Kurt Hummel sighed. After Blaine's confession in the Lima Bean, he couldn't help but wish that there wasn't so much rivalry between Glee Clubs. Obviously, that was less between the Warblers and New Directions, because of him, but they still weren't connected. They could be such good friends, if only he could get the two together; Wes and Rachel would hit up a storm with their power craziness, David and Mercedes would concoct awkward situations for himself and Blaine, Finn and Cameron would discuss sports, Jeff and Mike would freestyle constantly and compare moves, the list carried on!

But, it was near the end of the school year, and everyone was away for summer. Blaine had gotten his show at Six Flags, and Burt was letting Kurt go and visit for 2 weeks. Finn and Rachel were re-uniting before they inevitably split again, Mercedes, who had come clean to Kurt after a week of pestering, was spending time with Sam just learning about each other, Santana, Brittany and Quinn were spending the summer at cheer camp, and the others were doing similar. This year had been awesome; why not end with a bang?

Kurt shot up. One word would solve his problem. PARTY! But not a Rachel Berry Train Wreck Extravaganza, no more straight kisses for his boyfriend thank you very much. A supervised party in the McKinley gym, supervised by Mr Schue, and probably Miss Pillsbury as well, just to unite the two clubs; heaven knows they needed it. New Directions needed some uniformity and the Warblers needed to let lose once in a while. Kurt smiled at the thought of his two favourite groups bond as one, it had been his dream for a while. Lying back down underneath his sheets, he began to formulate how to get Principal Figgins, Mr Schue and both Glee clubs to agree.

'Guys, I know it's the end of the year, so these meetings are pretty pointless, but we are a family, so I feel we should keep them, what do you guys think?' Mr Schuester strolled into the choir room, his kids retreating from their gossip sessions into their chairs. They all seemed to agree to the idea, but then... 'Where's Kurt?'

'Sorry! I was talking with Principal Figgins. Mr Schue, may I have the floor?' As if on cue, Kurt came sauntering into the choir room, slightly flustered. Mr Schue stepped to the side and Kurt put his bag onto the chair next to Mercedes before stepping up to the piano. 'As it's the end of the year, and it has been a good one, I was planning on throwing a party...' Whispers broke out amongst the group, Rachel just stared incredulously at him, clearly remembering her little party back in the spring. '...with supervision, in the McKinley Gym. Mr Schue, does that sound ok?'

'Kurt, that sounds fine by me? But who is invited to need a space as big as the gym?' Mr Schue had a feeling he knew where Kurt was heading with his idea, as did Mercedes.

'Just the New Directions... And the Warblers...' Kurt braced himself for the outbreak of denial he was expecting.

'Kurt... that's a great idea! Why not show our appreciation for the boys who kept you safe when we couldn't!' Rachel smiled at him. 'I mean, when we saw you at Sectionals, you looked a bit lost, but at Regionals you were so much happier, and I think we have a specific Warbler to thank for that!'

Kurt blushed, and smiled at his newest gal pal. Rachel had been the hardest to soften too, because they saw each other as threats, but by the time they had finished in New York, there was a bond, a near damn unbreakable one between the two. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years they reprised their cameo on the 'Wicked' stage as the established leads. All the other members of New Directions nodded as well, glad that their prodigal son wanted to bring two the most important parts of his life together.

'Great! Ladies, can I borrow your company this afternoon?' Kurt cocked his head at his girlfriends.

'Why?' Quinn asked from her seat by Artie

'I still need to convince the almighty Warblers Council, and I have a feeling that a little female...persuasion... would go a long way.' Kurt smirked at the devious looks appearing on the girls faces. 'Quinn, Santana, Brittany, do you still have your Cheerio's outfits?'