Cecilia and Zoey's Farm Adventures


Cecilia Allison Rose Smith ~ Feldman

Zoey Allie Cecilia Patton

Chris Michael Anthony Feldman

Logan Dane Kingsford

Amy Elizabeth Feldman

Cecilia Feldman's POV

~Today is Friday, June 26, 2005. I am going back to my grandparent's farm to see my favorite cousin, Zoey Patton, who lives just about ten minutes away from our grandparent's farm. Zoey was telling me to come up to our grandparent's farm for a surprise that she has in mind. Her surprises normally are dangerous, but maybe this time is something different. Also she said Logan and her are closer than ever. Does that mean their engaged. ~

''Hey, what are you writing in that journal of yours?'' Chris said.

~Chris Feldman is my husband. We got married in 2000 and now we have a lovely daughter, Amy Elizabeth Feldman, who is three years old now. ~

''I am just writing what I am thinking down.'' I said back to him not looking up from my journal.

''What are your thoughts that you are writing?'' Chris said again, trying to make me confess on what I am writing down in my journal.

~Chris likes to bug me about what the thoughts that I am writing in my journal. I have had this journal since my half-birthday, my junior year of high school, from my aunt Sarah Patton. ~

''I will show you when we are alone.'' I said.

''Okay, before bed.'' He said.

''Mommy and daddy, when are we going to get there?'' Amy said.

''In a few hours, Amy.'' I said trying to make her happy to go to her great-grandparent's farm.

~Chris and I have been together for about 16 years now. We have known each other since we were in 6th grade. ~

Hello, there, this is the first chapter of Cecilia and Zoey's Farm Adventures, base off of Midnight Teen Club if you haven't notice.

Love Amanda Rich aka Little Debbie Snack Cakes