Awkward Mornings

Today Cappie awoke a little happier than he had been feeling lately; although, that statement did not mean much at all. The Kappa Tau Gamma boys will throw a raging party tonight in honor of Cinco de Mayo. The students of Cyprus-Rhodes University constantly talked of this party for weeks… no one doubted the boys partying ability. None of this cheered Cappie up. He went on with the festivities anyhow because the Kappa Tau President had been looking forward to this day every year.

He had fallen behind in his support for the party and naturally his brothers picked up and took charge. Cappie could not ask for better brothers; he could not ask for a better family. His brothers understood why the house was spotless for the party. They never questioned why the floors were waxed, they were careful not to slip and fall. Spitter took control of the party's plans. He did not want to disappoint his big brother, especially ever since what happened on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach.

Something had changed though. Two weeks ago, Rusty would've never noticed that the KT president had just lost the love of his life…again. He knew it was coming. Eventually Cappie couldn't pretend that things were still normal. Things had never been normal for him ever since Freshmen year. Casey Cartwright walked into his life. She showed him that he could never truly be happy without her. They loved each other and they always will. However, the KT boys hoped that this party would end all their beloved president's suffering. They hoped that this would help.

Cappie noticed it was eight o'clock 'Too early for a drink' he thought. However, it did not stop him from going to his window. She would be walking down from the Zeta Beta Zeta house any second now. Two weeks ago she was still alive and still Casey; ever since though, she looked like a zombie. Her eyes were lifeless. They looked as if she had been up all night crying. She looked like she hadn't been eating. Nothing about her looked like Casey except for the blonde hair. Even her usual confident step was gone. This broke Cappie's heart. Nevertheless, he waited for her to come down the road. She was running late this morning.

He knew he couldn't wait around for her. She wouldn't wait for him. He moved on with his festive day.

He ordered a Cappie-cino, gave a flirtatious smile to the cashier, and received her number. It made him smile inside but he immediately discarded the number in the nearest trash can before going to find a seat. It was a beautiful day outside for May. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Cappie couldn't remember the last time he had been out before nine-thirty in the morning.

Casey noticed him. She decided not to go to class when she was half-way there. She was late. She didn't want to walk in and see all the disappointed stares. She couldn't handle that right now. She noticed him talking to the cashier and immediately her heart sank into the pit of her stomach. Gathering her things on the table to put them into her bag she felt childish for running away. Wasn't this exactly what she ridiculed him for? No, she would stay and be an adult. He didn't even see her.

Cappie took the opposite chair from Casey. He wondered if he looked the same as she did because she looked like hell, but still beautiful as ever. His heart ached. What was he going to say? She hadn't even looked up yet.



She sounded abrupt. She sounded like she didn't even want him around. Still, it gave him butterflies. They locked eyes. Cappie saw the mask that Casey always wore when she was pretending to be okay. He hated that look ever since they broke up. Only recently had he become accustomed to the loving look when they were together. The look she gave him when she had always come back to him. The mask she wore occurred when she was trying to move on or tell herself it was okay to move on.

"You seem to be doing pretty well." Casey said. She felt awful. She didn't try to hide it.

"I could be doing better right now…" Cappie added quickly. This was completely awkward.

"Well, I gotta go back to the House. Important stuff." Casey grabbed her things and stood up. She looked at Cappie. He was looking down at the table. 'Do I look like that too'?

"Let me walk you. Big, scary campus."

Casey walked really fast. The connection they shared was never more prominent. She focused on something else. On anything else. Everything always brought her back to Cappie no matter how hard she tried. Their fingers touched, that was more than they had done in a while. Cappie would take it. It felt good to just be next to her. He wanted to fix everything that had ever happened in their relationship. Alas, he knew that it was never going to happen again. Casey Cartwright needed to move on to someone better. He could never be that guy that she needed. He was just the guy she liked to toy around. And he was just the guy that let her do it.

Casey couldn't ignore him. She was slowing down their pace as they approached the ZBZ house. Most of her sisters were gone by now. Ashleigh knew what had happened and had expected Casey to tell her why everything went horribly wrong between her and Cappie. Casey hadn't opened up to her best friend. All Casey told Ashleigh was that she had to finally let go the love of her life. Ashleigh noticed Casey had been handling the whole thing completely well except for two weeks ago.

They had arrived at the door and were just staring at each other. Nothing had ever been awkward between them. Whether to act or not to act was always the question. The wind blew just then and Cappie noticed how sweet Casey smelled. A piece of hair had fallen and Cappie, by natural instinct, tucked it behind her ear. Casey's skin was radiating with heat. She couldn't look at him anymore. It was too painful to stare into those precious blue eyes. Cappie sensed what was wrong.

"I'm sorry, it's just" Cappie started but Casey interrupted

"Thank you for walking me home"


And she opened the door and went straight for the ice cream and to find her best friend. She needed girl time. No talk of boys just time with her sisters.

Cappie walked back to the house to find Rusty there. Sptter was excited for the plans of Cinco de Mayo. Rusty saw it in his eyes: the look of being heart broken. Cappie went straight to his room. He wanted to be alone. His little brother followed him up anyways. What was he supposed to say to the brother of the girl he loved?

Author's Note: I've been reading about the Cinco de Mayo scene and this chapter is all about the leading up to argument that happened during Cinco de Mayo. There will be more chapters with flashbacks and what happened between Spring Break(up) until two weeks before Cinco de Mayo and finally the Cinco de Mayo scene. Tell me what you honestly think.