I was young and trapped in a world I didn't want to live in. When I was a baby my real parents gave me away, I was later adopted by Esme and Carlisle. To outsiders we were the perfect rich family. We weren't, not even close. When I was 9 I found out Carlisle had many mistresses, many of them were interns working at the Hospital he ran. My mother Esme was completely clueless, she had an amazing heart but, she was lifeless. When I was 10 Esme found out about Carlisle mistresses, since then she was lifeless, her eyes held nothing and they were always glazed over.

She didn't divorce him, she only moved to the room across the hall. Every night after she moved out of the room, Carlisle always brought one of his mistress home. They fucked into the early mornings. When morning came, Esme would cook his eggs and toast. I always walked into the dinning room and saw Carlisle sitting with his main mistress, Alice while Esme sat across from them. I always sat next to Esme and kept my eyes on my plate. Alice soon became the Lady of the house, while Esme looked like the cook and my nanny. I hated my life and always wanted to leave. Why was I stuck with a horrible in the end I concluded it was because I was unwanted.