By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

The Real Tawni Hart

Sonny could feel her body shake as she took in a deep breath, large brown eyes focused intently on shimmering blue eyes. Tawni was showing a side that she had never truly saw in her, perhaps it was that "evil" side, when she did something devious in order to get her way. Was that what this was? Was she getting her way? The thought made Sonny's heart leap and her stomach turn with excitement, eyes black with lust, bottom lip tugged between her teeth as she waited for what was to come.

Sonny could still taste the sweet chocolate lip gloss on her lips from where the blonde diva had kissed her, it was intoxicating.

"You are so gorgeous Sonny, not as gorgeous as me of course." She added with a smirk.

"Of course." The brunette stated with a grin of her own, she knew that it was something that irritated her on numerous occasions, but Tawni's sef-centered, egotistic attitude was something that drove her crazy in many different ways. Currently, it was setting her body on fire and she loved it.

With a soft smile gracing her pink coco-moco-coco lips, she ran her pink nails over her friend's exposed toned abdomen. Drinking in the sight with her eyes. "But, you are definitely gorgeous."

"Thank you." Sonny whispered out, catching her breath as nails scratched along her hipbones. Traveling along her thighs, over her skirt, before running along her exposed legs and disappearing beneath the fabric.

Apparently, Tawni decided to show her response in a different way, as her fingers trailed along the edge of the brunette's panties. They appeared to know exactly what they were doing and each touch sent shivers through Sonny's entire body, causing an intense heat and wetness to form between her thighs. Her clit was throbbing with a need to be touched. She needed to be touched.

"Mmm…" She groaned out lifting her hips impatiently off of the couch, but the blonde would not be rushed.

"Ah-ah! Slow down there tiger, you know I like to do things my way."

"Tawni, I've wanted you for so long. Please? Just touch me." She was nearly on the verge of tears as the desire and aching consumed her body, she needed to be touched. It was true. Sonny had wanted Tawni for so long, and now that she was so close to having her, she had little if any patience.

"Sonny, if you tell me what to do again I swear I will get up and walk right out of this room." Her voice was commanding as usual. It shouldn't have, but it turned Sonny on to no end.

"Sorry." She squeaked out, biting her tongue and closing her eyes as she let out a breath. Trying her hardest to keep patient and wait for the other woman to make her move.

Tedious fingers traced along her damp panties finding her clit through the fabric, applying pressure. Not enough to relieve Sonny, but enough to give her quite a bit of pleasure. Groaning out she dug her fingers into blonde curls and lifted her hips in order to get more of the amazing feeling.

Watching as the other girl squirmed beneath her fingers; Tawni smirked and sped up her pace. Circling around the sensitive bundle of nerves with her fingers, she could hear Sonny let out moans and groans of pleasure and feel her fingers digging into her scalp, it was causing a need to form between her own thighs, but she ignored it. This was for Sonny, not for her. Hearing the brunette whimper out as she tried to obtain more contact with her fingers, Tawni felt her heart swell with pride and she wanted to see more of it. Needed to see more of it.

As she snuck her fingers under Sonny's soaked panties she let out a moan of her own. "Oh god, Sonny…" She bit down on her bottom lip as her fingers were coated in sweet desire; they made their way between the other woman's folds now circling her clit again.

"Mmm… Jeeze Tawn, yeah, right there…" Sonny moaned out as her heart raced and her body shook at the contact. She was nearing her orgasm already. "I'm already so close."

"Is that so?" The diva cocked her head to the side and steadied her fingers, loving the way that the innocent girl groaned out and pleaded for her to continue. It was so exhilarating knowing that she could cause such a reaction.

"Yes! Why did you stop!" She nearly cried.

"Well, I didn't want you to come before I got a chance to be inside of you, silly girl." Tawni said with a pink smile as she slipped her fingers further down, finding Sonny's entrance, which she teased with her fingers. Sonny was growing more and more agitated as she tried to receive more contact, but the blonde appeared more than content with the teasing.

"You okay?" Tawni asked with feigned concern.

"Tawni, stop teasing—" Before she could finish the sentence two of Tawni's fingers were thrust deep inside of her. It hurt, but it also felt amazing. "—Oh god! Mm—yeah! Tawni! Please don't stop!"

Tawni leant over Sonny, thrusting her fingers deep inside of the brunette before twisting them and hitting the spot that made her inner walls clamp down around her fingers and caused the other to moan out her name in pleasure. Leaning in she whispered hotly against Sonny's ear. "Come for me, Sonny."

And with that, she did. It was better than any time she had ever pleasured herself. It was better because it was the real Tawni Hart.


Authors Note: Added another little chapter… just to give it more of that M rating it claims to have. :p Hope that y'all like it!

-Tracy Cook