Albus Potter

Albus Potter tried his very best to look as confident as he could walking down the hall way of the Hogwarts express, looking for an empty compartment. He felt a little better with Rose at his side, but at the same time it made him feel uneasy. Rose was always acting like a know-it-all, and had taken into her mother's old habits. She would explain to him about how she had already read the entire book Hogwarts: A History and that she had most of the spell book memorised as well. Albus had wondered if everyone was going to know as much as Rose, but Uncle Ron had told him not to worry, and that he was surprised as ever that she would even want to read that book. Aunt Hermione gave him an angry glare at this remark.

However, something about Albus's "confident walk" must have looked weird, because he caught Rose eyeing him suspiciously. Albus felt himself blush, and then went back to his normal self, and Rose's eyes went back to the compartments. Finally, they found a nice empty compartment at the back of the train. They had been late getting on because James had to keep going on and on about how Teddy was snogging Victoire.

Albus and Rose had assumed that they were going to be sitting together with James, but his friends had saved him the last seat in his favourite compartment witch he gladly took, leaving Rose and Albus alone. Rose took a seat closest to the window and Albus took a seat across from her, just as the train began to move. Albus looked out the window, watching the trees go bye.

"Are you nervous yet?" Rose said, breaking the silence. Albus stared down at his hands as he gave a slightly noticeable nod that only his family would have seen, they had gotten used to his shyness. Albus has always grown up shy and timid, no thanks to James. He would always embarrass Albus in front of everyone. James always told him to forgive and forget, but Albus was tired of his brother. Of course, he could never say that to him out loud.

"Oh, where is Fred? He was supposed to meet us at the platform," Continued Rose, her voice starting to fill the compartment.

"Search me," Albus said, speaking for the first time on the train. Albus couldn't help notice that his voice quivered, and Rose gave him a sympathetic look. Albus could have sworn she was about to lecture him about how he shouldn't get nervous, when thankfully Fred came bursting in the compartment. Albus let out a sigh of relief.

"There you two are!" Fred said putting rose in a headlock, making an even bigger mess of Rose's bushy hair. Rose, unlike her mother, had always enjoyed having bushy red hair. She said it made her feel as much of a Granger as she was a Weasley. Fred too, had wonderful flaming red hair, just like his father, George. Uncle George was always Albus's favourite uncle, as Fred was his favourite cousin. Uncle George had always told Fred that he was just like his brother, who had sadly died in the war, and every time he received a complement like that, he would always start grinning, ear to ear. He was proud of himself being like Uncle Fred.

"Stop! Fred let go!" Rose squealed, laughing. Fred finally let go, and dropped into the seat beside Albus. Fred was one of the few cousins he had close to his age, even though Albus had many cousins. Because Albus's mother had had so many brothers, each one of them happily married and had at least one child, the Weasley family seemed to spread through each year and each house of Hogwarts. There has even been a Slytherin or two. Slytherin is one of the four houses at Hogwarts, a school for witch craft and wizardry. Albus was over joyed when he got his letter, because his brother had been teasing him that he was probably going to be a squib. A squib is a witch or wizard born from magical descent, but has no magical powers. Albus has never felt so happy in his life when he saw the large barn owl had swooped down in front of their house in Galdric's hallow holding a silver envelop with beautiful green lettering.

"So, Albie," Fred said, using the nickname he had given to him when they were little, "What lies have James been feeding you?"

"He says I'm going to be put in Slytherin! Slytherin!" Albus said, venting out on Fred.

"Really Albus, your brother is so immature. I mean honestly, you are that last person I would ever believe would be put in Slytherin," Rose said jumping into the conversation.

"I agree with Rose here, Albus, you have nothing to worry about," said Fred, kicking his feet on to the empty seat in front of him, causing Rose to scowl.

Having his cousin's say they disagreed with James had let him relax a little, but just as Albus was starting to feel better, James came bursting into the compartment, followed by a small girl with very light blond hair.

"Hi Angelica!" Rose said to the blond hair girl, her face lighting up. Angelica was one of Rose's best friends. They were practically sisters, seeing as their parents spent a lot of time together. Albus knew Angelica as well, and just like Rose's feelings, she was like a sister.

"Hullo, Albus, just wanted to tell you about where the Slytherins sleep. Did you know? It's in the dungeons," James said, a mischievous smile creeping along his face. Albus felt like he was going to puke.

"Oh, rubbish," said, Angelica, "Both my Mum and Dad believe you're going to be in Gryffindor, no doubt. Can't say I don't believe it."

Angelica, or Angie as her friends liked to call her, is the daughter of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. Albus's mother had told them how they had started dating in secret, and then one day they came to their house and told them they were engaged. It came as quite a surprise, but now Albus has two wonderful cousins, Angie and Raven.

"Thanks, Angie," Albus said, giving her a warm smile as James left the room to be with his friends. Though Raven had her mother's personality, dreamy and quite interesting, Angie had a much warmer personality like her father.

"Oh, no problem Albus, I love putting James in his place."

There was a tap on the compartment door, and Fred opened it to revile a plump witch brining around the trolley. Everyone immediately jumped up, but Albus stayed in his seat. When his friends gave him confused looks, he turned his head away.

"Not hungry," he mumbled, his brain swarming with thoughts of what the Slytherins would do to him if he was sorted into their house. Oh, he would never here the end of it from Scorpius…

Harry Potter

"Good boy, Teddy," Harry Potter said, as they were practicing their counter-spells and Teddy had just blocked one of Harry's most powerful jinxes. As Harry went to get a glass of water from the side table and Teddy tried not to beam at his remark. Teddy Lupin had always been quite fond of Harry, the man he considered to be his father. He had never truly known his real father, sadly, but Harry would tell him amazing stories about him, and even more amazing stories about his mother. Teddy had a lot to live up too, and he was working really hard to become an Auror. He was going in a few days to take the test.

"Thanks, Mr. Potter," He said, clearing his thought. Harry's eyes widened and he choked on his water. He started coughing, at which Teddy came over and started patting his back.

"Mr. Potter? Why so formal?" Harry said, half laughing, half choking. Teddy cleared his thought again, and he felt himself turn red. Harry smiled at the young boy with beautiful brown hair (for the moment) and a heart shaped face like his mothers. Since he was a Metamorphagus, so he could change his appearance, such as hair colour, to whatever he wanted to be. Harry put two hands on his shoulders, and looked him straight into his light blue eyes. They looked so much like his fathers.

"Teddy Lupin, you have always treated me like a father. No way are you getting away with calling me Mr. Potter. Honestly Teddy, what are you thinking? "

"I'm thinking that you are my teacher, and since I don't live with you, I have to be more mature around you," Teddy said, looking away from his gaze. Teddy had been trying to hint to Harry that he would want to live with him, but he hasn't realized what he has been doing. Teddy did love his grandmother, but he found her quite boring to live with and she couldn't pay very well for him anymore. Teddy wasn't sure, but he thought that his grandmother was even hinting that she would rather him live with Harry.

"Oh, that's right, Teddy, I need to talk to you," Harry said, sitting casually on the lawn chair. They had decided to practice outside, since it was such a beautiful day. Teddy sat down beside him, wondering what he wanted to tell him. Then Teddy's mind started to wonder. Oh no, he thought, he doesn't think I can be an Auror or…

Teddy's mind started to wonder farther and farther away, thinking of the horrible things that he was going to tell him. He was thinking that Harry was going to disown him when Harry finally spoke.

"Teddy, Ginny and I have been talking and…" Here it comes….

"We would like you to move in with us." It took a while for the message to get to Teddy's head; he just stared at him for a minute before he finally realized what was happening. He was going to live with Harry Potter! Finally be like a son to Harry!

"Really?" Teddy said eagerly, and he felt his hair change colour. To Harry's bewilderment, his hair color changed to a brilliant gold colour that laid straight and came down to just over his ears. Harry smiled at him. Suddenly, Teddy grabbed Harry and pulled him into him, engulfing him in a hug. Harry hugged him back, laughing.

"Hey, don't I get a hug?" Ginny Potter said, coming out of the back door of the small house. As quickly as he had hugged Harry, Teddy was on Ginny, hugging her even tighter, and as quickly as he had done that, he had left to get his things. Ginny let out a sigh and her husband came up behind her, hugging her lightly from behind. Ginny lent into him, and then turned to face him.

"I forget how much of a kid he is, even if he is nineteen."

Harry beamed at her. "Well," he said, tilting her chin up, "I was just like him."

With those words, Harry gently kissed his wife. Once the kiss was over, Lily came running outside, jumping up and down, and he had known Teddy told her the great news. Harry gave Ginny one last kiss before lifting up his daughter in his arms and swinging her around.

"Teddy's living with us? He just ran through the house saying he's going to be a Potter!" Lily said, once he stopped spinning her.

"Well then, he's wrong," He said, and Lily and Ginny gave him confusing looks, and Harry let out a laugh. Smiling, he said to his two girls, "He already is a Potter!"