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Teikou Middle School Basketball Club, a super strong team with more than 100 club members, boasting several successive championship wins. But even in that glorious history, there is still a team that can, without fail, be called the "strongest"… A generation of five players with a talent you would see only once every ten years called the "Generation of Miracles". But… there was a strange rumor about the "Generation of Miracles". Despite being a girl, there was one person the geniuses acknowledged as an equal, and as both their strength and weakness; the Beloved Princess of Miracles.

It's the school opening ceremony at Seirin High School and all of the clubs are trying desperately to get the new first years to join them. Two freshmen are completely trapped in the center of it all. "I can't move forward! Bring a snowplow!" One screams to the sky

"We haven't moved 5 meters in 10 minutes…" His friend cries

Close behind them is a small freshmen girl with pale blue eyes, vibrant blue hair, and a fair complexion reading a book. Unlike the other two, she easily moves though the crowd since no one seems to notice her.

"That's it! Let's go the bulldozer way!" the first freshman yells, throwing his arms into the air, almost hitting the girl if she didn't duck just before him.

"You're taking it too far…" he friend comments

The girl continued on her way, "Ah! You, do you like books? How about the literature club?" A boy asks

Though, it's to the person behind her. "No, this is a manga so…" the male freshman behind her replies

The girl finds a map of the clubs; the only one that she notices is the Basketball one.

Over at the basketball club sign ups, "Well, write your name and student ID number here. Then… the middle school you come from and your goals?" A freshman says while signing up

"That is, of course, arbitrary so you can put anything," the female upperclassmen states. Once the freshmen leaves, she looks over the papers. 'They could be nice material,' she thinks happily before returning her attention to the papers "One, two, three… ten people so far. Maybe we'd need a bit more…" She speculates. 'Wonder how the invitations are going. Do your best to bring back promising guys…'

"I brought back a new student…" A boy cries in sheer terror

The reason, he's being carried by the scruff of his collar by a tan monster of a freshman with blood red hair and eyes. "Is the basketball club here?" the freshman asks

"Wahh!" the girl screams in shock 'Brought back… Isn't it the other way around?!' she thinks "Yeah." She finally replies. 'On top of that it looks like there's a wild tiger in front of my eyes! What is this guy?!'

The girl has the red hair boy sit down so they can talk in detail "I think you already know, but our school was barely opened last year. All the upperclassmen are still just second years, so somebody with your build will immediately…"

"I don't care about that." He interrupts "Give me a paper. I'll just write my name and go back." He says before doing his paper work and handing it over

'His middle school was in America?! Ooh, I see, he trained in the best place?!' the girl thinks as she looks over the paperwork 'Taiga Kagami… No matter how you look at it, he doesn't seem like an average guy…' Further examination of the form makes her ask "Huh? You didn't write your goals…?"

"None in particular." Taiga replies with a shrug "After all, Japanese basketball… it's the same everywhere."

Once he leaves, the boy Taiga brought back screams "Scary! Is that really a freshmen?!"

"By the way, I'd like to know why he grabbed you by the neck and brought you back." The girl comments 'And what was that expression on his face…?' she wonders

While the boy is sprawled on the table he notices an abandoned paper "Ah, you forgot to pick up a registration paper." He says while handing it to her

"Eh? My bad, er…" she looks at the paper "Sukihime… Kuroko… Isn't that a girl's name? Why is she signed up for the boys team?" While thinking that, she thinks 'Hm… It's been on my desk all this time, but… I don't remember at all.' Further examination of the paper leaves her shocked beyond all belief "She came from Teikou's basketball club!?" She exclaims

"Eh?! That famous one?!" the boy exclaims as well

"On top of that, if she's a first year now that means she was from the 'Generation of Miracles'?! Waah, why did I forget the face of such a golden egg! And the guy earlier was coming from America… What's with the freshmen this year!?" she yells to the sky

Later, in the gymnasium, all the freshmen gather for their introduction. "Alright, everyone seems to be here. All the freshmen, come this way." One of the upperclassmen orders

"Hey, isn't that manager cute?" one of the boys asks

"Yeah! If she was just a bit more sexy…"

"You're wrong idiots!" An upperclassman with glasses says while hitting the two on the head

"I'm the boy basketball's clubs coach. Rika Aida, nice to meet you!" Rika declares nonchalantly

"Eeh?!" all the boys exclaim "It wasn't that guy?" they ask, pointing to the old man Rika was talking to moments ago.

"That's the advisor, Takeda-sensei. He's just watching. Well then, first… take off your shirts," she orders with a smirk.

"Eeh?!" they exclaim, before reluctantly doing so. "What the hell does that mean?" one of the asks

To answer their question, Rika points to each of them and address their strengths and weaknesses even guessing exactly what they are capable of in various gym exercises.

"Are you kidding?! It's right! What the hell… just by looking at your body?" they comment in both awe and shock.

"The father of that girl is a sports trainer. He was always recording data in order to make training menus. It's a special skill she gained after spending every day at his workplace looking at muscles and data." The upperclassman with glasses explains 'By looking at someone's body, that girl's eyes see all its abilities and stats. Well, that's not the only reason why she's the coach though.' He thinks while watching her work.

Rika finally reaches Taiga and can't believe her eyes. 'Wha…What the hell!? These numbers are by far above everyone else's… These aren't the stats of a boy in his first year of high school! On top of that, I can't even estimate his potential… this is…Natural Talent!' she thinks in awe, unable to take her eyes off of Taiga.

"Coach! How long are you going to daydream!" the glasses boy yells

"Sorry! So, err…." She apologizes

"You saw everyone, right? That guy was the last."

"Ah, really? …Huh?" Rika realizes "Was Sukihime-san here?" she asks

"Ah! That's right, the girl from Teikou Middle School…" the boy who was with her at the registration exclaims

"Eh?! Teikou, you mean, that Teikou!?" The glasses boy yells

"Sukihime! Is Sukihime here?!" they yell

'Hm? If such a great girl was here, I think I would have noticed her immediately… especially since she's a girl…' Rika speculates "I guess she's taking the day off today. Well then, let's start practice!" she yells

"Ano… excuse me. I'm Sukihime." The girl with sky blue hair, pale blue eyes and a fair complexion says while raising her hand. Right in front of Aida.

Aida finally notices her, and freaks out. "KYAA!"

"What?! Since when were you there?!" One of the boys yells

"Since the beginning." She replies, her voice a sweet melody if not for how monotone it is.


'I didn't notice her in front of my eyes?! Eh? Just, now, she said she was Sukihime?! Eeh!? It's like… she's invisible!' Aida thinks in panic.

"Eh? Then that means this girl?! From the 'Generation of Miracles'?! She can't have been a regular…!" the freshmen exclaim.

"Of course not. Right, Sukihime-chan?" the glasses boy asks

"I played in matches." Sukihime corrects him

"See, just what… Huh?" the glasses boy says, not expecting that answer

"Eh?... Eh?!" the other screams, trying to process what he just heard.

"EEEHH?!" the freshmen exclaim

'I can't believe it!' they all think simultaneously

"Wait! Take your shirt off!" Rika yells

"Okay," Sukihime replies, as she reaches for her shirt

"Coach, wait!" the glasses boy screams, "She's a girl!"

"Ah… right. Come to the locker room with me." Rika orders, embarrassed for forgetting such an obvious thing

'What the hell is this girl…' Taiga thinks, trying to lower his heart rate

Later that day, at the Maji restaurant, Taiga is eating his usual: a mountain pile of burgers, making everyone that sees him turn their head in complete shock. He sits down at what he believes to be an empty table 'The 'Generation of Miracles'… if its these guys then maybe…' Taiga thinks before looking in front of him to see Sukihime drinking a milkshake

"Wow, you eat a lot." She says, commenting on his enormous amount of food, her face far more expressive then before even though she might as well be looking at him blankly.

"Where from… Wait, what are you doing here?!" he exclaims

"I was here the whole time." She replies with a slight pout

'This girl was from the best of Japan?' Taiga thinks, still trying to wrap his mind around that. "Anyway, tag along with me for a bit." Taiga orders

Rika is walking home, thinking of her meeting with Sukihime. 'What does that mean? What kind of girl is she? Her abilities are way too low! All her abilities are below average… on top of that, she's already at the peak of her growth… She looks nothing like a regular of the strongest team! And then there's the fact she's a girl on the boys team… You need to be approved by the Board Of Athletics* to do that! What's going on?!' Rika thought of their conversation in the locker room 'Then there's what she told me…'

"You should know that the stats you see from me tend to be completely different depending on whether I'm doing basketball or not." Sukihime tells Rika as she puts her shirt back on

"Excuse me." Rika replies

"We never really found out why, but for some reason whenever I play or intend to play basketball I kinda go into the stats you see right now."

"What?" Rika ask, confused. "If that's the case, then what are your stats off court?"

"You'd have to see me off court to see them. I can't actually control it." Sukihime replies with a slight smile

"Are you really one of the Generation of Miracles?" Rika has to ask

"Yes. But I'm not proud of it." Sukihime replies, she wouldn't continue the topic.

'What's going on? And why would she be ashamed of being one of Japan's best?' Rika is just lost when it comes to Sukihime Kuroko.

Taiga takes Sukihime to an empty basketball court "You… What the hell are you hiding?" he demands, when Sukihime just gave him a confused look he continues "I was in America until the second year of Middle School. I was really shocked when I came back to Japan. The level is just too low. What I'm looking for is not playing basketball for fun. I want to play in matches that make my blood boil at full strength. …But then I heard something nice. It seems like there are strong guys called the 'Generation of Miracles' in the same year. You were in that team right? I can guess the strength of an opponent to some extent. It's like strong guys have a peculiar smell about them." He explains while throwing a basketball to her "…But you're weird, even though you should reek of weakness… You have this strange mixture… as if you're somehow both weak and strong."

By now, Sukihime's expression is the same as it was back in the gym and even though Taiga is talking to her he finds that he has difficulty keeping his entire focus on her.

"I want to see for myself. You, from the 'Generation of Miracles', what kind of girl you are." He declares

Sukihime smiles slightly "Actually, I wanted to do just that as well."

Once their game starts, Taiga realizes something. 'She desperately weak! Even with that body size, there are guys who become first-class players thanks to their skills. But this girl, her dribbles and shoots are those of an amateur. She's got nothing redeeming. She's not even worth playing against!' Taiga thinks in rage. "Don't mess with me! Did you hear what I said?! You're overestimating yourself if you think you can win against me like that!" Taiga yells

"Of course not. Isn't it obvious that Kagami-kun is stronger?" She bluntly asks

"Are you picking a fight?! What's your goal…?" Taiga growls, trying to contain his anger

"I wanted to see Kagami-kun's strength directly." She replies

'Geez…What the hell am I doing? She's just weak… I feel like an idiot. Though, that still doesn't explain her strange scent…I've never been this off…'Taiga thinks, "Ah, it's alright already. I'm not interest in weak players. I'll give you one last advice. It's better if you give up on basketball. No matter what kind of beautiful things you can say about effort, it's an undeniable fact that you need talent in our society. You have no talent for basketball." He says bluntly

"I have to say no to that." Sukihime disagrees "To begin with, I love basketball. On top of that…It's a matter of point of view. I do not care about who is the strongest." She explains

"What did you…" Taiga starts

"I'm different from you. I am a shadow." She finishes

Taiga just stares at her in confusion

The next day, it starts to rain during practice "Since we can't go for road work, we still have time left in our training… What should we do coach?" One of the upperclassmen asks

"It might be a good opportunity…" Rika speculates "Let's have a 5-on-5 match! With the freshmen against the second-years." Rika yells

"A match against the sempai, that means…!" One of them reacts

"Do you remember what they told us when we joined the club? Their result from last year…with only freshmen they made it until the final league!"

"They're completely out of the ordinary…" the freshmen are already starting to dread this game

'Well then, I wonder how good our rookies are?' Rika thinks happily

"It's not time to be scared. Of course it's better if the opponent is strong rather than weak, right! Let's go." Taiga exclaims confidently

The ball is tossed and Taiga immediately takes it from the air and wasted no time evading the other sempai and easily dunks the ball in. "Waah! What was with that dunk!?" Awesome!" the freshmen exclaim

Even Rika is shocked 'It's more than I could have ever imagined! With that yet unpolished sense of play and destructive power…'

"Hey, that's insane." The glasses boy comments 'His fire power is that of a monster!'

After a while the score reads freshmen 11-second year 8 "The freshmen are in the lead?! But well, Kagami is the only one scoring!" someone exclaims

'Rather than that…shit! This can't help getting on my nerves.' Taiga angrily thinks as he watches Sukihime "play".

Considering how the ball keep getting stolen from her "The ball was stolen?! From this girl again!" a freshmen exclaims

"Focus!" another yells

'Compared to the big things she said, she's just a shitty player. Players who talk big despite being small fries…' Taiga thinks as he jumps to block the shot "Piss me off the most!"

"So high! They can't stop Kagami at all!" the freshmen exclaims

"…We can't let it go that way. I think it's about time we calm you down!" the glasses boy declares

"Three guys?!" Taiga is completely surrounded by three of the players while he has the ball in his hand. "If they go that far for Kagami… on top of that, even when he doesn't have the ball in his hand, still two guys…They don't feel like letting him touch the ball at all!" the freshmen are starting to panic now

With Taiga out of the way, the upperclassmen have little trouble gaining more points. The score now reads freshmen 15-second year 31. "They're really strong after all… Actually, there was no way for us to win from the start…Enough already…" most of the freshmen say, resigning

"'Enough already…'?! What the hell is with that?!" Taiga yells angrily as he grabbed one of them by their shirt

"Please calm down." Sukihime says while kicking the back of his knees

Everyone is shocked speechless, whether by her action or by the fact she is even there they would never know."Why you…." Taiga growls

"Seems like there's a dispute. Sukihime… now that I think of it, she was there too…" the sempai comments

'Even I, the referee, completely forgot about her at some point.' Rika thinks, sweat dropping 'Hm?! Seriously, since when!?... It can't be…' Rika thinks, eyes widening at what she just thought.

"Excuse me, please pass me the ball." Sukihime asks the freshman with the ball.

"Huh?" the player asks 'But it's not like you'll be able to do anything even if you get it? At least don't lose it…' the boy thinks as he passes the ball to her

As the ball is reaching Sukihime, Rika can't help but think 'What is that uncomfortable feeling…? Could it be… That something unthinkable is about to happen?'

Sukihime doesn't take her eyes off the ball while keeping a tab on her teammates, once the ball reaches her she doesn't even bother holding it. She instead throws it behind her with impossible fluidity to the teammate behind her. "Eh? Ah!" the boy reacts and shoots the ball into the hoop

The others are just stunned in shock "It…it's in?! How did she get that pass through just now?!" they yell "I don't know, I didn't see!"

From then on, Sukihime continues dealing out her strange passes. "How the hell does she do that?! Before you even notice it, the pass goes through and they score!" the sempai exclaim

'She's making use of her lack of presence to relay passes?! On top of that, the time she keeps the ball is extremely short! Then it can't be that this girl… she's already hard to notice from the beginning… and she becomes even more invisible?!' Rika thinks in awe '"Misdirection" she's using that magic-like technique to fool the senses of the opponent. Using misdirection, she leads the opponents to think not of her, but of the other player. In other words, rather than say she's "invisible" during matches, you can say she encourages the opponent to focus on other players.'

Taiga is shocked too 'This is Sukihime's…'

'The former regular from Teikou Middle School who specializes in circulating passes without being seen if only to protect the other team… I knew the rumor, but to think she actually exists…! The Beloved Princess of Miracles!'

Sukihime finally gets the ball into Taiga's hands. "Ah!" the sempai exclaims, realizing their mistake 'Damn… we're focusing too much on Sukihime's passes!'

Taiga shoots the ball easily. "Wah! I can't believe it! One point difference!"

"Damn, each of them would be bothersome on their own, but…" the glasses boy yells 'The two of them playing together, we have no way to stop these attacks!'

"Tch!" one of the sempai tries to pass the ball to someone else

"Idiot!" The glasses sempai yells. Sukihime is already there and gets the ball

"Go, Sukihime! Win!" the freshmen yell, but when she tries to shoot, it hits the rim

"That's why weak players piss me off." Taiga says as he rebounded the ball "Score properly!" he yells while dunking it. Sukihime has a slight smile on her face.

The freshmen celebrate their victory while the sempai think, 'Well…as allies, they'll be reliable.'

Later that day, Taiga has a freaked out look on his face "Why are you there again…?" he asks Sukihime, who once again appears out of nowhere at the table he is eating at in Maji. "And why is your family okay with a girl like you being out of the house this late, for that matter?"

"You came to my table, I like the milk shakes here, and my big brother and sister don't know about it. He's out of time for work often and she goes to another school. Sebastian does get pouty with me." She answers, her actions much more animated in comparison to how she is on the court.

"What does your brother do?" Taiga asks out of curiosity

"Not sure." she shrugs

"How can you not know what your brother does for a living?" Taiga asks dead panned

"Well every time I ask, everyone avoids the topic." She explains with a pout

"Oh." Taiga replies while thinking 'Who the heck is Sebastian?' before realizing she's still sitting with him "Go sit somewhere else." He orders

"No." she replies turning her head to the side

"Don't go thinking we're friends now…" he warns

"You're the one who came to sit at my table." She retorts, sticking her tongue out

Taiga growls at her, before thinking for a bit. He then throws her a burger. "…Here. I'll give you one." Sukihime gives him a confused look with her wide, bright eyes. "I'm not interested in weak players. But, I'll acknowledge you're worth one piece." He bluntly states

"Thank you." She said while truly smiling and cocking her head to the side, the smile bigger than what Taiga has so far. In Taiga's eyes its almost as if she was glowing.

Taiga is shocked by the level of attractiveness she gains by that simple measure and doesn't know how to respond. What he does now is that is a slight blush on his face. "Uh… yeah." After Taiga is done eating, the two leave the restaurant. "How strong is the 'Generation of Miracles'?" he askes"Say, if was to go against them right now, what would happen?"

Sukihime thinks about it for a few seconds, her finger resting on her lips "You would be defeated easily." She decides, "On top of that, the five geniuses have all joined different veteran schools this year. There is no mistaking that one will take the top."

Taiga starts to laugh at the thought "Nice, I'm burning! …I've decided! I'll take all these guys down and become the number one in Japan." He declares with eyes that resembled a tiger

Sukihime looks at him and says, "You won't be able to."

"Hey!" Taiga yells, upset at her lack of trust

"I'm not able to know the potential of your abilities, but with your current level, you can't hold a candle to any of them. It's impossible…alone." She explains, she looks to the side while thinking. "I've decided as well. I am a supporting actor, a shadow… but a shadow will become darker if the light is stronger. And it will make the white of the light stand out. As the shadow of the main actor, I will make you, the light, the number one in Japan." She also declares

"Ha! Nice word there. Do as you please." Is all Taiga says in return