By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Authors Note: I am still working on my multi-chapter fics promise. I've just been writing these on the side to keep you guys all happy and reading Tawni/Sonny fun. :p My multi-chaps are giving me some problems with inspiration but I promise I will get them up. Another problem, my laptop lost its O button so it's hard to type O's lol which happen to be in a lot of words. So my pace may slow down.


Everyone had gone home for the evening, everyone except for Sonny that was. She was currently lying on the couch in their prop house, and her mind was consumed with thoughts of a certain blonde co-star. Lately, Tawni had not been the girl she had originally met, she was showing signs of humanity, caring, and even love. It was a bit odd but the brunette would never complain about the attention. Since the moment that she had arrived, she had been entranced by the blonde; she had an amazing body, a beautiful face, and perfect hair.

The daydreams had started out innocent. She would imagine what it would be like to be close to Tawni, close enough to give her a hug without causing the taller girl to push her away in discomfort. Lately though, these thoughts had taken a turn. A very sexual turn, and for someone who had never cared for the thought of sex, this was a big deal.

Behind closed eyes the beautiful blonde's face became visible. She imagined those gorgeous pink lips pressed against hers in a heated kiss, her fingers running through long blonde hair, tan manicured fingers running over Sonny's stomach.

Sonny's body shivered, as she ran her own fingers under her shirt teasing her skin as she imagined those fingers she adored. "Mmm." She moaned out as she ran her fingers against her breast. When she began teasing her nipple the brunette let out another moan as she continued to imagine Tawni's lips circled around her nipple. Sonny was starting to grow unbearably wet, and the need to be touched was becoming so intense that she literally ached.

The brunette allowed her fantasy to become even more sexual as she trailed her hand down to the waistline of her skirt, body shaking as she imagined the blonde running her hand down her body and under the skirt she was wearing. Headed toward her soaking womanhood, in order to take her.

"Please, Tawni." She mumbled out, so caught up in her fantasy that she could not help but say something.

Sonny lifted her hips as she pushed her hand underneath the top of her skirt, grazing fingers over her shaved mound, running fingers against her wet clit, groaning out. She pressed her fingers between her folds, rubbing her index finger against the sensitive bud, her moans growing in intensity as she sped her fingers. "Oh god Tawni." She moaned out to herself as she moved her hand to push her index finger inside of her dripping entrance, running her thumb around her clit in circles.

She continued moving quickly against herself, imagining it was Tawni's hand between her thighs. The moans continued to grow louder as she reached her orgasm. Coming all over her thighs and hand, even the bottom of her skirt got a bit wet. As she had come, the brunette had shouted out Tawnis name.

Now her body was completely relaxed, hand still beneath her skirt, as she grew limp on the couch. Her breathing returning to normal.

Suddenly, she screamed out and sat up on the couch removing her hand from her wetness, trying to wipe it clean on the cushions as she heard clapping from the balcony. "Brava!" Came Tawni's voice.

Humiliation, that was all that Sonny felt at the moment. Completely embarrassed, no one had ever walked in on her doing such a thing. Worst of all, it was the person she had been pleasuring herself too. How much of it had she heard? Was she angry? She was smiling, but that didn't mean anything when it came to the blonde. 'Oh my gosh'Sonny's heart was pounding so loud she could hear it thudding in her ears. This would ruin everything.

"Oh the things you stumble upon when you're hiding and hoping to stumble upon something." The blonde stated with laughter in her high voice as she slid down the slide that led to the main floor of the prop house.

Sonny had yet to move from the couch as brown eyes stared to Tawni in horror, her body frozen. She could only watch as the blonde moved closer to her.

"Tawni, it wasn't what it looked like." She finally managed to squeak out.

"Oh, so." Pausing Tawni climbed on top of Sonny on the couch straddling her co-star with a smirk on her lips. "You weren't just pleasuring yourself to me?"

Sonny laughed at this, despite the arousal growing due to the blonde on her lap. "Psssh! Of course not!" She laughed some more, nervously. "What would have ever given you that idea?"

"Perhaps." Lifting the brunette's hand she ran her tongue along one of her fingers before sucking it between her lips. She certainly noticed the beautiful girl's reaction as Sonny blushed and held in a moan. "Because you were."

"I-I-I am sorry Tawni." She said her voice still squeaky as she squirmed uncomfortably.

"No, I'm sorry for interrupting; I just assumed the real Tawni Hart would be a bit more satisfying." She stated smugly.

"No! Really Tawni, you have nothing to apologize for, I shouldn't have been doing such things in a private—what did you say?" Her brown eyes widened in confusion as she felt lips on her own.


Authors Note: Got stood up on a date last night, kinda sucked, so I was all depressed. But I am back to writing, have lots of ideas for one shots, but I am a bit stuck on some of my other stories. I will get it though! Hope you all enjoy this one!

-Tracy Cook