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Anyway, I wanted to try out a high school-style story, and this idea came to me one day when I was riding a horse…don't ask why. Features pretty much all of the AT series characters, from all 3 games, plus Arpeggio. There are many, MANY pairings, but the main one will be Saki/Aoto. Just so you know.

Enter the Peacekeeper - Chapter 1: First day, Part One

A teddy bear is dancing around a flower field, hand-in-hand with a little girl clutching an ocarina. Round and round they circle in continuous fluid motions. Eventually they come to a flawless pause, turn and approach. Everything is calm and serene. Both the bear and the girl are speaking; saying the same thing, "...ki…ki…ki"

"SAKI! Wake up!"


The entire room shook in a flurry of legs and cotton. After the chaos had settled, one could picture a very confused girl with mousy-brown hair sprawled on the floor, tangled in a duvet.

Keiko Ishikawa observed the usual morning routine, sighing. "Saki," she addressed her daughter, "you need to get up now; you're going to be late for school."

Saki rose to her feet, picking the sleep out of her eyes. "Mmmm, Saki was having such a nice dream," she mumbled. "Flowers…teddy…Zelda thingy…"

"You always have such odd dreams," laughed her mother. "Come on; breakfast's on the table, and I've left your clothes out for you. You'll need your strength for your first day at your new school!"

At this, Saki was suddenly wide-awake. "It's today?" she exclaimed. "Oh, no, it's too soon!"

"I wonder what kind of day this is going to be," Saki wondered as she was walking. The vast, busy streets of Elemia City were unfamiliar to the young girl, but this was understandable as she had only lived here for a couple of weeks.

The Ishikawa family had used to live in Clustania City, quite a long way from Elemia; but then Saki's father, a major sergeant in the Clustanian army, died suddenly while on tour. His death profoundly affected his wife and daughter, and everyday life just seemed to remind them both of him. Sick of the ghosts of the past and attention from neighbours, Keiko had given up her job, taken her only child and moved to a fresh start, in Elemia. Of course, this meant that Saki would have to go to a different school, but she had timed the move so that at least she would start at the beginning of the year.

Nevertheless, Saki felt a little nervous as the Nemo District Secondary School loomed in front of her. It looked inviting enough with its white walls and bright decorations, but the sheer size of it made her feel a little small. A sea of students milled together in a large portion of the grounds just outside the main building. Saki just stood there, taking it all in. Was this a good idea? Should she have left Clustania? Would these people welcome her? Would she make friends?

Saki opened up her bag and started looking for her timetable. She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice something descending from the sky right above her.

"AAAH!" she screamed as it landed next to her. In her shock, she dropped her bag, scattering books and stationary all over the ground.

"Oh no!" she groaned, and started desperately gathering stuff up into her arms. She'd only been in this place for a few moments and look at what had happened!

"Here, let me give you a hand with that" said a voice. Saki turned around: a boy about her age was standing next to her holding the rest of her books out to her.

Saki was mortified. "I'm sorry!" she cried. "It's my fault, I'm so clumsy! I-!" She stopped mid sentence when she looked up at the stranger. He was over a head taller than her, with spiky white hair and bright blue eyes. He had a rather sheepish smile on his face.

"No," he chuckled, "it was my fault. I should've checked to see if someone was there before I jumped." Saki looked up: one of the enormous trees on the road had some of its branches jutting over the school's high fence. "He must've been sitting way up there," she thought, shivering inwardly; she didn't like heights.

"Umm," she began nervously, "what were you doing up in that tree, anyway?"

"I just like high places," shrugged the boy, "but I didn't mean to scare you. Here's your stuff, sorry about that." Their hands accidentally brushed as he handed the books back, sending a shock like wildfire through Saki's hand. She could feel her face burning, and averted her eyes. She'd had male friends back in Clustania, but had to admit this guy was particularly handsome. He looked like he was about to say something, when a piece of paper hit him on the side of the head.

"Oi; you clumsy oaf!" shrieked a female voice from the other side of the playground. "Hurry up or you're gonna be late!" Looking over to the source of the noise, Saki could see a girl with dark blue hair waving from the other side of the playground.

The white haired boy called out, "You little brat! All right, I'm coming." As if on cue, a bell sounded, resonating through out the grounds.

He turned back to Saki. "I gotta go. See you around, OK?" He then tore off in the direction of the school building.

"Wait! Hang on!" Saki cried, but he was gone. She sighed. It would have been nice to have walked in with someone. "Oh well," she thought as she walked towards the large doors. Hopefully the building wouldn't be as big on the inside as it looked on the outside.

There was no way around it; Saki Ishikawa was completely lost. Every corridor in the entire building seemed to look exactly the same. Glancing at the timetable (which she had finally managed to find), she saw that she was supposed to be in room 201, Form 10I, but had absolutely no idea where that was.

"What do I do?" she wailed. Everyone else had gone to class, there was nobody else to ask for directions. But just then, she saw someone: a tall girl with long, silvery-blue hair was running around looking just as confused as her.

"Excuse me!" Saki called, running up to her. "Do you know where Room 201 is?"

"You're looking for it too?" Cried the tall girl. "I really hate this; I've been at this school for years and I still don't know my way around." She looked on the verge of panic. Saki, ever the diplomat, tried to console her.

"Don't worry," she soothed. "We'll find it together. Look, there's a corridor map over there!" She scanned it briefly, then turned back to her companion. "Okay, we're outside Room 226, so…"

Five minutes of running later, they had found Room 201.

"Thank you so much!" gushed the tall girl. "I thought I'd never find it. I guess you're new. Are you in Form 10I like me, then?"

"Yes!" said Saki. "I'm Saki."

"Well, Saki, you're my hero, and I wish I could give you a better reward than this. Our form tutor isn't that…fond…of lateness, so I apologise in advance."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see." And with that, the tall girl tentatively opened the door.

"Miss Ansul!" A deep voice boomed out into the corridor. "You're late…again."

"I'm sorry, Miss Infel, I'm sorry!" Cried the tall girl. She grimaced at Saki, who looked terrified.

"Just get in here, now! And who is that with you?"

The two girls walked into a large classroom, a horde of curious eyes following them. Sitting at the main desk was a strict looking woman, peering down her spectacles at them.

"Aha, I heard we had a new student in our form today. Glad you finally got here. Come over to my desk please," she said, motioning to Saki, whose tall companion mouthed "good luck!" to her.

The teacher rummaged in the desk for a moment, before pulling out what looked like a list.

"Eoria Ansul….late." she muttered, drawing a little mark on it. "Now then," she said, "Ishikawa…Saki, isn't it?" Saki nodded. "Very good. My name is Miss Infel and I will be your form tutor for the next few years. If you have any problems, or questions about the school, come to me and I will assist you, understand?"

Saki nodded mutely.

"I'm sure you're feeling nervous," continued Miss Infel, "but don't worry, it'll pass." Her thin lips curved into a smile for just a moment. "I hope your experience in my form is a good one. Now go sit down please; I believe there is a free seat next to Miss Nestmile over there." She pointed to a seat near the back of the room, which Saki walked to, all eyes still on her.

A brunette girl greeted her as she sat down. "Hi, I'm Aurica!" she whispered. "Nice to meet you."

"Cut the chatter over there!" Boomed Miss Infel. "Now then; as I'm sure you're all aware, we have a new student in our class today. Her name is Saki Ishikawa and you're all to make her feel welcome. And above all, no trying to scare her by spreading false rumours about teachers like you did to the transfer student. That includes you, Croix!" A boy sitting a few seats away from Saki merely grinned and waved his hand in a non-committal manner. "You're all going to be working very hard this year, and I expect good results from all of you. Your first lesson is Grathmelding, and it starts in ten minutes, so you had better get going. Dismissed."

With a deafening scraping of chairs, the class rose to her feet. Saki gathered up her bag, when the tall girl from before and a purple haired girl walked up to her.

"I was just hearing about how you saved the day, new girl," the latter laughed. "Honestly, this doofus has such a bad sense of direction, and she's been here five years!"

"That's so mean!" cried the silver haired girl. "I can't believe you just left me to wander the corridors; we're supposed to be sisters!"

"You should know your way around the damn school," sighed her sister. "Oh well, I suppose we haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Tyria, and this is my sister Eoria-"

"Don't call me Eoria, Tyria!" shuddered the tall girl. "It's Shurelia."

"Wait, wait!" cried Saki, "your names are Eoria and Tyria? After the goddesses?"

"Yeah," sighed Shurelia, "our parents are religious freaks. I don't like the attention my name gets, so everyone calls me Shurelia."

"We're triplets, believe it or not," said Tyria. "We have another sister called Frelia, and another adopted-"

"Frelia may say some strange things to you; she's a little odd," interrupted Shurelia, "but don't worry, she doesn't mean any harm."

"How can you, of all people, call her odd with a straight face?" admonished Tyria.

"She is odd! Look at her; she dresses up as Tinkerbell everyday: wings and everything! And she's always dragging the dog with her everywhere she goes." Shurelia took a deep breath, before rounding on her sister. "And let's not forget your obsession with that disgusting fried brea-" Suddenly Tyria's face was inches away from hers.

"You can say whatever you want about me," she said dangerously, "but you do not talk bad about the fried bread. Ever. Got that?" Both sisters suddenly turned and looked at Saki, who had near collapsed in helpless giggles.

"Stop, stop!" she gasped breathlessly, "I can't take it anymore!" Her laughter was infectious, and suddenly Shurelia, Tyria and Aurica were laughing too.

"We should really get to class, guys," said Aurica, when they were finally able to control themselves. "Don't worry," she said to Saki, "they're like that. The Ansul sisters are legendary for being a bit kooky."

Ignoring the protests of the two other girls, she prodded them out of the room. Saki followed, shaking her head in amusement.

The first two periods passed like a blur for Saki, there was so much information to process and take down, but at least her teachers were nice. She liked Miss Infel, despite her stern personality, it made her feel secure. The Grathmelding teacher; an old man by the name of Mr Pochoma, had grasped her hands upon meeting her, and blubbered about how she reminded him of his granddaughter. When he had gotten down to doing some teaching, however, Saki found him to be a true master, both at the art and explaining it. The maths teacher, Mr Barsett, was as equally strict and intimidating as Miss Infel, and Saki had breathed a sigh of relief when he told her that her work was above standard for someone who had just moved to the school.

She had also got to know a few more of her classmates. In addition to Aurica, Shurelia and Tyria, she had made friends with a skinny, yet hyperactive girl called Finnel, who tended to rebound off walls when she got excited. She had also become fond of chatting to Croix, the boy who Miss Infel had admonished earlier. He assured her that none of the school's teachers had ever set foot near a mental asylum, causing Saki to break down with laughter again. He said that a lot of people from the school came to watch a sport he and his brother played called V-Boarding at weekends, and she was welcome to come along as well. Saki was touched; it seemed like everyone wanted her to feel at home.

It seemed like coming here wasn't such a bad idea after all…

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