Chapter Six: Crush


I lay unmoving on the cold duvet of my bed, waiting for it to be an appropriate time to start the mundane school routine all over again.

Even though the cream ceiling of my bedroom hadn't changed since yesterday, I couldn't stop myself from feeling like a whole lot had changed in the past 24 hours.

And no matter how hard I wished I could push the feeling away, I knew it had everything to do with the arrival of the new girl… Isabella Swan.

I'd seen her face repeated over and over in the minds of every other student and teacher on campus all morning. But it wasn't until Alice brought her to lunch, when I really got to experience her beauty for myself.

My siblings might have called her plain, or "slightly" pretty. But if they had a pair of good eyes in their head – ironic considering they had perfect eyesight – they would see how utterly beautiful she was. I also felt a weird connection to her, as if her heat was radiating from her body and into my own… Warming me.

But when she sat down, I attempted to block her thoughts, out of courtesy to her.

I didn't want to intrude on her privacy.

But it was then that I realised there were no thoughts to block.

She must have thought I was the rudest person on the planet. However, I stayed quiet to simply concentrate on getting into her mind.

It was so frustrating!

When Alice moved seats in Biology, a part of me – a part I didn't understand entirely – wanted the fragile human girl to sit beside me.

The bigger part of me didn't.

I didn't want her too close.

She was like a succubus.

I wouldn't flounder under her charms.

I couldn't. She was human.

I was a vampire.

I tried to continue my ignorance for the rest of the day, even after we'd gone back to my house and I had to help her study.

But it was when she started to describe 'home'… It wasn't just her home, it sounded distinctly like my home too.



The well. The swing.

The house…

I'd ran out of my room to speak to Alice, knowing that she would know something.

But when I found her, she was focusing on her Math homework very intently.

I tried my hardest to get the information out of her. I needed to know if Bella lived even remotely close to where I used to.

Maybe that explained the connection I felt to her.

Alice told me she had no idea what I was talking about, and hadn't seen anything of Bella or Chicago.

I knew she was lying.

And when she finally slipped up, I saw a peek into her mind just before she blocked it from me again with Calculus.

Just a peek.

But it was enough.

I saw myself with Bella.


I couldn't see myself without Bella.

I looked at Alice with wide eyes, hoping for an explanation.

She simply smiled up at me from her textbook, "About time you found someone don't you think?"

Her comment winded me, and I didn't reply. I couldn't reply.

She was talking utter bullshit.

Instead I turned and ran straight back to my bedroom, hell-bent on getting Bella out of my house as soon as possible.

Ever since she left, I'd felt like I needed to see her again.

I turned around on the bed, crushing my face into my pillow as I groaned.

I was being stupid.

I'd known the girl for a day, and yet I felt the need to be by her side?


I got up, flitting through my wardrobe as I got dressed. I was thankful I'd stayed in my room thinking about her for so long, it meant I would be just in time for class, and not early like normal.

School passed the same as any other day. Except today I found myself memorizing Bella's timetable, finding people in her class and listening to their thoughts to see if they talked to her, or if she did something out of the ordinary.

I was going crazy.

She sat with us at lunch, and she made a little conversation with each of my siblings… Except me.

She sat beside me in Biology, and we didn't speak to each other.

I wanted to speak to her, and I guessed that she wanted to speak to me too considering her head kept tilting in my direction and she'd often peek up at me.

But I was afraid.

Yes, we were perfectly nice to each other when I dropped her home last night… But I'd had the whole night to think of her, and now I was afraid to open my mouth.

I was like a seventeen year old human boy.

Dear God.

School ended, and when myself and my siblings returned home, I felt desolate that I had missed my chance to speak to her today.


Alice's thoughts resounded in my head, and I couldn't help but sigh.

Esme noticed my distraction, and she came to place her hands on my shoulders, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I answered immediately, faking a smile.

"Edward has a crush." Alice grinned, and I felt Esme's hands tighten as she gasped.

"Don't be absurd." I snapped, "I've known her two days."

"Who does he have a crush on?" Emmett frowned, and I watched as Rosalie rolled her eyes at his stupidity.

"Bella." Alice spelled out slowly, "Duh!"

"But he doesn't speak to her." Emmett noted.

"Exactly. I don't have a crush!" I stood up, heading straight for the doorway.

I didn't know where I was going. But I knew I was running.


Alice's internal laughter slowed my step.

I tuned into her thoughts automatically, seeing myself in the forest… With Bella.

I turned my head to look at her, and she shrugged slightly, "Enjoy your run."

I opened the front door, taking off and into the woodland.

The cool wind whipped at my face as I breathed a sigh of relief, away from the intrusiveness of my family.

I did not have a crush.

How silly.

I wasn't sure how long I was running for, but I noticed when it started to get dark.

I slowed down, walking through the forest before I found the trail.

I'd only been on it for two seconds before I heard the hum of a heart beat and the breathing of a human.


We were walking towards each other, and so I tried to act casual, as if I didn't know she was there.

Within a few minutes I heard a gasp, and I looked to see her hair fanning around her pale, heart shaped and breathless face.

My lips began to curve in an automatic smile as the tightness in my chest loosened at the sight of her.

Her brown eyes were wide, "Edward?"

"Hi." I smiled as nonchalant as I could.

"What are you doing here?"

"Walking the trail." I lied coolly, "What are you doing here?"

"Walking the trail." She replied, too quickly. She sighed, "I needed to think."

"About anything interesting?"

She shook her head quickly, "Just something I read. It confused me a little."

"I see… I'm guessing I can't help?"

"Probably not." She smiled a little, and I decided to drop the subject.

Human's hated it when they were pressed for information.

"You're pretty far from home aren't you?" I frowned a little, "And it's getting dark. It could be dangerous for you to be here by yourself."

She glanced up at the canopy of trees, seeming to only notice the lack of light now.

"I didn't realise." She admitted.

I tried once again to get into her head as she stared at the tree tops.


I sighed in frustration, which caused her to look at me again, "You were very quiet today… In school."

"I apologise." I smiled as best I could, guilt seeming to rack my body.

If I was reading her face and her eyes correctly, my lack of speech had saddened her.

"I was distracted… Not in the best mood either, I wouldn't want to put you through that." I chuckled.

She smiled automatically, "But you're in a better mood now?"

"Much better." I agreed, "Shall I walk you home?"

Her cheeks flushed with a lovely pink colour, "Sure." She nodded.

We turned back on the trail, walking slowly through the forest. I noticed as we walked that she was very clumsy.

She fell nearly fifteen times, except everytime I caught her.

We passed a few comments on the weather, and I asked if she'd caught up on all the work.

After that we walked in comfortable silence.

About a half an hour later, we arrived back at her house. I stood at the bottom of her path, and she smiled up at me, "Thank you for walking me back."

"Anytime." I nodded, smiling crookedly, "I'll see you in class tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Goodnight Edward." She nodded, taking a step up the path.

I backed a few feet away, holding up a hand in a wave, "Goodnight Bella."

She got to her door, turning to wave back before she went inside.

I turned around pretending to walk down her street before I slipped into the forest again.

And that's when I waited.

I had no idea what I was doing.

Alice probably had a vision of this and was calling me crazy.

I just felt like it wasn't time for me to go home… Just yet.

I must have sat there for hours, because suddenly the sky was completely black, and all the houses in Bella's street contained barely any conscious thoughts.

I walked out of the forest, going back towards Bella's house. All the lights were off, and I could pinpoint her mother and father's bedroom by listening to the thoughts of their dreams.

They were fast asleep in the back bedroom.

I guessed Bella's bedroom was the one facing the front of the house, firstly because it would make sense, and also because her scent seemed to linger around that spot.

I crossed her lawn quickly, scaling the front of the house before my subconscious thoughts could tell me to stop being so crazy.

Her window was open slightly, and as I peeked inside the window I could see her fast asleep. The covers were at her feet, one arm by her side while the other was under her pillow, holding something.

I pushed the window open slowly, climbing in quickly before I took a quick look around.

She'd just moved in and yet her room looked like she'd been here for years.

It was so… Bella.

I walked towards her slowly, watching her sleeping face before I noticed the brown object in her hand, under the pillow.

I bent my head, curiosity flaring within me, and something else… A sinking feeling.

I tried to see what the brown object was, but it was pushed deep, with only a tiny section open to my line of view.

It looked like a book.

Again, the sinking feeling reached deeper within me.

Something told me I had to know exactly what she was holding.

Was this the something that had made her walk into the forest tonight?

I moved my head closer, realising that it was in fact a book.

But what book?

I moved closer and closer… And then…

She moved.

She pushed the book completely under the pillow, sighing in her sleep before she crushed her face into the pillow.

I was so close to her, I could smell her scent, feel her breath.

She was so beautiful.

But at her slight movement, a resound fear struck in me and I turned, darting out of the window before I could get a second glance.

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