Harry Loves Ginny

Chamber of Secrets: Hogwarts Express Home

Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron all boarded the train home together. Luckily they quickly found an empty compartment towards the back of the train and they settled in for the long ride to King's Cross Station.

Harry was a little surprised to see Ginny on the train having expected Mr. and Mrs. Weasley to take her directly home after her experiences in the Chamber of Secrets.

Hermione had explained to him and Ron that morning in the Common Room that Madam Pomfrey had explained that treating her normally would be much better for Ginny mentally than treating her as if something was drastically wrong with her.

Ron had just shrugged and said "Whatever," but Harry was feeling quite guilty about not paying closer attention to her during the school year. After all it was her first year and being away from home for the first time could be quite challenging as Harry knew from experience.

He hadn't seen her since she had been taken from McGonagall's office after he had rescued her from Tom. That was how Harry had come to call him now, he was no longer Lord Voldemort, scourge of the Wizarding World but Tom Marvolo Riddle, terrorizer of young girls and a right royal pain in the arse.

Somehow defeating him and the Basilisk in the Chamber had taken some of the mystique out of the legend that was Riddle.

Harry kept stealing glances at Ginny, trying to determine if she was truly OK. He wished he had a chance to talk to her in private as he knew he didn't like to discuss things around others and he supposed Ginny was the same.

He was sure that Ron was oblivious of his glancing at Ginny but he was pretty sure that Hermione had caught him a couple of times but luckily she hadn't said anything, though she did give him a smirk when he thought she had seen him the second time.

He was pretty sure Ginny had caught him a couple of times too, though her expression was harder to read and he wasn't quite sure if she approved or not.

Harry sighed and sat back in his seat, why did everything have to be so complicated? As he looked back at her, she had moved a little and was silently staring out the window. The sun was playing through her hair and it seemed to set it ablaze in a million different shades of red that sparkled in the light.

"She looks really pretty," Harry though to himself. "Pretty? Where did that come from?" he asked himself.

Harry quickly glanced at Ron and Hermione to see if they had noticed him looking at Ginny. Ron was leaning against the corner across from him and Hermione was reading a book, (what else would she be doing) so they were oblivious to him.

He sighed in relief and looked back at Ginny again, his gaze drawn to the diminutive witch who sat staring off into space. He watched her face carefully, noticing small frowns flicker across it now and then and he wondered what she was thinking.

Hedwig decided to ruffle her feathers at that moment and both he and Ginny looked up at his Snowy Owl, drawn by the movement and when Hedwig settled down their eyes met for a moment as they looked back down.

Harry had never really looked closely into Ginny's eyes before and he was taken by their shade of brown. They were the same colour of Harry's favourite flavour of Honeyduke's finest semi-sweet dark chocolate. They both smiled but blushed slightly before they broke eye contact.

As soon as Harry had looked away he just had to look back at Ginny and found her doing the same. He blushed again but found himself smiling wider, Ginny returned his smile but to Harry it looked like a sad smile, it didn't reach into her eyes and light up her face like he knew she usually did.

He saw her sigh and he felt bad for her. He glanced quickly at Hermione and Ron and saw they hadn't moved since the last time he had looked. He looked back at Ginny who was still looking at him and he gave her an almost imperceptible jerk of his head indicating her to follow him out into the corridor.

Ginny nodded in return after a moment so he stood and stretched. "Hey Hermione, I'm going to go see if I can find out where the Trolley is."

"OK Harry," Hermione replied without even looking up from her book.

Ginny stood too, "Is it OK if I come with you," she said playing his game with him.

"Sure Ginny," he replied giving her a smile.

Hermione's eyes did flicker up for a moment but then she went right back to her book, ignoring Harry and Ginny as they left.

Harry walked towards the end of the train where there was a door. He looked out and noticed a small platform with a railing so he tried the door and found it unlocked. He went out and found seats on either side of the door. It was a perfect place to sit and talk undisturbed.

He turned and motioned for Ginny to follow him and she did so gladly. Because of the noise of the train and the rushing wind they sat together on the same side of the door. It was a little close but it was that or have to shout to be heard.

Now that they were out there alone Harry found he didn't know quite how to start and for a little while they just sat and watched the countryside recede away from them.

Finally Harry screwed up his courage and turned to face Ginny. She noticed his movement and looked at him. He smiled shyly and asked, "How are you doing?"

Ginny glanced at the floor, the smile sliding from her face, "OK, I guess?" she said softly.

"I tried to see you in the Hospital Wing but at first Madam Pomfrey said you weren't allowed any visitors, when I came back the next day she said you'd been released but I never saw you in the Common Room," Harry said.

"Yeah," Ginny frowning again. "I don't know why they didn't let me have any visitors but my Mum and Dad and then when I went back to the dorms every time I left my room Percy followed me around being a prat so I found it easier to just stay in my room," Ginny replied sadly.

"What did he do?" Harry asked curious as to what would have upset Ginny so much.

"Well he kept making comments about how I should have known better and I was all my fault for writing in the Diary," Ginny said a bit angrily.

"He didn't!" asked an astonished Harry.

"Yes he did," said Ginny a little hotly. "And he said it was his duty to protect me. What I want to know where was he all year?" Ginny said bitterly.

Harry felt extremely guilty when he heard her complain about the lack of support during the year. "I'm sorry, Ginny," he said guiltily.

"What for?" she asked bewildered.

"I should have been a better friend," Harry replied, unable to meet Ginny's eyes.

Ginny was astonished at Harry's reaction. "But Harry, you hardly know me," she said. "Percy is family so he should know better."

"Well Ron's family and I'm his best mate and with him all the time. We should have paid more attention to you," Harry said sadly.

"Well OK, I can see Ron failing but not you Harry," Ginny said firmly.

Ginny didn't even notice that in her present state she wasn't tongue-tied and nervous talking to Harry.

"Well I had four brothers who should have been there for me before you," Ginny said a little indignantly.

"OK," Harry said with a small grin. He thought Ginny looked spectacular when she was a little riled up, she had a little colour to her cheeks and a certain something in her eyes that just made her better looking in Harry's estimation.

Then Ginny faltered and sighed. "It's just hard because none of them really want to talk about it," she said sadly. "They all were there the first night when you rescued me and they said they loved me and were glad I was alive and all but it's like now they want to pretend it didn't happen."

"I'll be happy to listen to you," Harry said sincerely. "I mean if you want someone to talk to."

Ginny looked intently at him, her gaze piercing into him, as of she were judging if he was worthy. "Do you mean it?" she asked seriously.

"Yes Ginny, I do," Harry replied.

Ginny stared off the back of the train but Harry knew she wasn't watching the scenery. She then looked back at Harry, "OK Harry, I'll talk to you but you need to do the same."

"What's that?" he asked.

"If I tell you stuff you have to do the same. I know from over hearing my parents that your childhood hasn't exactly been a picnic but I don't really know what has happened. If I tell you about Tom and the Chamber you need to tell me about your life too," Ginny said firmly, her eyes blazing with determination.

Harry considered whether or not if he could just make up stuff and not tell her the truth but he figured she'd see right through that and if he wanted to be her friend that was no foundation to build on. It was tell the truth or don't talk at all.

Harry swallowed visibly. "OK, Ginny it's a deal but what we say to one another has to remain a secret between us."

He thought that Ginny almost looked surprised as if she thought he would refuse to divulge the secrets of his childhood to her.

"All right Harry, you first," she said defiantly.

Harry stared at her a moment, unsure of where to begin. He kept his eyes firmly on hers though he really wanted to look away, ashamed of what he was going to reveal. "For as long as I can remember I lived in the cupboard under the stairs. It wasn't until I got my Hogwarts letter that they moved me into my cousin's second bedroom," Harry said softly, his face burning with the shame he felt.

He saw Ginny's eyes widen in shock, she couldn't conceive of anyone treating a child like that. He then saw her face screw up like she was forcing herself to say something she really didn't want to divulge.

"He showed me the most perverse memories and fantasies. Of his abusing young women. Using the Imperious curse on them so he could do with them what he wanted. He raped them and made them perform the most vile acts," Ginny said shuddering. Suddenly she buried her face in Harry's chest and began to cry. "He made me attack the other students and then when I recovered his Diary from you he belittled me and call me the most horrid things, say how worthless I was and what a trashy family I came from, how foolish I was to ever think you'd ever notice me."

Harry was horrified by what Ginny had revealed, and he wrapped his arms around her and tried to comfort her as best he could. He whispered soft comforting words in her ear as he rubbed her back softly and gently, all the time wondering how she had kept herself together for so long. He became aware that tears were running down his cheeks with the pain he felt for the young woman he held in his arms.

Slowly Ginny's sobs subsided but she didn't want to lift her face from Harry's body as if she was afraid to see his reaction to her revelation.

After awhile when Ginny had calmed Harry whispered to her, "My Uncle use to strip me bare and beat me with a belt if I did any accidental magic."

Harry felt her shudder against him. She then slowly lifted her head and looked him in his eyes, hers brimming with tears again, "That's horrible," she said hoarsely.

Ginny looked ashamed and hung her head. "The rest of mine seem trivial," she said softly. "I wore my older brothers hand-me-downs till was Nine," she whispered.

"I still wear my cousin's hand-me-downs," Harry said softly. "I never had anything new till Hagrid and I bought my things for Hogwarts."

Ginny began to list more of the trivial things that had bothered her, not so much as to reveal them but so that Harry would tell her more about his childhood.

"My brothers use to tease me unmercifully when I was younger because my Mum wouldn't let me do the same things they did," she said.

"My cousin and his friends use to beat me up, just for the fun of it," Harry said softly.

"I didn't have many friends growing up because we lived so far from everybody," Ginny revealed.

'I didn't have any friends because Dudley would tell them to keep away from me and threaten to beat them up if they didn't," Harry countered.

Whatever Ginny came up with, Harry's version was much tougher. From Cleaning, Ginny having to take a turn in the rotation. Harry countered with having to do all the cleaning since he was Six and the breakfast cooking since he was tall enough to reach the stove. He had done almost all of the household chores as long as he could remember, from mowing the lawn and all the gardening to changing the sheets and doing the laundry and woe to him if he ever did any of it wrong.

He couldn't remember how many days he had spent locked in his cupboard only being allowed out once a day to use the loo. Of all the meals he had missed over the years. Having to do worse in school than Dudlley or be punished.

Ginny kept prompting and Harry kept fleshing out the story of his life, such as it was.

Finally Harry seemed to have told Ginny everything and she threw her arms around his neck, crying softly into his shoulder for his lost Childhood.

Harry held her tight and let her cry herself out. She cried for his lost childhood and all the indignities and suffering he had endured. She was totally amazed that he had turned out to be the wonderful compassionate young man that her had.

They noticed the scenery had changed from very rural to more urban and they thought the train was approaching London and King's Cross Station. Harry sighed knowing that he would be returning to the Dursley's and wouldn't be able to see Ginny for the better part of the summer.

"Come Harry," Ginny said, rising and taking his hand. Harry allowed himself to be gently pulled to his feet .

Harry hugged Ginny tightly to him and sighed deeply. "Will you write to me this summer?" he asked softly.

Ginny looked up at him in surprise. "If you want me to," she replied softly.

"Of course I want you to," Harry said with a smile.

"I'd like that very much," Ginny said softly, smiling at him in return.

She looked up and their eyes met, she felt her insides melt and Harry's dark green eyes drank her in, there was something there that she had never noticed before and it made her shiver, not in fear or shame but with something warm and wonderful.

Harry stared into Ginny's warm wonderful brown eyes and he felt something stir inside of him. Something he had never felt before with anyone. He felt a desire to keep her safe, a longing to hold onto her forever and that realization shook him. There was something different about Ginny that made him want more out of his life, a wanting to share everything that he could with her.

"Ginny," he whispered warmly.

"What Har. . ." she started to say as he cut her off by leaning down and capturing her mouth with his.

Their lips came together and Ginny was bowled over by the intensity of Harry's kiss. Her eyes shut and her world became his lips pressed to hers along with the feeling of his warm body pressed against hers, with his arms wrapped around her.

She felt all her pent up feelings for Harry bubble up and out and she clung to him for all she was worth. "Oh Godric Harry," she whispered huskily.

Their eyes came together again, brown staring into green and green into brown, generating a spark that brought them closer together. The longer they stared the larger the spark became until it was a burning flame, small for now but it continued to grow as their souls reached out for the others.

Ginny finally rested her head on Harry's shoulder and he laid his along the back of hers, letting the soft silkiness of her hair comfort him, giving him the strength to survive being at his aunt and uncles for however long it took.

"Ginny?" he whispered.

"What Harry?" she asked in reply.

"Will you be mine?" he asked hesitantly.

Ginny's eyes flashed open, "What's that Harry?" she asked in disbelief.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Ginny straightened up to look into his eyes again. "I'd like that very much," she replied tenderly.

Harry smiled, feeling better than he had in longer than he could remember.

"Brilliant," he whispered.

Ginny giggled as she laid her head back against Harry.

After a moment they continued their journey back to the compartment were they had left Ron and Hermione, hand in hand, smiling at one an other. Opening the door they found that Neville had joined them and he was engrossed in a game of Exploding Snap with Ron.

Still smiling Harry and Ginny sat down next to Neville. No one noticing that they were still holding hands and exchanging glances, smiling at one another. They sat there quite a while before they heard Hermione's sharp intake of breath as she noticed Harry and Ginny's clasped hands.

They looked at her and smiled sheepishly as her eyes widened in surprise, a smile creeping onto her face. She discreetly pointed from Ginny to Harry and back with a questioning look on her face.

After glancing at her brother who was still so engrossed in his game, he hadn't paid any attention to anyone else Ginny nodded back at Hermione.

Hermione's smiled widened and she gave Ginny a thumb's up with a wink causing Ginny to giggle softly.

Shortly afterwards the game ended with the prerequisite bang, leaving Neville and Ron engulfed in a small cloud of smoke. After they had packed up the cards, Ron sat back, hands behind his head and he asked offhandedly "What happened to you two?"

"Nothing Ron," Harry answered. "We took a stroll and talked a bit."

"Oh," Ron replied, not really paying attention, preferring to stared out the window.

Ginny had watched carefully, leery of Ron's reaction but seeing he hadn't noticed she just grinned at Harry and Hermione.

Harry and Ginny had misjudged their distance from the end of their trip and they still had over an hour before they arrived at King's Cross Station. Ginny was still a little tired so she leaned back and rested her head on Harry's shoulder, gripping his hand in both of hers as she drifted off.

She was woken an indeterminate time later when Ron noticed her cuddled against Harry. "Ah Harry?" he asked hesitantly.

"What Ron?" Harry asked sleepily.

"What's Ginny doing?" he asked.

Harry glanced at Ginny sleeping comfortably, head on his shoulder. "She's sleeping," Harry answered guardedly.

"But why's she leaning against you?" Ron asked confused.

Harry finally figured out what was bugging Ron but he decided to play dumb. "Well Neville was playing Exploding Snap," he replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Ron looked like he's been struck with a Bludger. Trying desperately to piece the scene before him into some sort of context.

Harry could see Ron's mind working, "Ah, Harry, why is Ginny holding your hand?"

"You'll have to ask her after she wakes up," Harry answered with a small grin. When he saw Ron open his mouth to call out to Ginny he cut him off. "Leave her sleep Ron, she's been having trouble since she came out of the Chamber," he said in warning.

Ron took note of Harry's demeanour and decided that he'd be better off waiting. "Ah OK Harry," he said warily. He did notice that there was something different about the way Harry reacted, almost protective of Ginny but that couldn't be the case as he hadn't hardly noticed Ginny all year. Well at least since they arrived at Hogwarts he said to himself.

Harry had noticed Ginny's nervousness at the Borrow before school started but that had been the extent of their interaction. They had hardly exchanged a dozen words during the school year.

Ron continued to stare at Harry and Ginny for the remainder of the trip, a puzzled expression on his face the whole time.

Hermione kept a close watch and found it quite amusing and she had a hard time not giggling. Harry noticed her and he had just rolled his eyes before closing them, enjoying Ginny tucked into his side.

Much too soon for Harry's liking the train began to slow and he knew they were approaching the station. He gently awoke Ginny who smiled up at him before getting up and stretching.

Ron didn't get a chance to say anything to her with the commotion of getting their trunks and miscellaneous belongings together. Neville had to hurry back to where his things were so he left really quickly after wishing everyone a good summer.

Harry and Ginny lingered behind as the others made their way off the train. Once they were alone he took Ginny into a hug, "Ron's going to question you once he remembers," Harry said a bit concerned.

Ginny just smiled, "Don't worry Harry, I can handle him."

"I'm going to miss you," he said softly. "Don't forget to write."

"I won't," Ginny promised, "But you need to write back."

"I promse to write back as soon as I get yours," Harry said emotionally.

The last stragglers were leaving so they reluctantly followed. Once on the platform they saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley waiting with the other Weasleys.

Not caring who saw, Harry gave Ginny as brief kiss which she returned. He then glanced at the Weasleys and it was apparent that they had been seen. All the Weasley's had shocked looks on their faces except, Percy who looked on disapprovingly and the Twins who had looks of devilish delight on their faces, their eyes gleaming and Harry wondered what they would do.

They walked over to Ginny's family. "Hi Mrs. Weasley," he said hesitantly.

Mrs. Weasley recovered quickly and took Harry into her patented bone crushing hug. "Hello Harry," she said, maybe just a tad too sweetly.

They all made their way off Platform 9 3/4's and Harry was depressed to see his Uncle standing there fuming.

"There you are Boy!" he bellowed. "Come on I haven't got all day!"

Harry sighed and after saying goodbye to the Weasleys he started over to his Uncle. He gave one last look at Ginny who smiled wanly at him and blew him a kiss. Harry turned, struggling with his trunk and Owl, wishing fervently that September 1st would come as quickly as possible.


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