Chapter 19

Hero's Happy Ending

She could hear her followers and the people below under the castle screaming. Wu had forgotten that without the Emperor and the Jade heart, the Palace couldn't stay in the air.

It was almost ironic that now that she beat Li she falls to her death.

The rocks on ceiling came crashing down, and Wu had flashbacks of times when rocks had fallen from the sky before. She thought of Zu, sacrificing himself to save her. She thought of her Sky, whose death came when he was separated from her…

She pulled Sky's happy face in her mind, she saw this face every time she looked at him, she closed her eyes as she fell to the ground and the silver dagger slid away from her.

She pulled her head into her chest wrapping her arms around them to protect her brain. She screamed out as she saw the sky whizzing by the open windows as the Palace rocketed towards the ground.

With a roar of stone and the shriek of metal the Palace landed right on the boarder between the Golden Way and the poorer part of the city, the common ground….

Wu stood up the stone railing that she and Dawn Star had been leaning on moments before broke away, and it made an entry or exit to the stairs where all of the Imperial City stared at the broken Palace.

Walking out slowly Wu gripped the drained Jade heart, she walked out and everybody in the Imperial City stared at her.

A moment of shimmering silence in the morning air as the summer day suddenly felt like winter.

Then, they started clapping.

Wu stared at everyone in shock; she did not smile because she felt like she did not succeed. To them she was their Savoir, their hero. But to her she had failed, because she had lost so much. She was supposed to fight for them, the people of the Jade Empire. But she had been fighting for the Sky. For her life after this was finally over, the peace and rest.

That had died with Sky.

As people started cheering Wu heard footsteps behind her of all kinds. She turned around to see the only one who died was Sky. The Rest of her team stood proud beaming beside her, Heavenly Lily even wore her princess robes.

One of her team did not smile though. Dawn Star, who saw the pain in Wu's eyes stood besides her taking the hand the Jade Heart was in. Wu smiled at her best friend, she would just have to stay with Dawn Star, till Dawn Star finds a husband. Then maybe she'll go to the Guild. Maybe turn that around next.

Something flew from the sky. It was a piece of cloth from the Water Dragon's dress. Wu snatched it out of the air and read it:

Your Turn.

Wu smiled and showed it to Dawn Star, who beamed at Wu. They both knew what it meant.

Victory suddenly rushed into Wu's face and she gripped the Jade Heart tighter. Then with all the power she could she threw her fist in the air, the clear jewel glistening in the sunlight.

The crowd erupted…

It wasn't until after midnight when Wu had finally gotten to be alone. But instead of sleeping she walked through the halls to a familiar room.

She tapped the Dragonfly. 'One more trip old girl, then you fly free.'

Wu got into the flies seat and turned the flying machine on. It purred, almost silent.

The night sky was cloudless as she flew through the stars and towards the forever frozen mountains, perhaps not all was lost after all.

With a note clenched in her hand she landed the Magnificent Dragonfly on the platform at Dirge.

She looked up at the Temple in the distance, where she had been brought back to life, it had been dead for twenty years, and now when a resurrection like Wu's happen. It glowed like a star.

Like how it was now.

'Sky!' Wu cried as she headlong sprinted towards the temple.

She banged open the doors, and there standing right in front of the doors, was Sky.

'You figured it out!' He rejoiced forcing her into his arms. Wu laughed, and stroked his face.

'I had to find you Sky. For more reasons then one.'

Sky of the Green Plains:

Sky scrunched his brow at the women in his arms, but pulled her closer just the same.

He kissed her quickly again and again, even though he had been away for only a night. 'What,' kiss, 'do,' she smiled trying to pull away from him but his mouth followed hers, 'mean?'

She pushed him away but kept his eyes locked on hers as she stroked his face her arms still wrapped around his waist. 'Something I was going to tell you after the battle, but never got the chance.'

Sky frowned at her confused, when he didn't reply Wu took a deep breath.

'Sky, I'm pregnant.'

Sky's body froze, his lover was pregnant.

Wu as having a baby.

His baby.

'Ha!' He laughed and suddenly her feet was off the ground and as he spun her.

The sun rose and turned rosy before Wu and Sky stopped celebrating the final thing that bound them together.

9 months later:

'That was a very nice thing for you to do Wu.' Sky complimented on his new wife. Wu, with her long hair back in a bun patted her stomach, 'I thought Whirlwind deserved it, I'll get back in the arena after the babies born. Let Whirlwind enjoy the money, sex and booze now that I've stepped down from Imperial Champion.'

Sky rolled his eyes, 'Plus the fact I won't let you fight now.' Wu laughed loudly.

'The small details.'

Sky took her hand as they walked to the new palace.

The Jade Empire had changed for the better, No one was poor or hungry whether noble or peasant. The Water Dragon had promised Wu water till her great grandchildren died. Everyone was happier. They were in the Golden age, being led by Empress Heavenly Lily.

Not all was calm though, recently a war had started between the Prosperous East and the Jade Empire. The Emperor had asked Lily's hand in marriage. Either that, or war. Lily refused.

They were winning though, thanks to the Imperial Army leader, Wu. And her husband, Sky, who had turned the Guild into the cleaners after battle. Giving medical attention and food to all who needed it.

Walking into the Palace the Heavenly Lily's adviser met them at the entrance.

'Oh Wu, your getting so big!' Dawn Star shrieked as Wu curved her back to make her bulge even bigger. She rubbed it and stuck her tongue out.

'Dawn Star,' A handsome slim man tapped her shoulder, the way the Dawn Star looked at him. It was like when Wu first fell in love with Sky.

Wu looked at Sky and smirked. He knew what she was saying, Tell me about it. Sky chuckled.

The boy blushed and his eyes looked at Dawn Star in the same way. 'Um… the princess wants to speak with you and The Lotus Blossom.'

He nodded to Sky, and Sky nodded slowly suppressing a smile as he nodded back. The boy blushed deeper and ran away.

As soon as he was gone a silence came over them as Dawn Star stood their red faced.

Wu cracked first. 'So what's his name?'

Dawn Star shook her head as she started walking towards the throne room.

'How long have you two been together?'

'Wu I don't feel comfortable talking about this with you.' Dawn Star said very business like and fast.

'Have you gotten in his pants yet?'

Dawn Star spun around and blushed so red it was almost purple. 'Wu!'

Wu giggled and then she winced bringing her hand the top of her stomach. 'Ow!'

Dawn Star laughed and tilted her head down looking at the bulge 'looks like the babies on my side.'

Finally at the Throne Room Silk Fox was shaking her head at a little contraption under a silk blanket that Kang was fixing.

'Ah! Finally two to are her!' he giggled as he bounced around his contraption.

He pulled off the contraptions blanket.

It was mainly a circle, with a few levers and buttons around it.

Sky turned his head one side. 'What is it?'

'The Incredible Maginible!'

'What?' Dawn Star shot in.

Kang sighed and muttered on about "imbeciles."

'With this little device I can go to different times, ones that have already happened and ones that haven't yet! There's one little problem though…'

Sky sighed. 'Let me guess. The Emperor wants it.'

This time Kang sighed. ' Yes. So I was thinking that we could all you know, gather the troops and go to Dirge for a while. It seems key.'

Sky thought about it for a moment. ' I'd be fine with that. What about you Wu? Wu?' Sky turned to his wife when he realized she hadn't said anything for a while.

Wu was hunched over her stomach pain curling in her face.

'Wu!' Sky cried as he ran over to her.

'Baby! Sky our baby!' Se looked up at Sky with a tears rolling down her face. 'Their stories about to begin.'