By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word: Card. Drabble request: All about Sam and Dean and Dean's baby.

Disclaimer: Not the owner.

Note: Happy Birthday, Swellison! Wish well.


"I didn't mess up, Dean."

"Didn't say you messed up, dude." Dean kicked a dried up lizard off the lonely road. "Said you screwed up."

"Not my fault my wallet's empty, and you don't have a working card."

"And who didn't juice the cells before we left. "

"Fine," Sam admitted fault. "But, I'm not the one who suggested the shortcut," he panted.

"We're going to die here, and Baby is going to rust in the weeds."

"You're exaggerating."

"This never happen to Earnhardt Jr."

"Actually, it did."

"Whatever. How many more miles to Bobby's?"

"Ten. All uphill."