Shoot to Kill

Kurt Hummel looked over at the phone on his desk, vibrating loudly against the wood. Work was always calling him at the worse times. He glanced back down the hall where his brother was waiting for him. Finn was ditched easily enough, but he'd have to make up a pretty damn good excuse for ditching his dad's request for a family dinner again. For the second time in two months. Grabbing the phone and pushing it into his pocket, not bothering to look at the information that had been sent to him, he rushed past Finn and worked on his story. Might as well go with as much of the truth as possible.

"Dad? I've got to run. And please don't yell at me or make me feel guilty. Work called and someone lost all of the drawings and as a paid intern, it's up to me to fix everything." Burt glanced at his son, an oven mit in one hand and a confused look on his face. Once the words caught up with his dad's understanding though, the confused face fell.

"I just feel like I haven't seen you since you started working at that design place." Kurt rolled his eyes, grabbing his coat and pulling it on before pressing a kiss to his dad's cheek.

"It's a design school dad, and it's important to me. I'll make it up to you, I promise. You and me, dinner. I'll cook something completely unhealthy and I'll even eat it instead of cooking something different for myself. Deal?" He waited for Burt to nod before smiling and hugging his dad tightly, rushing to the door and calling an apology to Carole.

Once his was safe in his car, he pulled out his phone and opened the document.

Case number: 1769B
Payment: $20,000
Target: Blaine Anderson

He read the information quickly, committing it to memory before deleting it. It was a routine hit, something Kurt had pulled off more than once already. Nothing was going to be different about this one.

Kurt made his way to his work, a nondescript building that had only one door and no windows, and nodded his head to the guard near the gate. For the first month of working there, they constantly stopped him to check his ID and call ahead to make sure that he was supposed to be there. After then, they slowly got used to seeing his car and him rolling his eyes everytime he passed. It didn't help that one of the guards, the one that was there now, had been anything but subtle in his flirting.

After parking, Kurt locked up his car and made his way into the building, nodding to the guard that stood at the door.

"What happened to family dinner Hummel?" Kurt rolled his eyes, not even questioning why the security guard apparently knew his day to day plans, and pulled the door open and headed towards the stairs. He passed a few familiar faces, although most of which he had no names for, and at the top he turned down the long hallway to get to the main office. There was no point in knocking since Carlson would know that Kurt was there, storming towards his office at this very moment.

"Kurt, fancy seeing you here since you've officially been on assignment for the past thirty minutes." Frank Carlson had his arms on the desk infront of him, his glasses perched on his nose and a pen tapping at a stack of papers infront of him. Carlson was, if anything, a very put together person. He never seemed to frazzle, never raised his voice. It was strange that someone with such an even temperment would run a hitman service.

"Fancy having an assignment when I asked you, begged you, to give me just today. We have to maintain our ordinary lives, well I'm trying. My family is part of my ordinary life and you calling me out all the time is just going to make people suspicious." Carlson merely raised an eyebrow and looked down at the papers infront of him.

"Maybe they will assume you have a boyfriend." Kurt felt his jaw clench and he refrained from snapping at his boss, a boss that could probably kill him with just the pen in his hand.

"Fuck you." The way Carlson smiled, you'd think Kurt had paid the man a compliment. Taking two calming breaths, Kurt sat down infront of his boss and leaned back, projecting a calm appearance that he definitely did not feel. He never felt calm around his co-workers.

"What do I need to know?" The smile still on his face, Carlson slid a folder over to his employee. Kurt took another deep breath before grabbing the folder and looking it over.

His name was Blaine Anderson, twenty-two years old, lived in New York. He had actually gone to school at an all boy's school not too far from Lima. As usual, there was no reason in the packet for why this person was to be taken out, but there were photos that Kurt didn't even bother to look at yet.

"Fine. Call me a flight." Carlson smiled and pointed to the door, dismissing Kurt without another thought, meaning that there was already a plane waiting at the runway. He mock saluted his boss, feeling a little brave, and turned to leave the room.

"You have until Friday, Kurt. After that, the contract deducts five grand a day." Kurt scoffed because really, they both knew that he had never missed a target in the designated number of days.

On the plane, one of Carlson's many planes, Kurt finally allowed himself to open the packet and go through the pictures. First he reread the information, memorizing the man's address in New York and recounting if he had been near that particular area before, and then with any information he may need to use to get close to the man. Birthday, hobbies, likes and dislikes. They had something in common, both were very active participants in their glee clubs in high school. Anderson even dabbled in music on weekends.

Once everything was memorized, Kurt turned over the photos and started through those. The first few were candid shots of a group of people, friends or family, but nothing telling exactly who they were. It didn't pass by Kurt's notice that the pictures weren't copies, weren't printed off a computer. Whoever had organized this had to be close to Anderson.

The next few shots were headshots, almost set up like a modeling photoshoot. It was then that Kurt really let himself look at the target. Brown hair, which ranged from gelled down to loose and curly, a pair of hazel eyes that were framed by eyelashes that looked ridiculously long and ridiculously real, and an altogether pretty attractive physique. Which Kurt got a few glimpses of since a few of the promotional pictures he was shirtless or damn close to.

This might be the hottest target Kurt would ever get to work on. And hey, he might even try to have a little fun with it this time.

A/N: This is based off a prompt that I stumbled upon because of Zoey. It seems to be a pattern that she's mentioned in all of my stories. Oh well. I like this story.
This is the prologue of sorts. It is going to be my first Klaine multichaptered fic. It is rated T right now but that will most likely hit M before the end. It's only going to be a few chapters, but it's a start. I'll still be writing the EHoverse so no worries there.

Let me know what you think. Hope you like the idea.