Author's Note: This was originally a story about what it might be like if Yellow Comet lost to Black hole. A reviewer (Pokefanficwriter92) suggested doing something similar with the other countries, so now it's a little collection of game over scenarios for each nation. The following chapters are all their own separate stories and aren't connected, just to prevent confusion. Enjoy.

Fallen Star: Orange Star Surrenders

Commander Flak of the Black Hole Army was a hair trigger away from breaking out in a rampage. Despite all the headway he had made trying to conquer Orange Star he had been beaten back to his factory. He had become very familiar with the source of his problems in the form of Orange Star COs, Andy, Max, Sami and Nell. Getting his troops in to loot the country had been easy, but holding the ground he took over was another story entirely. As soon as Orange Star got mobilized he had suffered a streak of humiliating defeats. Losing that badly, that quickly only meant one thing. Adder would soon come knocking on his door.

"You look like you're having a rough time, Flak."

Flak looked up from his beat up desk in the control room of the Black Hole Factory. Even though it was a secluded spot anchored above the rows and rows of assembly lines and staging points, nothing could hide him from Adder's pale face. Talking to that snake was the last thing he needed... but even he knew a superior officer could not be ignored.

"Something you want Adder? I'm busy!" Flak slammed his desk.

"I see you've made a mess of things here," Adder said condescendingly. "Hawke wants to know what you're going to do about this little catastrophe in the making. You do know that all of this makes it to Lord Sturm eventually."

The mention of Black Hole's supreme commander drained the anger out of Flak in a hurry. The thought of answering to someone as powerful as Sturm made him break out in a sweat. With his strength, there wasn't a whole lot Flak was afraid of ... but Sturm was on another level entirely. And the leader of Black Hole did not accept excuses.

"I'm gonna handle it, Adder. Should you even be here?" Flak pointed. "Aren't you supposed to take out Yellow Comet or something?"

"Heh heh heh... I have time to direct my subordinates. The Yellow Comet fools are still trying to string two tanks together. Besides, you shouldn't worry about my business."

A Black Hole soldier rushed into the factory control room. They were easily identified by their space suits and otherworldly snout faces.

"Commander Flak! Orange Star is here! They've launched an attack! What are your orders?"

Flak was a deer caught in the headlights. He never committed to plans unless Lash was around to talk him into it, so he certainly wasn't ready for another round with Orange Star. But she wasn't around to bail him out of this one. Adder just crossed his arms and smiled.

"Looks like the natives are knocking on your door. They sound restless."

Flak turned to the soldier. "Hey worm! Is this place up and running yet?"

"Sir! The engineers reported 79% efficiency!"

That was good enough for Flak. He didn't really have anything else going.

"Start it up now! I... I won't lose! I'll crush em'!"

Adder shook his head and turned to leave. "Heh heh heh. You had better not lose Flak. I'll have every report on this battle forwarded to Hawke. I'm looking forward to it."

The soldier rushed off to scramble the base. Soon the factory sprung to life as lines and lines of mechanical arms began to build Neotanks, bombers, and any other unit Flak's army could possibly muster at the moment. Meanwhile Flak dug through the mountain of scattered papers on his desk for a map of the surrounding area. The anger from losing so many times rushed straight to his head and he pounded his desk so hard he broke it in two.

"I'll crush em'!" Flak repeated as if saying it enough times would make it true.

Andy, Max, and Sami were deep into their attack on the Black Hole Factory, but they were finding the mass production capabilities more than they bargained for. They studied maps of the battlefield in a bookstore that acted as their HQ for the attack, and found they were horribly outnumbered. The news coming in from the front lines was not good. The more they tried to advance on the factory, the heaver the resistance their men encountered. Flak poured a never ending line of reinforcements that just got worse as the battle carried on. Their only hope was to crack the pipeline that fueled the factory. If they couldn't do that...

"Flak is really ticking me off!" Max exclaimed.

"And we can't even get close to his base." Andy added.

"Focus guys," Sami said. "We have to crack the pipe seam Nell told us about. Flak has too many units to meet head on. They're just going to keep coming."

They had learned a few days into the attack that the Achilles heel of the factory was the massive pipeline connected to it. Although the pipe itself was nearly indestructible, the seams connecting sections of pipe together was not.

"Then my plan to hit em' up front isn't going to do us any good." Max realized.

"We'll just have to send everything we have up north and try to break that pipeline."

Andy nodded. "We better hurry then. This is looking bad."

Sami moved over to the radio and started to relay orders when more bad news came in. Her eyes went wide as she rushed back over to the map.

"Three Neotank divisions just exited the factory." She pointed.

Max and Andy visibly recoiled from the news. They took the hard turn of events and began to look lost. Sami continued to work out the new intel on their map.

"Oh no... Those Neotanks are heading toward our airport." She gasped.

"We hardly have enough men to hold down our HQ much less that landing strip!" Max pounded the table.

The three of them realized that their best hope was a lone base stuck between two rivers. And it was already getting hammered by helicopters and bombers. For a second, Sami considered retreat. It was one desperate battle where their best plan was a hope and a prayer. Max and Andy looked like the thought had crossed their minds. But they all remembered that if they could win here, Black Hole would have to make a full retreat from Orange Star and their country would be liberated.

"It's now or never guys." Sami said quietly.

Max laughed. "No way. We can't back down now."

"We've come this far. If we work together, we can do this." Andy agreed.

They nodded, and Sami sent one last order to every remaining unit. Head north. Take out the pipe seam at all costs.

Nell received the bad news about their assault on the factory a few days later where she learned Andy, Max and Sami had been defeated and captured. She poured over the reports and found that Flak's tactics had not changed, but the sheer volume of units put out by his factory allowed him to do what he did best, launch full frontal assaults with abandon. Three of Orange Star's best COs were now prisoners of the enemy. Nell now had the monumental task of pulling together their remaining forces and beat back the enemy after a terrible defeat. But now she had to do it alone, and the factory they failed to destroy was still operating at full capacity.

Between facing off with Flak's rebounding army, she launched rescue attempts to break Andy, Max, and Sami free. If she could even bring one of them back it would have helped the war effort tremendously. But these attempts were met with failure. And by the next rescue operation, her subordinates had been moved to Blue Moon. The factory doubled Flak's army by the week, and his forces were everywhere. Nell countered him the best she could, but after every Orange Star victory he kept coming back for more. To limit casualties, she pulled back her forces little by little until only the capital was left standing. Materials, supplies, and morale dwindled to dangerous levels. And one day in the command room, she realized that they only had one option left.

Nell called an emergency meeting to the command room and stood at the head of a long table now occupied by Orange Star's remaining officers. She tapped the end of the table with her instructor's rod and took a deep breath. The months of tireless defense against Flak's assault had completely exhausted her.

"I've read all the reports and come to the decision that we can no longer wage war with the enemy. In order to prevent heavy military and civilian causalities... I have come to the decision to surrender to Black Hole."

As she expected, the announcement was met with full opposition. Weary officers and bleary eyed captains were not ready to give up yet.

"Commander Nell, with all due respect, we can't give in to Black Hole!" A man in the back protested.

"We're not done yet!"

She nodded. "I know how you feel. I would never suggest that the men and women of Orange Star lacked the courage to defend their country. We have the will to fight... but we no longer have the means. Ammo shortages are everywhere. Food will quickly follow next. And Flak has cut off our supply lines."

The room of Orange Star officers understood that much. Flak's army had become a tidal wave of tanks and bombers ever since they failed to shut down his factory. Even though his tactics were suicidal at best, constantly launching direct assaults against heavily defended positions... he never stopped coming. Nell knew this better than anyone having led countless battles trying to hold off his forces.

"I said we should surrender." She repeated. "But I never said we should give up. Our military will be taken apart... but we never have to accept their occupation. With a little luck, the other countries will fend off Black Hole. They may come to our aid."

"Commander Nell, I think it's too risky to count on the other nations to help us." A woman at the head of the table spoke up. "Our relationship with them is tenuous at best since the last war. And if you expect Olaf to march all the way from Blue Moon to help Orange Star..."

Nell found herself smiling. "We've worked together in the past. We have a common enemy. Hopefully, that will be enough."

She paused to rub her eyes.

"The capital is all we have left. You know what kind of commander Flak is. If we try to hold him off here, there is no doubt he will tear apart the city with his reckless tactics. And we've lost enough in this war already."

The officers in the command room traded glances. They began to look tired and lost their resistance to Nell's plan.

"As of this moment, you are all dismissed from your command. You may remain or do as you please. It has been an honor serving."

With that, the meeting was over. The officers cleared out to think about their situation. Nell remained until she was the only one in the command room and sat down in one of the chairs. She was so tired, but there was only one thing that crossed her mind. Her fabled luck had finally run out.

Flak accepted Orange Star's surrender as gracefully as he possibly could with a stupid grin stuck to his face. His expression never changed once during the whole scene. Nell met him on the outskirts of the capital where his men slapped her in handcuffs and took her away. He watched Nell perform a walk of shame all the way to the waiting Transport Copter. That woman who had nearly ruined his entire invasion had finally given up. It only took him months of repeatedly throwing his troops up against her army... but he had done it. Without delay, he took Orange Star's capital. He chuckled the whole time and probably sounded like a crazy man to his troops but he didn't care. He had won.

He was busy turning Orange Star's main base into his HQ when a soldier rushed in to announce that Hawke had arrived. Usually when Hawke showed up it was after he made a big mistake, so he had nearly conditioned himself to get nervous. But this time he just laughed and found himself rushing out to the tarmac to meet the arriving transport copter. The stupid grin he developed when Nell surrendered returned to his face.

"Hey, Hawke!" Flak greeted with a wave.

Hawke stepped out of the helicopter, stoic as ever.

"I heard you conquered Orange Star. You understand I had to confirm this myself."

"Yeah! I sure did. I crushed em' good! Adder didn't even want to stick around. The look on his ugly face was perfect."

"You can imagine his surprise... well, our surprise. This has been a strange turn of events."

The grin on Flak's face melted away. He stared dumbly as he mulled over Hawke's words.

"What do you mean you're surprised? Didn't you tell me to take over Orange Star?"

"Yes. But I never expected you to win, Flak."

The flat delivery didn't help Flak's confidence as his superior openly cut down his greatest victory. He expected more congratulation from steamrolling Orange Star and capturing four enemy COs. It was well known that Lord Sturm had it out for them ever since the last war. He thought doing what their boss couldn't would have felt better. His mind struggled to grind the reality into what he pictured before.

"You didn't... what... Hey!" Flak balled his fists and grit his teeth."I don't get it! What are you talking about?"

"You were only supposed to slow them down so Lash, Adder, and I could conquer the other nations. Orange Star would have certainly interfered if we did nothing."

"So I was what? Cannon fodder? A distraction?"

"Yes." Hawke answered directly.

There was no way around it. Flak was feeling confused and angry at the same time. If it was Adder telling him this he would have already exploded from rage. Then, right before the thought crossed his mind to pound Hawke's emotionless face in, he smiled. There was no need to get angry. He had already proved all of them wrong.

"Ha! You thought I was just some dumb grunt! Well I showed you! I showed all of you! That's Flak power! No one messes with me!"

Hawke was unmoved, although it would take the end of the world or something more serious to squeeze an expression out of him.

"Don't misunderstand me, Flak. We work for Black Hole. We all play our part. Pride has nothing to do with achieving victory."

Flak found himself shaking his fist.

"Then why, Hawke? Why'd you even bother promoting me if I was just some speed bump for Orange Star? You better make some sense!"

"I needed your simplicity. Not only in your tactics but your personality. Lash is brilliant but completely unpredictable. Who knows how long she'll follow orders when it comes to her games? And Adder... his codename is a snake for a reason."

"So... what?" Flak found himself confused.

"You're completely predictable, Flak. For better or worse. Although, I'll have to reconsider that because... I never could have predicted this."

Hawke gestured to the massive Black Hole occupational force preparing to set up position in Orange Star's capital. Flak looked around, reminding himself of his victory. The fact that he actually won. He beat that grease monkey Andy. He evened the odds with that ape Max. And Sami, the woman with the special forces. They thought they were so smart. They called him a thug. He showed them... and that was enough.

"Ha! Who cares! I beat Orange Star and captured Nell! And I did it my way! Brute force!" Flak pounded his knuckles together.

Hawke shook his head. "I'll give you a week. Once you're done here, report to Green Earth."

The conversation was over. Hawke had seen enough and headed back to his transport copter. As he climbed in, he leaned back out.

"By the way, Flak. You may have captured Nell, but it's a stretch to say you beat her. Have you bothered to check your causalities?"

Flak was silent.

"Uh... no." He scratched his chin.

"You should. They're staggering."