a 'suspicious.
"Hm! I was distracted and ...! Excuse me! "I say quickly without thinking -" Uh!Ok. "
"Where are we going?" I say taken by curiosity.

- "Surprise".
But it isn't right! Now I am even more curious!
Otani takes my hand. Now I'm sure that nothing bad will happen.
We arrive. How cute! This is the place we had our first true kiss.
"Now close your eyes," says one boy suddenly become too sweet for be my Otani.

Who knows what will happen tonight?
I obey, but almost immediately I reopen my eyes.
Now there's a beautiful sparkling ring on my finger.
"What ...?" Stammered a bit 'disbelief - "Will you marry me, Risa?".
"Eh?" Scream almost instantly. No way!
Otani became red as a pepper and carries a hand on his forehead.
"Did you hear that great! So what? "Continues more and more embarrassed.
I have no words. I hug him, maybe a little 'too quickly, and we fall to the ground embraced. We laugh.
"I take that as a yes," he said printing a kiss on my lips.