A/N: So I haven't dribbed a drabble in a long time. I wanted to wish Swellison a happy birthday with the three best things about our beloved show—Sam, Dean and the Impala. A Happy Birthday to PADavis as well! For me the iconic image of Supernatural will always be those shows that end with the Impala heading off down the road, so I offer this... E/O Challenge word: card.

Highway Star

The road stretched before them, the highway going on forever. There were no streetlights here, nothing but the light from the stars and the moon that hung heavy and red in the sky. Dean shifted, Sam glanced over. He was okay, they both were. It had been close, the spirit had nearly killed them both. Dean turned off the stereo, letting the music of the Impala's engine fill the cab. Sometimes the cards they were dealt were harsh, but the pay off, nights like this with his brother, the car and nothing but the stars above them, made everything worthwhile.