Quinn waited patiently after knocking on Sam's door but couldn't help but wonder what was taking so long, wincing as there was a particularly loud bang! from behind the door. There was a shout and the sound of someone fumbling with the door, followed by what Quinn could only call a bellow.

Needless to say, Quinn was confused when Sam finally opened the door, looking worn down and ruffled. His jacket was falling off of one shoulder and the hat on his head had been twisted sideways roughly, making his long hair stick in his eyes. Quinn couldn't help but let out a small giggle at the state he was in and he rolled his eyes.

"You won't be laughing soon, trust me." he moaned, crooking a finger and leading her into the motel room. "Hey guys, Quinn's here!"


There was a unanimous shout and Quinn, laughing, found herself being tackled by four squirming little bodies...wait...

"Four? Did your parents have more kids or something overnight?" she asked, taking in the new arrivals hesitantly. Stacey and Stevie she knew but she had no idea who the little black haired girl was and the little boy with thick framed glasses looked familiar but she couldn't place it.

"No. They Artie's." Sam muttered offhandedly and Quinn's eyes bugged.

"Artie has kids?"

"N-I mean..." Sam sighed, rummaging through a bag on the bed and pulling out a shirt. He took a sniff, making Quinn wrinkle her nose in amusement, and tossed it on the bed. "Let me rephrase that. Katy and Nick ar Artie's brother and sister."

"Oh." Quinn replied, suddenly noticing Artie's eyes in Nick and the curve of his jaw in Katy's face. "Why are they here though?"

"I told Artie I'd watch them until I had to leave for work when you'd come and they'd come pick them up. But Artie's appointment ran longer than it was supposed to because there was some sort of complication and now they're stuck in rush hour traffic in Cleveland. I can't get ahold of anybody and I need to leave, like, now." Sam explained, giving Quinn an eyeful when he whipped the shirt he was wearing over his head and replaced it with the clean one, tucking the hat back on as he ran for his schoolbag.

"Do you want me to watch them, too?" Quinn suggested and Sam pulled his nametag out from his schoolbag with an aha! movement, glancing up at Quinn before heading into the bathroom.

"If you don't mind. I made a few calls and finally got Tina and Rachel but Rachel was doing something with her fathers and Tina had to ask her mom. She hasn't actually called me ba-"

A knock interrupted Sam's speech and Quinn opened the door to see Tina's smiling face.

"Sam? You here?" Tina asked, stepping inside as Quinn moved out of the way. She glanced around at the motel room and smiled warmly before finding herself in the same situation Quinn had found herself in minutes before.

Buried under a tall pile of small children.

"Oh thank god." Sam said, coming out of the bathroom and sighing at Tina's last minute appearance. "Look, I can't thank you guys enough for this. I really, really appreciate what you're doing for me and if I could ever find a way to repay you-"

"Stay in Glee club."

Quinn and Tina glanced at each other before breaking into giggle fits at the way they answered at the same time and Sam grinned.

"Don't mention it, Sam. Just stay in Glee and let us help you, okay?" Quinn said.

"Yeah. I mean, Glee wouldn't be the same without you, Sam. You're part of the family now, y'know." Tina said, pushing herself up using the dresser and blowing a strand of hair out of her face. "'You can't pick your family' and all that."

Sam glanced up at the clock on the bedside table and cursed, apologizing as the kids let out a collective "Ooooo!" followed by threats of telling parents and exclamations of "Sammy, you said a bad word!"

"Thank you both. If you guys can just read them a story or something and put them to bed, they should be good for th night. Stacey, Stevie, be good for Quinn and Tina. Same goes for you two-leave it Nickolas!" Sam said loudly and Nick froze, Sam's guitar case in hand as he tried to slide stealthily into the bathroom.

"Sam, you're already late-"

"Go already-"

And with a nod and another round of grateful thanks, Sam left and the door slammed shut, echoing loudly in the suddenly silent room.

Quinn and Tina exchanged a look before turning to find the room empty.

"Where-" Quinn began but Tina began stalking toward the bed on the far side of the room, hands bent into claws as she growled playfully.

"Fe fi fo fum, I wonder where the children are?" Tina growled out and there was a giggle from the far side of the bed and Quinn slowly figured things out. Tina giggled and motioned for Quinn to come help her, which she obliged.

"I'll grind their bones to make my bread unless they go to bed instead." Quinn hissed out curling her own fingers as she slid slowly onto the bed and Tina stalked around the end.

Suddenly, Tina jumped around the end of the bed, growling only slightly menacingly as she laughed at the group's reaction to her claws. Three of them screamed, laughing and tried to scramble up onto the bed only to be met by Quinn and her tickling fingers.

"Dogpile!" Nick yelled, bouncing up on the bed and crawling on top of the pile on top of Quinn and Tina laughed, following shortly. Soon, after a vigorous game of tag and tickle, the six of them were exhausted, spread out across various spots of the room and Quinn glanced at the clock.

"Come on, kiddos. Eight oh clock-time for bed." Quinn said resolutely and there were murmured protests but as Quinn bustled the four of them(and for some reason, Tina) into bed she promised to read them a story.

After everyone was settled and it was decided upon that nobody wanted any of the story books in the room read to them, Quinn decided to make something up.

"Once upon a time..."