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"Ron, I need you to go back to the Burrow, get the book I got the counter spell for, and bring it back here. It's called Counter-Cursing Conundrums, and it'll be on the top of my trunk in Ginny's room. And Ron, please hurry."

"I don't see what the problem is Hermione. You've got their memories back."

"Yes, but Ron. It shouldn't have happened like this. I needed to say the spell. Hurry, Ron!" She placed a chaste kiss on his lips and rushed into the room where her parents were. Once she heard the confirmation 'pop' of Rons disapparation, she started her story. All about how she took all memory of herself from her parents minds, and made them think they were someone else. She told them, that it was more for their safety than anything else. And, ignoring the shocked looks and cries of disbelief, she told them about the war, and the vital parts she played.

"And so, I came here, to get your memory back, to get YOU back, and something went wrong. I didn't say the spell, and so I've sent Ron to go pick up the book so that I can determine what went wrong."

"Hermione, darling. You needn't have gone this far. Had you told us from the beginning what was happening we would've-"

"Stopped me from going. Look, mum, it was something I needed to do. Without it, you and dad would've been in great danger. And I couldn't risk losing you. I just wouldn't be able to cope." Hermione wiped a tear from her cheek just as Ron walked in the room.

"I would've gotten here sooner, but mum made me tell her everything. Here you go 'Mione." Ron stated, proudly handing the book to Hermione. She hastily flipped to the right page in the book and read the text after the section she had found.

"Oh, no!" She sighed, looking up at questionable faces. "There is another possibility to overcome this spell. If the spell user spends adequate time with the spell subject, and divulges in memories that is strong for both parties. The spell will be broken. To allow the restoration of the memory to be latched firmly back onto the mind of the subject, the subject must always have the user in their vision, or must be able to audibly hear the users voice for 24 hours. If this fails, then the memory cannot be restored. Note: use this as a last resort. Constant audio or visual will be hard to maintain for all parties." Hermione read directly from the book.

"Erm. What does that mean?" Ron asked on behalf of everyone else.

"It means," Hermione sighed. "That mum and dad need to see me for an entire 24 hours, either directly, or in their peripheral vision. Or, they need to hear my voice for 24 hours."

"What? We can't stay awake for 24 hours straight, dear. We aren't as young as we used to be." Marcus interjected.

"Wait, Hermione. You're a witch. Can't you do a spell that will play you voice over and over? Or make it last for 24 hours?"

"Well, I suppose there is the Sonorous spell, but that means me being up for 24 hours, and talking all that time. Plus, there is no telling as to how loud it will be. I could always transfigure a stereo player to continually play my voice."

"I guess the second option would be best, love." Her mother inputted, with a proud nod from her father.

Hermione set to work, going round every audio device available repeating the same phrase over and over again. Finally, she reached the final room, her parents' room. Here, pictures of her and her family had been restored, just as the memory had. Hermione was determined to not let them go now that she had gotten them back. Listening in to the other stereos that were playing around the house, Hermione set herself up, so that she could talk in harmony with the other stereos.

Placing her wand to her throat, in a similar fashion to that of someone conducting the Sonorous spell, and started. "Revolvo vox vocis Hi mum, dad. I'm really sorry about this, but it needs to be done. I can't risk losing you. It's only for 24 hours. You'll probably be sick of my voice by then, but I need to do this. I love you both lots; and thank you for everything you've done for me. All my love, Hermione." She removed her wand from her throat to end the spell. With a brief crackle, the stereo started playing her transmission in perfect synchronisation with the other stereos in the house.


An hour had already past, and Hermione was getting sick of hearing her own voice. She realised, that hearing you own voice on constant repetition allowed you to analyse it in ways she had never thought of before.

"Do I really sound that condescending all the time?" She asked, turning to Ron.

"A little bit," he adding, wincing at his bluntness. "But, it's because it's true. 'Mione, where me and Harry would've been without you, is beyond anyone's guess. I bet, without you on this 'fantastical quest' with me and Harry, we would've died in the first week. You were amazing."

Hermione blushed at Ron's confession and gave him a shy peck on the check.


"They look cute together don't they?" Isobel asked Marcus in the kitchen, looking out at Ron and Hermione over the strawberries she was preparing for desert.

"They do. It's weird to think we've spent the past few months not knowing she exists, and then she comes back to perform this extraordinary magic." Marcus commented, referencing the spell used to project his daughters voice. "I just hope this works; I don't want to lose her just as we've gotten her back."

"She's a brilliant witch, Marcus. We won't lose her. I'll stay awake for 24 hours and stare at her if needs be." Isobel and Marcus let out a laugh, and led their way back to Ron and Hermione, ready with desert.


"And you're sure this will work?"

"Well, I'm not 100% sure, but out mind subconsciously pick up on audio when we are asleep, so I fail to see a reason why it wouldn't work."

"Alright then, I guess we better be off to sleep." Isobel and Marcus gave Hermione a kiss on the forehead, and bade goodnight to Ron, before heading into their bedroom. It was now 11pm, and the spell had been performing for 12 hours. Just to be sure, Hermione conducted the spell not too long ago, hoping that it would last at least 8 hours until her parents woke up. It had already been agreed that Ron and Hermione would stay overnight. At 6:30 in the morning Hermione was to go into her parents room, and sit on a chair at the end of their bed, ready for them to see should they wake up earlier. Marcus had already called into work, stating he would be unable to make it in tomorrow, due to a family emergency. Being a well liked character at the dentistry, and known to never take a day off, his absence was granted, along with well wishes to his family.

Not long after her parents went to bed, Hermione began setting up the pull out bed in the living room.

"What are you doing?" Ron asked, incredulous that a sofa could turn into a bed without the use of magic.

"I'm making your bed." Hermione stated, receiving a groan from Ron. "What is it Ronald?"

"I thought we'd both be in the spare room. I mean, we are together now."

"That doesn't mean we have to sleep in the same bed Ronald!"

"No, not the same bed 'Mione. I'll sleep on the floor. That way, I can look after you in case anything happens in the night."

"As chivalrous as that sounds Ron, I am perfectly capable of protecting myself." She noted the hurt look in Rons eyes. "I didn't mean it like that, Ron. I guess, after months of being stuck in a tent with two guys, I'm not so reluctant to give up my girly space. Yes, I know that I had my own room in the tent, but it would still be nice to be on my own for a little while. Especially as I will lose all personal space when I go back to Hogwarts."

"You're going back? Why?"

"To continue my education. I know you and Harry aren't keen on the idea, but I would really implore you both to go back. You can both get the right grades to be an auror."

"No offence, Mione, but I think helping to defeat Voldemort is a brilliant way to get into the auror office. How can they turn us down?" Hermione shook her head, leant forward and gave Ron a kiss before bidding him goodnight.


6:30am came and went, and Hermione was waiting eagerly at the end of her parents beds. Her mind was filled with wonder. Did the spell work when they were asleep, and would they recognise her? The consequences if they didn't would be severe. At 7:05 her father started to stir. Slowly he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes, and after a long yawn, his eyes locked on Hermione.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my room?" He asked, panic dripping off his tongue.

"Dad? It's me, Hermione." She replied quietly, tears threatening to fill her eyes.

"Hermione? Sorry dear, my eyes are always a bit fuzzy in the morning. Let's make breakfast shall we?" Hermione let out a sigh of relief, a lone tear falling down her cheek in happiness. Marcus and Hermione made their way to the kitchen, where they hastily set out to make pancakes and syrup. Not long before the meal was completed, Isobel joined them.

"Only 4 hours left before the spell is completed, right dear?" Isobel asked, taking the plate of pancakes and putting them on the table. "Ronald, breakfast is ready."

"He won't wake mum. He won't wake until about 10 at the earliest." Hermione stated, listening to her mother trying to rouse him. They continued on with breakfast, and began cleaning the plates. Not sure of how to spend the remaining time, they sat around in the garden, and started playing with cards.

At 10:30, Ron woke up. Begging for food, Isobel went to heat up the remaining pancakes. Once his hunger had been attended to, Ron joined the Granger family out in the garden and Isobel went to go a fetch drinks for everyone. Not long after she had been inside, Hermione heard the smash of glass.

"Mum?" Hermione ran as fast as she could to the kitchen, where she found her mum lying on the floor in a puddle of liquid and glass. "Mum, please, wake up." A quick glance at the clock showed her it was 11am. The final moment.

"Hermione! You're dad has collapsed!" Ron called from the garden. Hermione stood up and ran to the doorway. Her hand flew to her mouth to stifle a cry.

"It's the spell Ron. I know it. I don't know if this means something good or bad, but we need to get them together. Help me move mum into the garden." Five minutes later, Hermione was clutching Ron's hand sitting opposite her comatose parents. Her mind was filled with horrible thoughts; of her parents waking up and not recognising her, or recognising her but not wanting anything to do with her. The worst thought of all, was that they wouldn't wake up at all.

Half an hour had passed, with nothing but silence. "Hermione, look. Your mums' eyes." Hermione done what Ron instructed, and pushing the tears away, she noted that her mothers eyelids were flickering, slowly forcing themselves open.

"Mum? Mum, are you okay?" Hermione asked, rushing to her mothers side, grasping her hand within her own. "Mum, please, wake up." Her mothers eyes slowly opened, her green eyes locking on to Hermiones brown ones.

"Hermione dear, why are you crying?" came a small response from her mothers lips.

A/N: Revolvo vox vocis I took this from an online Latin translation site. It literally means (unless there's been a mistake) Repeat voice. I also realised Ron seemed a bit OOC here, but I hope he is in a good way. And also, I'm sorry for it getting rushed right at the end, but trying to condense 24 hours down, without sounding repetitive is actually quite hard. But I hope you liked it, I hope to have a new one for you soon :)