A.N: Genderbender names is hard to come up with.

Malemura had cat ears on for...some reason.

Maledoka seemed to have convinced her that it looked cute on him and he blushed saying it was embarrassing to wear kitty ears.

Kyousuke had been confused as to why Miki has asked everyone to meet at the town's fountain.

Mamito had kept a secret from them all and Kyouko, Miki's violin playing crush, appeared.

When Mamito announced why they had been there Maledoka surpressed his laughter and Kyosuke and Malemura looked at them with an eye brow raised.

They were to dance to songs for charity.

"The first one is a duo between Malemura and I." Maledoka said as his hands seized Malemura by the hips and pushed him forward to the cheering girls on the benches.

Junko looked at them with a smile.

"That's your daughter doing the Nyannyan dance, Tomohisa." Junko teased as Kyouko started to play Nyannyan dance on the violin.