"Dance with a stranger.. Romance and Danger..."

Linda Gunderson was the type of person who hated surprises. She liked everything to be perfectly in order and on schedule. Always her book store would open precisely at eight and close exactly at nine. Always took three sugars in her coffee and only a teaspoon of creme. Laid out her clothes before the next day and dust would gather around the objects on her shelves forming outlines of favorite books, trophies of spelling bee's past, and pictures of she and Blu growing up together.

As she slowly rolled over under the sheets she recalled Carnival and the following day. Finally finding her bird only to discover Blu could now fly and had grown very attached to Jewel. She didn't feel jealousy considering that was who he belonged with, his own kind. But it left her feeling very forgotten as he would zoom around the forest simulation room with Jewel in his claws. Smiling meloncholy smile, Tulio seemed to have taken a liking to her, especially after Carnival.

Never had she felt so humiliated. Standing ontop of a large float in something that would resemble almost like a playboy bunny,Blue Macaw in this case, as millions of Carnival fans cried out. Soon enough she found dancing to be fun even though she wobbled terribly in those platform shoes. Thankfully she had worn heels once in her life. Either way she was happy to no longer be in such a revealing outfit. Although it did make her feel somewhat empowered as Tulio would nearly drool while gazing at her.

Linda had never had alot of male attention due to the freckles on her face or her love of education and books. She was labeled a geek and pretty much the target throughout her high school years. Boys would ask her for help with their homework, but that was about it. Even her prom date came second place to Blu though. He was her life. And now, knowing he'd be living in the jungle, well it made going home to Minnesota seem empty. She got an extension on her stay in Rio thanks to Tulio having a cousin working at the ticket booth, but she knew soon enough she'd have to go back or would she?


Hearing a voice right next to her, Linda turned over to see she wasn't alone in bed.

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