Sky's Story

Jade Empire Spin off

By: Scarlett Midnight

A week ago my big brother left the house and I decided because I'm his sister I would go through his left over stuff to see if anything was good. ( yeah I was trying to black mail him) and I came by "Jade Empire" for X-Box original. I had the machine plugged in for "Mortal Combat" to play with my boyfriend so I thought I would give it a try.

I fell in love with this game. I decided to play "Wu the Lotus Blossom" with the way of the open palm and to fall in love with a dashing rogue named Sky. Well, all my fans of the "Crossing Time, Magic, Life, and Destiny" series know when I love something the wheels start turning in my head for a story. So, I thought why not write about Sky's perspective. And so here's a little something on the side when I get a little tired of My InuYasha/ Harry Potter crossover. Something totally different. Sky's Story.


Opening his eyes he heard the last three words that his beloved one would ever hear.

'Even the flaws!'

Sky opened his eyes looking up. A women in purple buckled as an old man flew his fists into her chest stomach and neck. The women faltured and staggered suddenly catching his eye. They filled with shock as her knees hit the ground and she crumbled over. Eyes still wide opne staring with shock into the nothingness.

'Wu!' a women in magenta screamed as she fought off the new Lotus Assaisians. More cries of loss followed as Sky's compainions awoken.

'No!' Sky cried, his sight blurred as the women on the floor did not stir. 'Not again!' He felt the blood on his hands as his daughter breathed her last to early, but even that was nothing compared to the pain now.

He dodged slow Assasians and cut down the others to get to her. The others out of the corner of his eye were running. So he picked up the women with the most beautiful face he'd ever seen and ran, ran with the women who did not battle.

Kang the Mad came into view, he was sitting in the Magnificent Dragonfly getting it off the ground.

'Get the fool!' A Lotus Asassian. But he was to late. Sky launched himself and her into the Maginificant Dragonly and with the woman in black's help slammed the door shut.

Everything was silent then.

'Oh, my Lotus Blossom.' Silk Fox wimpered falling to her knees in silent agony.

Black Whirlwind looked at the dead face as if this was the first time he had truly seen the dead. Wild flower sobbed loudly in the corner. Henpecked Hou took his first drink of wine in ten years.

Dawn Star had spread herself across the robes of women tears staining a pattern across the silk.

Sky's hatred for this womens Master bloomed like a Lotus. He dropped right beside her pale face, playing with the womens hair. Hatred bloomed as his Lotus wilted.