He moved through the streets of London. I followed. A nightmarish recollection of some walk he had taken earlier seemed to occur, but it was strange, distorted and hallucinatory. Indeed, the entire world was seen through his eyes.

I followed him. As I chased him, he turned the corner. I watched him as he marveled at his new state of being, flexing his limbs, and gyrating, getting the complete feel of this new state, and reveling in it.

He continued to run. I followed. It was really late. As I ran through the foggy winding streets of London, I was repulsed by the squalor all around me. But he strangely seemed to be at home. I was getting tired. As I became more tired, he developed more, balling up his fist like as if to punch or fight someone.

Just as I was about to lose the strength to carry on, he abruptly stopped. I tripped on a stone on the sidewalk. I covered my head with my hands, fearing he might notice me. But all I heard was silence. I looked up, and the grunting continued. But he didn't see me. I noticed that there was a full moon. He was looking up, like as if through a skylight to marvel at the moon. I then realized that this man was no longer Henry Jekyll. Not for now at least. He continued to run. I followed him. I had caught my breath from the last run, but I was tired, both from the late hour, and from the last run. He turned a corner. I followed. He found someone and followed her through the streets, almost ambushing her several times, a game of cat and mouse.

He said, "At last, I have found you. You'll never escape me. I fear and you will pay dear." He approached her. She responded thinking he was a potential client. He touched her, caresses her.

It was rather frightening. I feared that this may lead to trouble in their future.

She said, "Who are you?"

He said, "That doesn't matter. And besides...you look like you could use a good... friend.

Something about the way he said that reminded her of someone she met before. She became a bit puzzled. She said, "I know you...don't I?"

He said, "After tonight, you will never forget me. I am destined to be your guide to salvation in this world of madness."

She said, "So what's yer name then, sweet'eart?"

He said, "Hyde... Edward Hyde."

I was speechless. The name seemed to fit him perfectly.

Hyde's caresses became more violent. She ran away. Hyde allowed her to escape.

He ran off into the distance. I wondered where to turn to next. I decided to head to Regent Park.