Why Me?

Detective Jim Ellison and Professor Blair Sandburg were seated at Jim's desk at the Cascade Police Department. Blair was admiring Jim's brand-new computer that just came in.

"Wow, man, this is the state-of-the-art!" Blair stated excitedly.

"I hate computers," Jim complained under his breath as he tried everything in his power to login to the darn thing.

"Here, Jim, let me help you with that," Blair pushed his best friend, partner, and sentinel away from the computer, "What's your password?"

Jim looked both ways to make sure no one was listening in before whispering, "Sentinel."

Blair muffled a smile before typing the password in, "Hey what do you know…it worked. You're in buddy."

"Nobody likes a smart ass, Sandburg," Jim growled, but happy that he was finally logged in.

"What are you looking for anyway?"

"I'm trying my best to get into an encryption area, now shut your trap so I can concentrate." After typing in a word in the password blank a grayscale showed up on the screen with a message that read 'Sorry, but you typed in the wrong password. You have one more chance to get the password correct before the alarm goes off.' Jim mumbled a curse and tried again to get pass the firewall. He turned to Blair and stated, "Give me a word any word someone would use for a password."

"Jim, why are we trying to break into a file?" Blair asked with exasperation.

"Because there are some pretty important things in that in that file that I need to clear my brother's name," Jim growled out, "Now give me a word, Sandburg."

"Okay, okay, nanosecond."


"Nanosecond, it's a one billionth of a second."

"I know what a nanosecond is, Darwin."

He shook his head and typed in : nanosecond. The screen turned white and there were many wildcards to click on and not enough time to go through all of them for his brother, Steven Ellison, was to be put in the electric chair in an hour. After thinking for a long while Jim decided to choose the one that was vertical to all the rest. He double clicked on it and it was a compression of resolutions… not what he was looking for. He quickly closed that one and tried the second one from the top. What showed up was exactly what he was looking for the multimedia report that the last security guard from the Plaza Hotel wrote. He read over it listening to the music that was on it. Then he read the line 'the man in black had dark hair and grayish eyes. He held a gun in one hand and escaped before I could intercept him. I called the cops, but I was hit over the head before the cops came, so I wasn't the one to give the statement…' Jim smiled and printed the report. My brother has blond hair and blue eyes, yes I found it! Hold on little brother I'm on my way, Jim thought as he collected the printed report.

"Let's go, Chief," Jim smiled. The two left to go to the prison house that Steven was being held.

The End