A/N: I decided to start a new story. This will be done in two different points of view- first person of Petunia and third person of an "onlooker". Why is that? Well, I feel as though having Petunia reminiscing about the past is necessary. No one ever examines her or Vernon's characters.

Also, there will be mentions of child abuse in this fanfic. I'm one of those people who feels as though Harry must have been abused as a kid. It's quite obvious if you read through the beginning of each book. :P Feel free to hit the exit button at the top of the screen if you aren't comfortable with it.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Godparents (Since I decided to delete the prologue): Harry's godmother is Alice Longbottom. His godfather is Sirius Black. Iris' godmother is Alice Longbottom. Severus Snape is her godfather. This will be of some importance later on.

I never meant to treat them the way I did. The burdens, spawns, of my hated sister, were dumped on my doorstep along with a note that announced the death of my sister. I remember finding them as though it were yesterday...

Sunday, November 1, 1981

A small wailing, almost a mew, could be heard outside the usually quiet Privet Drive. My eyes fluttered open in annoyance. Vernon, my beloved husband, was sound asleep beside me, completely oblivious to the world around him. I let out a small sigh and stretched, standing up and sliding my feet into my slippers. My hands blindly reached for my bathrobe. I couldn't be seen in just my nightgown after all. I stood by the window and adjusted the blinds to look at the street below me. The whimpering grew louder when I reached the window. My curiosity got the best of me, leaving me no choice but to investigate.

Petunia Dursley yawned, stretching as she shut the blinds to her window. She released a sigh and made her way downstairs. A tray of empty milk bottles sat at the end of the stairs. I guess I could go bring out the milk before Dudley wakes up. She thought and picked up the tray. The tray balanced in her left hand. Her right hand opened the front door.

A loud shriek escaped Petunia's mouth and the milk bottles were sent crashing to the ground. The mewing noise changed to a wail. Her grey eyes widened in shock at the sight in front of her.

Two babies, both appeared to be a little over a year old, lay on the ground. Each of them was swaddled in a blanket, one blue and one pink. A boy and a girl Petunia concluded. She looked around the street, glad that no one else was around. There were no signs of parents or a wayward teen.

May as well take them in. She groaned at the thought and picked up the baby in the pink blanket. A little girl with brilliant emerald eyes stared up at her. Petunia almost dropped the girl. She saw the shade once before, in the eyes of her younger sister. Petunia began to freak out. She placed the baby in the middle of the kitchen table and made her way back to the porch to retrieve the crying boy.

Petunia stooped down and picked up the little boy. She couldn't help but stare at the bloody, lightning shaped cut on his forehead. A small letter was attached to the side of his blanket. She stepped into the house with a roll of her eyes.

"Dudley had better be sleeping still." She mumbled and shook her head, quickly stepping back into the house. Her blonde head peeked around the outside world. No one was around. Apparently none of the neighbors noticed babies. Privet Drive was unusually quiet.

The boy sniffled in her arms and looked up at her with the same colored eyes as his sister. Petunia ignored him and shut the door. She brought him into the kitchen to be with his sister. The letter went unnoticed until Petunia set the black haired boy on the table beside the other baby. Her hands shakily reached for the letter. She grasped the letter, ready to open it, when Vernon appeared.

"Pet, why isn't breakf-" Her husband paused mid sentence, "What are these?" Vernon stared at the babies on the table, his mouth hanging open in surprise.

Petunia didn't answer Vernon at first, having finally opened the letter, clearly surprised by the envelope's contents.

"My sister's children." The answer came out in a small squeak.

"Sister? When did you have a sister?" Vernon stared at Petunia in disbelief. Then the realization hit him, "The one who was shunned from the family for believing in magic?"

Petunia nodded and continued, "Yes Vern. Lily and James'. These are their children. The one in the blue is Harry James and the one in the pink is Iris Leanne." She looked up from the letter and shook her head. "They're both a little over a year old. One month younger than Dudley and already attempting to walk and talk."

Petunia frowned and bit her lip to resist the need to cry at the twins' predicament. Lily's babies were her pride and joy. She wouldn't have traded anything in the world. A disagreement separated Lily and Petunia. They barely spoke or sent letters to each other. Petunia shook her head to rid herself of the ridiculous thoughts she was having and handed Vernon the letter.

"Mrs. Dursley, we regret to inform you of the untimely death of your sister and her husband." Vernon read aloud, "They were killed by Lord Voldemort, an evil wizard similar to a dictator in your world, late last night. What is this crap? Wizards? It's not April fool's day is it?"

"Lily told me about him at one point." Petunia whispered.

"The only survivors were their children, Iris Leanne and Harry James Potter. You are the only living family the infants have. Please keep them in your care until they reach age seventeen. I figured it best to keep them away from the wizarding world until they turn eleven." Vernon's hands began to shake. His face turned a shade of red, "They're just dumping them on our doorstep and expecting us to care for them without complaining. We have a son of our own. Think of the amount of diapers, bottles… the cost to raise three children of the same age. We aren't even being paid to care for them."

"We are taking them in Vernon." Petunia said through gritted teeth. "We can double up on diapers. Even start potty training the two earlier than you normally start to teach a child to. When they can walk without stumbling and falling over… That would be the best time to start."

"And what do we do when they start showing signs of magic?" Vernon growled, "I don't want Dudley to be treated differently because of his cousin's 'abilities'."

"Punish them. Put them in timeout or in the corner. Grounding will be saved for bigger offences." Petunia tilted her head a little. Her eyebrows furrowed in thought. "My parents should have done that with Lily." The words came out in a small whisper, "She could have been saved."

"We have to treat them as though they are normal - at least until they start showing magic. Dudley needs to know that he is better than his cousins." Vernon shouted. "Suppose we squish it out of them. Never mention their past."

"That's the thing, Vernon." Petunia muttered, "They are not normal." She shot a glance at the twins on the table, ignoring the twinge in her heart as she resisted the urge to pick up one of the babies. "They never will be normal. Look at how my sister and her husband turned out. Dead. Death brought on by their kind." Angry tears dripped down her face, "I don't want that to happen to them... The cupboard. Yes! The cupboard. That is safest. Who would look for a child in a cupboard?"

Vernon opened his mouth to speak and quickly shut it, thinking it wouldn't be wise to interrupt his wife while she was upset.

"Vernon. Go... Go find that spare cot. Make it fit in there. That's where they'll stay, safe and out of the way. The door is thin enough. We will hear them if they start crying."

"You can't just stick two kids in a cupboard, Petunia. What will their kind think if they find out about it?"

"They won't find out about it." Vernon didn't respond.

"Mum mum mum." Iris called out, breaking the silence between Petunia and Vernon. Petunia's emotional mask broke. Tears began to flow down her cheeks as she looked at the girl.

"No." Petunia said, "Mummy isn't here."

"Mum." Iris said again. Her little face contorted with worry. She was expecting Lily to walk into the room.

"Mama?" Harry shared his sister's worry. Both twins began to cry when Lily failed to appear.

Petunia groaned when Dudley's cries were added to the mixture of tears.

"Vernon go get Dudley. I will handle these two." She muttered and picked up Harry. Vernon left the kitchen to calm Dudley.

"Shh." Petunia attempted to comfort him and pull the blanket off of him at the same time. She continued to whisper shush until he his crying reduced to sniffling. Petunia placed Harry in Dudley's highchair. She strapped him in and turned around to get Iris.

Iris was still crying. Petunia glared at the baby, only causing her to scream louder. Groaning, she balanced Iris on her hip and walked over to the sink to grab a washcloth. The washcloth was quickly placed under lukewarm water and rung out. She walked over to Harry and set Iris on the ground.

"I'm going to clean your cut." Petunia told the boy in the highchair. Her hand reached forward and gently pulled up Harry's hair. She brought the cloth to Harry's head and cringed at the amount of blood the wound created.

"I see why you were crying." She whispered and wiped most of the blood off his head. Harry stayed silent, brilliant green eyes watching all of Petunia's actions.

Iris' stomach growled loud enough for Petunia to hear and she began to cry again.

"You two must be hungry." Petunia muttered and walked around Iris. She opened the fridge and pulled out one of Dudley's unused bottles of formula. She took another bottle out of the sink and poured half of the original bottle's contents into the new one, not bothering with heating them.

Petunia placed one bottle on the highchair. Harry was fast to pick up the bottle. She picked up the still screaming Iris and shoved the bottle into her mouth. Iris' eyes widened at the bottle's sudden intrusion in her mouth. Her screaming turned into hiccoughs as Petunia removed the bottle from her mouth.

"That should keep you quiet." Petunia growled in annoyance. All the crying was giving her a headache. Her niceness was slowly disappearing.

Iris stared up at Petunia, her tiny hands reached up for the bottle. Petunia brought the bottle to Iris' mouth and allowed her to drink it for a few seconds. She removed the bottle a moment later. This caused the baby to reach up again and pout. Petunia continued to do this until the bottle was mostly gone. She made a game out of it, laughing a little when the baby got annoyed with not being able to drink her bottle in peace.

"This could be fun." Petunia whispered once Iris finished and set the bottle on the table.