A year has passed since Otani asked me to marry him and now, finally, we're really getting married.

I can't wait. I look in the mirror once again, my white dress is gorgeous.

For once in my life I feel really good and maybe even better. The veil falls on the shoulders tickling me a little.

But it does not matter now. It doesn't matter how Otani is going to kiss me.

"Honey you look great!" My mother says breaking out in tears, again.

"Thanks, Mom! I love you! "

She's trying everything to make me cry too!

"Let's go!" Nobu says smiling, with an encouraging expression. I nod.

"Well, at least this time Otani will have nothing to say about the fact I'm late! Ahaha! "

In front of the cathedral door my father was waiting for me with a sad look. According to him I'm still too young to get married. Bah that's nonsense.

"Ready?" He says with, obvious forced, happiness. "Yes Dad, let's go," I say smiling.

After taking the first step through the entrance, the Mendelssohn's wedding march star playing. Everyone look at me now, just amazed. Otani, a few meters from me, has the face of someone who has just been hit on the head.

At the end of that short, but long, long walk down the aisle with my dad a kiss on the cheek, leaving me to my fate and my future with that midget of Otani.

"You're late even today, true?" Asks the groom with his stupid face.

"You are always the same."

After a long ceremony come to my ears this famous words: "I pronounce you man and wife! The groom can kiss the bride. "

I'm already hyperventilating but apparently Otani had already thought of everything.

In fact, just before the altar there is a small staircase on which he is promptly rising.

Just arrived on the second step, turns and kisses me.

It is a sweet kiss, maybe a little 'awkward, but extremely wonderful.