A/N: Written for MidnightEmberMisery's Paradise Challenge. Prompt: Decisions.

DISCLAIMER: Obviously, I don't own Harry Potter.

Gabrielle Delacour sat in the tiny treehouse, crossed-legged and concentrating. Her parents were divorcing – how ironic, a divorce just after a wedding. Fleur wasn't happy, unsurprisingly, and Gabrielle even less so. She had to choose which parent to live with. Of course, both had bribed her in various ways, but it was her choice.

The 11-year-old uncrossed her legs, dangling them over the edge and thinking. What it really came down to, she decided with a firm nod, was the treehouse. It was her own private paradise, where Fleur refused to go for fear of messing up her hair or falling out and dying, and her parents couldn't climb up the unsteady ladder to the 20 foot high "deathtrap" as Fleur called it.

Yes, she would stay with whichever parent got the treehouse. The fact that that meant she wouldn't have to change houses either occurred to her, and she smiled. After all, both Mama and Papa were good parents, and they had enough money for House Elves to do the cooking and everything. To the mind of Gabrielle, the only person she'd really miss was Fleur, and her older sister had now moved out anyway to live with Bill Weasley.

Anyway, she was starting at Beauxbatons this year, so she'd be away most of the year anyway and therefore wouldn't see either of her parents much. She just hoped there was a nice treehouse at the school.

This decision made, she now had to decide which book to read.