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Ambassadors Abroad

Chapter 1

Last Day of School

Every second the clock ticks and Kurt has been watching it like a hawk. The day has been long, ridiculously long. The only saving grace today was Glee Club. It was his outlet for all the emotion he held in his body during the day. But soon, he could be with Blaine and share everything from the last 2 days. Thank God for Friday's, weekends AND summer vacations. In his mind, he is actually humming the most awful song to ever hit iTunes, "Friday", but today it actually offers some comfort and a little excitement. The last day of the school year ticks by in slow motion and he felt like he was stuck in an old John Hughes film. All the angst of the year could be left behind and he could finally have the summer to remember.

All the fidgety teens with their hormones bursting out of their bodies, the glee club drama of break-ups, hook-ups and powerplays could be put on hold for a few short months. Kurt could be himself and best of all, he could be with Blaine. He longed for the summer days and nights. Unlimited access to Blaine. Well, almost. There was the distance between them, but the hour drive is not too bad. He and Blaine had already talked about some things they wanted to do this summer. Kurt was also excited about girl time and sleepovers with the Glee Club girls. Rachel's house was the most fun to go to because she had the stage and mic's. It was always nights of singing on stage and girl talk. Long needed girl back to McKinley was bittersweet. It got Kurt his dream of performing at nationals, but it took his daily time with Blaine away. During the days he had to live off of memories of what Blaine looked like or how he moved and God for Skype, or Kurt's head would have exploded from not being able to see Blaine daily.

His cell phone started buzzing like crazy in his pocket. Blaine was his immediate thought. He anticipated hearing from him all day. It wasn't Blaine, but as he felt, his friends were going crazy in these last minutes waiting for the final bell.

"The Berry's will definitely be hosting a Hollywood Night this summer and I totally expect you and Blaine to be there. See if any of the Warblers would like to come too! Details coming soon. Start preparing your gowns and tuxes."

Mercedes excitedly wrote: "We need to hang this summer. Call me."

Finn wrote: "Going to breadstix tonight, do you have plans with Blaine?"

Tina and Mike both texted: "Don't be a stranger, we need to hang out this summer after camp." They were obviously spending part of the summer as camp chaperone's again. Kurt wondered why they thought the same. Could it be the Asian thing? He chuckled at the inappropriate thought crossing his mind.

All the messages and thoughts flew through his mind, but he was not going to answer any of them. Not now. One thought on his mind or better one person on his mind. Blaine. Kurt wondered why he had not heard from Blaine yet, but also knew that he had duties with the Warblers after school. Ugh. A glance at the clock and there are still 3 more minutes. This is an eternity to wait to be with Blaine, but he knows that the wait will be entirely worth it. The loudspeaker announcement came on abruptly, "Mr. Schuster is requesting that all Glee Club Members meet in the choir room after school for a special meeting." Kurt groaned at that. That just meant more time to wait to be with the one man he just needed right now. It had been 2 days since seeing Blaine's thoughtful and understanding eyes. He had not felt his breathe, or smelled his cologne, or been able to touch the curls on his head, which he loved, or heard his beautiful voice in 2 days.

After putting all selfish thoughts aside, he LOVES Glee Club, so if Mr. Schue needs to see them, it must be something important. Kurt was worried. He checked his messages one more time but still no messages from Blaine. His insecurities about Blaine have always proved to be unfounded. He knows that there is an understanding and love that he and Blaine can only explain. He knew deep down where you know these things that what he felt for Blaine would never go away. Burt and Carole thought that because they were young, they would eventually grow out of this deep intense love that they share, but the opposite was happening it was becoming a more intense understanding of their love. Blaine and Kurt had shared so much and knew each other so well that he knew this was going to be forever. They had so many thoughts and dreams they shared. So many unsaid pledges to each other that he just knew. They were the exact puzzle pieces to complete each other. He knew it was corny to think that, but how else could it be described. In the words of Jerry McGuire, Blaine completes Kurt. No explanations were ever needed or expected with them. Kurt thought to himself, "Someday, they will understand."

RING….. Finally!

Gathering his messenger bag, Kurt headed off through the screaming crowd of teenagers, most running directly for the door. It was like a herd of cattle and for a moment he felt like he might get trampled if he didn't try to get to the edge of the hallway. After all, he had his favorite Kenneth Cole boots and his Dolce &Gabbana hat on. There was no way he was taking a chance at them getting ruined, so he stepped aside and leaned against a set of lockers and waited for the herd to move. Finally, peace as the multitude of McKinley's finest had vacated the building. Mr. Shue might be mad that he did not head immediately to the Choir Room, but some things can't be helped. His fashion sense need not be ruffled by a herd of teenagers. As he made his way there, he could hear everyone's voices so he knew he might be the last one there. As he reached the room, a familiar voice echoed into the hallway.

"Has anyone seen Kurt?" Goosebumps appeared like magic as he looked down and saw every hair on his arm standing on end. He knew this was caused by Blaine's voice. It was crazy how he could speak and still make Kurt a little nervous.

Kurt was sure he had not made plans with Blaine and tried to reach into his mental rolodex to remember if he had made plans, but nothing he could put his finger on. Just then the other familiar voices from his past started to echo into the hallway. "We have an interesting opportunity for New Directions and the Warblers!", Wes said. Kurt closed the distance to the Choir room door and walked in to see Blaine, Wes, Thad and David all in the standard Dalton Uniform standing next to Mr. Shue and addressing the Glee club. He was right…last to enter.

"I knew you were into making Grand entrances, but you could have let me know. We were starting to worry that you didn't hear the announcement", commented Mr. Shue now turning to the Warblers Counsel and Blaine, "Now that Kurt is here, I think we can truly begin."

Blaine walked over to give Kurt a hug and kiss as was expected from the most perfect boyfriend that ever walked the earth. Kurt and Blaine got over the embarrassment of PDA long ago. New Directions and the Warblers were like brothers and sisters to them. Kurt's eyes were full of question, but Blaine could not indulge at that moment. His perfect and reassuring smile were enough to know that they were there for something good. Kurt took his seat with the New Directions after shaking the rest of the counsel's hands as would be expected from a past member and close friend.

"OK.. So what's the big opportunity that I overheard in the hallway?", Kurt took his seat and crossed his legs.

Wes continued, "The Dalton Academy Warblers were contacted by an alumni benefactor this afternoon. He is interested in sharing the spirit of song with other school show choirs overseas. Specifically, in Europe. The company that he owns does a lot of business in Europe and has offices in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and England. As goodwill, he thought it would be a nice idea to send some good American Music overseas and, in turn, reach out to local schools in the foreign countries. Many of his employees have children and were able to share that they felt this would be a great act of goodwill. We mentioned our recent ties to New Directions, thanks to Kurt, and he suggested that we might reach out and do a combined effort. So, we are here to ask if you are interested in traveling with the Warblers to Europe on a Goodwill Show Choir tour."

An explosion of claps and gasps from the girls erupted.

"Maybe I will see a real Queen." Quinn stated out loud, but didn't really mean to.

"Warbler boys in uniform sound like a tasty trip to me." Escaped loudly from Santana's mouth.

"European MILF's!" enough said.

"What an unbelievable opportunity to be able to try out my versatile wardrobe and ability to sing in 3 languages. My dad's will be so happy for me." Rachel bantered.

"OK guys, let's quiet down. I know that you are all excited about this, but money has always been a huge issue for us. We need to get some details and start talking about fundraising. Let's not get our hopes up too high."

"Mr. Schuster, if I might interrupt." As polite as Blaine always is, "this benefactor always pays for trips like this. It is considered a donation from his company, hence calling it a Goodwill trip. We just need to know if you are interested. The trip will be a 14 day trip and we are expected to leave on June 30th, so it gives us a few weeks practice time. We need permission from all the parents and will need some chaperones. Dalton Academy is able to provide 2 chaperones, but we also need McKinley to provide 2 chaperones. I would assume that you might be bringing someone with you?" Blaine finished off with his perfect smile.

Kurt could not even comment on the trip. There was too much racing through his head. Europe with Blaine was more than he could even imagine at this time. An overwhelming "YES!" response was already provided. So, now permission was the only thing left. Thank God for Finn. Since they were both in Glee Club, they could talk to their parents together. Wes turned to Mr. Shue and said that the School Dean would be in touch. Blaine made his way straight to Kurt.

It was amazing how after being with Blaine for 4 months, he still caused chills up and down Kurt's spine by just looking at him. Everything about Blaine was absolutely perfect. His eyes were always so expressive. Kurt swore that they could speak. If Blaine were a deaf mute, he would still know what he was thinking just by looking at the color of his eyes, which right now were Honey Golden with green flecks. That always told Kurt that Blaine was thinking desire. It had been 2 days since he's been able to hold him, kiss him, touch him, so Kurt understood the desire part. "Hey there gorgeous, can I give you a ride home?"Brushing his finger down the side of Kurt's face causing Kurt to blush.

"I'm not sure that I feel safe with my boyfriend." Kurt flirted, increasing the sparkle in Blaine's eyes. Playing hard to get always got him going. "If you promise to keep your hands to yourself, I think I would like that ride home."

"Then I think you should go with Finn because I don't intend to be alone with you and not touch you." Blaine turned to walk away and Kurt reached out to his arm with a giggle. He turned back to Kurt with that smile that melts Kurt. "You know it really gets me going when my boyfriend plays hard to get." He reached for Kurt's face cupping it in his hands and plants a kiss on Kurt's lips. Kurt felt the message in his lips. If I don't get you alone soon, I might explode! Kurt answered back with his hands entwined into Blaine's hair now. His lips melted onto Blaine's answering. I need you too!

For now, the kiss must end as Mr. Shue passes out the permission slips and let's everyone know that since we are planning on doing the trip, we need to set up practice time. He decides that since no details are readily available, he will text and email everyone on Monday and wished everyone a great first weekend of summer break.