Harry Loves Ginny

Prisoner of Azkaban: On the Train

Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way down the corridor looking for an empty compartment. The Hogwarts Express seemed exceptionally packed this year and they were having no luck. In the last car and the last compartment only one person was the occupant.

The man was dressed rather shabbily with well worn and patched robes and he was sleeping, curled up in the one corner or the compartment.

Following Hermione's lead they entered as quietly as they could so as not to disturb the sleeping man. Ron wondered aloud who he was and Hermione said knowingly "He's Professor R.J. Lupin."

Ron was of course gobsmacked that Hermione knew until she pointed out that his name was printed on his case in the rack above his head.

They talked quietly among themselves until they were interrupted by the now expected visit by Malfoy and his side-kicks, Crabbe and Goyle. They hurriedly left when Hermione pointed out the sleeping Professor after making disparaging remarks about his manner of dress.

They had just settled back down when the train began to slow, bucking and shuddering as it ground to a halt. The lights flickered off and on several times before going out completely.

The door to the compartment opened and someone entered, tripping over Harry's legs before flopping down into the seat next to him.

"S-sorry," Ginny said softly.

Even though she had stepped on his foot and it throbbed lightly Harry replied "It's OK Ginny."

Hermione rose and tried to make her way to the door in the darkness but it opened as she reached it causing someone to run right into her, knocking them both to the ground.

"Who's there?" Ron asked as he tried to find Hermione's hand to help her up.

"I-it's m-me, Nev-vile" said the figure still sprawled on the floor. As he struggled to stand and find a seat they heard movement in the corridor and a deep penetrating cold began to descend over them.

Suddenly a light flared and Professor Lupin was standing, cupping blue flames in his outstretched hand. "Quiet," he whispered.

Before he had a chance to do or say anything else the door slid open revealing a tall cloaked figure who stared into the compartment or at least seemed to because no face was visible within the dark hood of the cloak.

Everyone felt as if all the happiness was being drained from them and that they'd never be happy again. Two within the compartment were being effected worse than the others, Harry and Ginny sat there quivering and suddenly their eyes rolled up and they slumped to the floor together.

Professor Lupin shouted something and a brilliant white light shot from his wand, driving the Cloaked figure from the compartment.

As Harry returned to consciousness he was dimly aware of having heard a woman screaming as he slid to the floor. He was also aware of a soft small body laying next to him also regaining consciousness.

Sitting up he was surprised to see the other person was Ginny and she looked extremely pale, seeming to mirror how Harry felt. She smiled wanly as she struggled to rise and return to her seat.

Harry followed her action and flopped down in the seat next to her and he could feel her still shivering from the effects that she had under gone.

As the Professor returned to the compartment Hermione asked shakily "What was that thing?"

"A Dementor," Lupin answered as he took something from inside his cloak and snapped it in half causing Ginny to jump at the sound. He snapped the pieces in half again, handing them out to everyone. "Eat," he said gently. "It will help, really.

He handed pieces to Harry and Ginny looking at them with great concerns. Both were still looking quite pale and distracted.

Harry glanced at Ginny and noticed tears streaming silently down her cheeks while her lower lip trembled. As bad as he felt his heart went out to her and he wanted to do something to help her.

Ginny's hand was resting on the bench between them next to his so he moved his over and covered hers with his own. She gave a small jerk when he touched her but calmed when she saw it was just Harry's hand.

She turned her hand over and laced her fingers through his and gave it a small squeeze which Harry returned. He became aware of a warm feeling spreading up his arm from his hand that was intertwined with Ginny's.

He glanced at their hands and then up to Ginny's face which was mirroring his own. Slowly the warmth spread through his body, driving the bone numbing chill and feelings of despair away. Their eyes locked for a moment and a small smile crept onto their faces as they continued to look into each others eyes.

Harry was surprised because he swore that he could actually feel a calmness radiating up his arm from Ginny just like the warmth had.

Ginny still sat holding her piece of chocolate in one hand and Harry's hand in the other. Harry took a small bite of his chocolate and felt the feeling of warmth he was getting from Ginny become amplified.

Seeing that Ginny wasn't eating her piece of chocolate Harry put his piece up to her mouth and with a nod of his head he encouraged her to take a bite.

Almost as if in slow motion Ginny tentatively took a small bite, as she swallowed she glanced back at Harry and smiled slightly as Harry took another bite. He then offered Ginny his piece again.

They ate back and forth off of Harry's piece till it was all gone and then Ginny did the same as Harry, offering him a bite before taking one herself.

All this time Hermione was watching them with a puzzled look on her face. Though Ginny had hung out with them at the Burrow over the summer and had become more at ease around Harry she had never seen them act so intimately with one another.

Eventually Harry and Ginny finished all their chocolate but they continued to hold hands, drawing comfort from each other.

As they approached Hogwarts Ginny finally left to go to put on her robes and Harry keenly felt the loss when she let go of his hand. Once they arrived and had exited the train Harry felt quite anxious, scanning the crowd looking for Ginny.

He saw her making her way through the crowd and she came up to them hesitantly, drawing a scornful look from Ron and it looked like she was going to turn and leave so Harry grabbed her by the hand.

"Please stay," he said softly.

As soon as Harry had taken her hand they both felt the same warm feeling run through them as they had before.

"OK," Ginny said softly.

"Oi! What are you doing?" Ron asked angrily as Harry helped Ginny into the carriage.

Harry wasn't sure if Ron was speaking to him or Ginny but he didn't care and as soon as Ginny was seated he turned to Ron and said "Didn't last year teach you anything?" the annoyance dripping from his words.

Even Hermione shot Ron a scathing look as she climbed aboard the carriage, followed closely by Harry.

Ron hesitated but at the last moment he also jumped aboard, glaring at Harry and Ginny who sat side by side holding hands again for the comfort it afforded them.

The ride to the Castle was accomplished in a strained silence, though Harry and Ginny seemed immune to it, both had small grins on their faces and seemed quite comfortable holding each others hands.

Hermione watched them impassively though if one had looked closely they could have seen a small trace of a smile flicker across her face every now and then.

Upon arriving at the Castle they were greeted by the stern countenance of Professor McGonagall.

"Miss Granger, Miss Weasley and Mr. Potter if you would follow me please," she said succinctly.

Ron hesitated and looked annoyed again as the three began to follow the Professor who saw him standing in the entrance.

"You may go in and be seat Mr Weasley," she said sternly.

With no other option Ron headed into the Great Hall, grumbling to himself the whole way.

When Harry, Ginny and Hermione were ushered into McGonagall's office they were surprised to see Madam Pomfrey waiting and she looked at Harry and Ginny critically.

"Dementors!" she said under her breath, shaking her head. She produced a large bar of Honeyduke's finest chocolate and broke it in half, thrusting them at Harry and Ginny.

Both simultaneously protested "We've already had some chocolate!"

They glanced at each other and smiled as Madam Pomfrey muttered about finally having someone who knew their remedies. The whole time Hermione had been watching them closely.

Seeing that Harry and Ginny seemed to have suffered no continuing ill effects from their encounter with the Dementor Madam Pomfrey cleared them to return to the feast.

"You two may wait in the hall for a moment while I have a word with Miss Granger," Professor McGonagall said as Madam Pomfrey left.

Once alone they gravitated to one another and without conscious thought they took each others hands.

Ginny blushed when she realized what they were doing. "Are you OK with this?" she asked indicating their entwined hands.

Harry looked at their hands almost clinically and finally said, "Yeah, I am."

Ginny visibly relaxed when Harry spoke, almost as if she was afraid that he might have objected.

Further discussion was halted when Professor McGonagall opened her office door. Harry was sure he saw Hermione tucking something that flashed golden down the neck of her shirt as she followed the Professor from her office. Harry saw Hermione grinning as if she had gotten some good news and he wondered what they had been discussing.

All four trooped back down to the Great Hall, getting there just in time to sit down before the feast started.

Hermione took the seat next to Ron but Harry and Ginny were forced to sit across the table from them. Ron glared at them as Harry assisted Ginny in sitting down till Harry noticed Hermione jab Ron in the side with her elbow causing him to chuckle and Ginny to giggle.

After Harry sat down he looked at Ginny and their eyes met again. Harry was mesmerized by Ginny's eyes, they were a deep chocolate brown that seemed to have flecks of gold swirling in them. He was sure he had never seen eyes as beautiful as the ones he was staring into. He felt he could stare into them forever and never tire of looking at them.

As for Ginny the effect was the same but she was looking deep into the most amazing green pools that seemed alight with emerald fire, she too felt she could spend a lifetime staring into them and never tire of gazing into their depths.

Their reverie was broken by Hermione clearing her throat as she passed Ginny a platter of Roast Beast, she did so with a smirk on her face that Harry pointedly ignored.

When they had finished eating and before Dumbledore spoke Harry's and Ginny's hands found each other under the table. Dimly in the background Harry could hear Ron and Hermione bickering about something but he didn't pay the slightest attention to them. He just kept looking at Ginny who returned his glances with her own, causing them both to smile.

After Dumbledore dismissed them Harry rose and with both hands helped Ginny over the bench and they began walking to the entrance still hand in hand.

As they reached the door Harry heard the voice that he considered the second most annoying in the whole school, "Oh, Look! Potter's got himself a little girlfriend."

More calmly than he had ever thought possible whenever Malfoy taunted him, Harry turned and saw Draco standing nearby flanked by his shadows, Crabbe and Goyle.

"Maybe I do," Harry said with a smile. "She's certainly better than the two you're with."

Everyone within hearing distance began to laugh and snicker at Harry's implication. Harry was gratified to see Draco blush as his mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water before he just turned and stalked away.

Harry glanced at Ginny and saw she was smiling and without another thought they began to climb the stairs towards Gryffindor Tower. It was while they were climbing the stairs that Harry realized what he had implied about him and Ginny.

"Ahm, Ginny," he said hesitantly. "You didn't mind the way I handled Malfoy, did you?" He glanced at her not knowing what to expect.

Ginny looked at him smiling but blushing slightly. "Not in the slightest," she replied shyly.

Harry felt the blood rising in his cheeks too. "I mean I all but said in front of the whole school that we were going together without even consulting you," he said sheepishly.

Ginny's blush deepened, "Yeah, I know," she said softly, glancing down at the floor.

Ahead Harry spotted a crowd who had been stopped by Peeves so he steered Ginny into one of the secret passages that would take them around the bottleneck. It would be a bit longer of a walk but they wouldn't have to deal with the poltergeist.

Once inside the passage Harry continued their conversation. "And that doesn't bother you?" he asked.

"No Harry, it doesn't," Ginny replied.

Though Harry couldn't explain it at the time he felt his heart leap and a smile grew on his face.

They slowly made their way up through the corridors, in no real hurry to arrive at the Common Room where Harry was sure that they'd have a confrontation with Ron. As they neared the portrait hole Harry pulled Ginny to a halt.

Harry's mind was in turmoil, he hadn't really thought about having a girlfriend but he was kind of committed now with his mouthing off to Malfoy in front of everyone.

"Ginny, we need to talk," he said concerned. "I've kind of put you on the spot and I feel bad about that."

"Harry," Ginny said softly. "It's OK, really."

Harry sighed, he didn't think he was making himself clear to Ginny.

Ginny saw Harry's discomfort and she stepped closer. "It looks like we have a couple of choices available to us," she said with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, looking down into Ginny's amazing eyes.

"Well," Ginny said as she place her free hand on Harry's chest, "The way I see it we can pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend or we can actually give it a go and see how things turn out."

Harry could feel Ginny's hand on his chest and it seemed that it was setting him on fire. He could smell her intoxicating fragrance and it was making his head spin and he was acutely aware of how close she actually was.

"So Harry, which shall it be," she said running a finger over his chest.

Harry was feeling very warm now and he seemed to have lost the ability to speak. He stared down into Ginny's deep chocolate eyes and he found himself falling down into them and the next thing he knew their lips were touching.

If her eyes were amazing to stare into he found her lips so soft and warm it was almost overwhelming. Without thinking about it his one hand found it's way up into her hair and he loved the soft silky feel of it as it flowed through his fingers.

They were both taken by surprise by the intensity of the feelings they felt while their lips were together. Though rather chaste as kisses go the fact that this was the first kiss for either of them they found it quite intoxicating.

Ginny leaned against Harry's chest and closed her eyes. "Wow," she breathed huskily.

"Wow indeed," Harry whispered as he wrapped his arms around her.

"So we're really going out?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah," said Harry softly, hugging Ginny to him.

"What are we going to tell Ron?" Ginny asked.

Harry sighed, "As much as I'd like to keep this from him I think honesty is the best so I'll tell him the truth. We've decided to go together."

Ginny's eyes glistened as she looked up at him. "Thanks Harry," she said softly. "That means a lot to me."

"Your friendship and feelings mean more to me than lying to make things easier," Harry said truthfully.

Knowing they didn't have much time before curfew they finally entered the Common Room where they found Hermione sitting by the fire and Ron furiously pacing back and forth.

"Where have you been?" Ron asked hotly.

"We detoured around Peeves," Harry said hoping to calm Ron down some before he sprung his and Ginny's new relationship on him.

"Well others got back fairly quickly," Ron said accusingly.

"We took a walk and talked Ron," Ginny said joining the conversation.

"What could Harry possibly have to talk to you about?" Ron asked her incredulously.

Hermione had risen and tried to intervene but Ron pointedly ignored her, his growing anger thwarting her efforts.

"Look Ron, you saw what happened on the train. Ginny and I have something in common that no one else has experienced. If you can't accept that then you and I are going to have a problem," Harry said, his anger rising too.

Ron blinked several times as Harry's words sunk in and though it was obvious that he didn't agree fully with with what Harry had said he knew he wasn't going to win this argument.

Hermione had come over and taken Ron's arm trying to help defuse the situation.

"If you can talk and listen rationally Ginny and I have something to tell you two," Harry said. Ginny had retaken Harry's hand and he felt the calming effect coming from her touch. In a strange quirk Ginny was experiencing the same effect because she certainly didn't feel calm as her anger at her brother had risen with every word that he spoke. In fact her hand had closed on her wand and she had been very close to casting her famous (at least within her family) Bat-Bogey Hex.

When it became apparent that Ron was willing to listen Harry and Ginny sat down on the couch while Hermione and Ron took nearby chairs.

"What do you want to tell us," Hermione asked, glancing back and forth between Harry and Ron. She could see that Harry was nervous while Ron still looked surly.

"Well I ah, I kind of implied to Malfoy that Ginny and I were going together down in the Great Hall and quite a few people heard me say it," Harry said hesitantly.

Ron looked further incensed but Hermione spoke up first, "But Harry, lying about something like that can only cause trouble."

"We know Hermione," Harry replied. "That's why Ginny and I have decided to really start going together."

"What?" shouted Ron. "You – you – you can't do that," he stuttered. "She's my baby sister!"

"I'm not a baby any more!" Ginny said vehemently.

"We know you're not," Hermione said shooting Ron a disparaging look.

Ginny quieted down but she kept looking at Ron with her eyes smouldering with her barely contained anger.

"Look Ron, Ginny and I decided that we could either lie about it or make it true and we decided that honesty is the only way to go. So we've decided to go together and there isn't anything you or anyone can say to change our minds," Harry said lowly. As if to punctuate their declaration Harry put his arm around Ginny and she tucked her head against his shoulder. Both looked defiantly at Ron who just stared back at them in disbelief.

"What will Mum say?" was all Ron could come up with.

"She'll be happy for me," Ginny said with a confidence she really didn't feel completely.

"Well I think it's nice that you two have found one another to give each other comfort," Hermione said.

Ron just stared from Harry to Ginny and back again. Finally seeing he wasn't going to get anywhere he rose and said "I'm going to bed and you should too Ginny."

"Don't tell me what to do!" Ginny replied hotly.

"Fine!" Ron said as he stalked away.

Hermione sat there watching Ron stomp away. She sighed and said "He'll come around eventually."

Harry was watching him too, "He'd better," he said emphatically.

Hermione stood up, "Well it's getting late so I'm heading up to bed too." She then got a little smirk on her face "Behave you two," she said as she headed off to the dorms.

Ginny snuggled a little tighter into Harry's side and they both sat there for a while staring into the dying fire.

Harry glanced down into Ginny's peaceful face, her eyes were closed and he was worried that she might have fallen asleep but he was surprised when she asked "You're not sorry about this are you?"

"No I'm not Ginny," Harry said truthfully.

"Good," Ginny said with a smile on her face.

Harry looked down again and he was taken by the way Ginny's hair seemed to glow in the light of the fire. Never having taken much notice of girls before he was surprised how beautiful he thought Ginny was. He stared at her face noticing for the first time the sprinkling of freckles across her nose and the soft fullness of her lips.

Something he didn't understand passed through Harry in that moment, Ginny he realized was now very important to him in a way he couldn't define. She had taken up residence in his heart somehow without him even knowing it and as if Ginny sensed something her eyes opened and she smiled at him.

Some inner instinct seemed to take control of his body and without conscious thought he leaned down and tenderly kissed Ginny. As before when their lips touched it seemed the world disappeared and all that existed for the two was the lips and body of the other.

Ginny reached up with her arm and wrapped it around Harry's neck and hung on tightly.

Harry also tightened his arm around Ginny as he gave himself over to the feelings that were coursing through his body. The warmth that he had felt before was amplified a hundred fold and he was overwhelmed by them. His head spun and he felt like he was falling.

They young couple finally broke their kiss and both were equally affected. Ginny had never felt anything like it before. She had thought her crush on Harry had been so intense but it was nothing compared to what she felt right now. She clung tightly to Harry, sure she would fall over if she let go,

At first Harry kept his eyes closed trying to get his feelings and body back under control. His heart was racing along with his head spinning. He had never experienced anything like it before.

"Merlin, Ginny," he finally got out.

Ginny burrowed further into Harry's embrace, not trusting herself to move just yet. "I know Harry," she replied tenderly.

They sat there for quite a while till Percy came down and started sending everyone who remained up to bed. Fortunately he didn't see Harry and Ginny but they knew that it was really late and they had better head off to bed.

Rising reluctantly they headed to the stairs up to the Girls dorms. Harry stare into Ginny's wonderful chocolate eyes and saw her feelings for him shining out. Smiling he leaned down and gave her a quick kiss, "Goodnight Ginny," he said tenderly.

Ginny smiled staring up into Harry's amazing emerald green eyes and was ecstatic that the look she saw in Harry's eyes, a look that spoke of their future together, however undefined that was at the moment, was just for her.

Ginny hugged Harry before she all but floated up the stairs. She paused on the landing and looked back down on Harry who had remained at the foot of the stairs, watching as she went up to bed. She smiled and waved to him before she disappeared into her room.

Harry felt like someone had just turned out the lights as the room seemed to dim now that Ginny was no longer in sight. Smiling he turned and headed up to his own bed, wondering if he'd ever be able to get to sleep considering how excited he felt.

He wasn't sure what tomorrow would bring but for the first time he was looking forward to the new day so he could see Ginny again.


A/N: I know many are going to comment about the relatively young ages of Harry had Ginny. It is my feeling that magical children mature quicker that Muggle children plus the fact of the experiences that Harry and Ginny have under gone has stolen their childhood from them.

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