Preparations. Mental and Otherwise.

Casey had been sitting on her bed for exactly one hour. 'Why am I so nervous?'. She wasn't planning on seeing Cappie. If she did, she would make a quick escape and return to a safe haven where she wouldn't get hurt anymore. Then again, the last time she went to the Kappa Tau house (and tried to avoid Cappie), her escape plan didn't work. 'Why did I think that was a good idea?'.

Spring break had been perfect for Casey, if you factored out her break up. She and Ashleigh enjoyed many activities including racing back naked to their room when they realized someone had taken their clothes. 'At least I'll have an interesting college story to tell everyone someday'. Not once had she seen Cappie for the rest of break.

Casey arrived on campus with the rest of the Zeta Beta sisters and made up a lame excuse to get out of the house. Her legs carried her right to the front door of the Kappa Tau house and Rusty opened up. There on the couch was Cappie. The brothers immediately cleared out of the house leaving the broken-hearted lovers alone.

Silence filled the room.



"No! I talk and you listen." Casey said. "You can't just walk away like that. Especially on my birthday. My birthday, how could you? You know I love you, and you walk off?"

Casey was standing right in front of him. Cappie hated their whole entire situation. Everything was supposed to be so different between them. They were supposed to spend the rest of break happy to be together. Instead he came home early, in pain, and a heavy heart.

"I love you" Cappie simply said.

He got up and walked hesitantly towards Casey when she took a step back he stopped and looked her in the eyes. Her eyes were threatened with tears that she would not let fall in front of him. Cappie wanted to kiss the pain away from her face. So, that's what he did because she started leaning into him first. He needed her. She needed him.

That's how that first day back went for them. Cappie carried Casey up to his bedroom and they stayed there until they had both fallen asleep in each other's arms. Cappie slept peacefully because maybe he'd just gotten back the only girl that mattered to him. However, Casey didn't sleep. She listened to his breathing even out and quickly retreated her clothes. Nothing else had been said that night but Casey wasn't ready to let go just yet.

So, for two weeks they carried on like this until Cappie finally couldn't let his heart be broken anymore. He had to say goodbye until he could never say goodbye to her.

Sitting on her bed in the Zeta Beta house Casey remembered the words he spoke to her. They were full of hurt and pain. His eyes held hope. "Case, if you leave tonight don't come back. We can't do this anymore. I can't do this anymore."

She replied "Okay"

He knew even before he went to sleep that there was nothing he could do. She would be gone and that would be the official end between them. He was hopeful. She wouldn't stay around this long if she hadn't been really serious about them.

When he woke up in the morning he found her note on his pillow and read "I'm sorry for all the pain I've put you through. But, you are right. This isn't fair to either of us."

Cappie never wanted to get out of bed again. It was over.

Author's Note: I'm horrible for not updating :/ ! I've been doing a lot of reading fanfiction than I have trying to actually write some. Maybe when I finish this one up I'll write a Rogan story for Gilmore Girls. Not to fear, there's still more to come before the Cinco de Mayo incident!