I never imagined the twins could get into trouble while at school. There was one letter that stood out: A message saying Harry was put in the hospital wing because the man who killed his parents tried to kill him again. He and Iris were alright and mostly unharmed. If anything, they would arrive home a bit shaken from the interaction.

"Mr. Potter?" Severus called during the attendance without looking up. Class with the first year Slytherins and Gryffindors was never uneventful.

"Here sir." Harry grumbled.

"Miss Potter?" He raised an eyebrow and looked up from the list, waiting for the redhead to raise her hand.

"Here!" Iris chirped, grinning widely at her accomplishment. The class gasped and stared at her with a shocked expression.

"She spoke!" Seamus Finnegan announced.

Iris suppressed her grin and shrunk back in her seat. She was finally beginning to feel confident about herself. It took almost the entire school year to gain enough confidence to speak up and the wordless mastery of countless simple spells, but she was proud of her one worded answer.

"Weasley." Severus said when the class quieted down. He was proud of Iris. "Everyone is here for once. Get to work."

Iris chewed on her lip. Harry was supposed to meet her for dinner over an hour ago. He, Ron, and Hermione were nowhere to be found.

Growing impatient, she rose from her seat at the Slytherin table and approached the Gryffindors.

"D-D-Dean, have you seen my br-brother or any of his friends?" Dean gave her a confused look. She was the only Slytherin first year girl who could kindly converse with members outside the house.

"Not since breakfast." He shrugged. "He and Ron haven't been in the dorm since this morning."

"Oh." Iris frowned. She would look in library and quidditch pitch before getting nervous to the point of needing to go to a head of house about their mysterious disappearance.

Several hours would pass before the redhead decided to approach a professor. She appeared outside of Professor McGonagall's office around 10:30 that night and gave the door a timid knock. The woman opened the door and gave Iris a surprised look.

"Miss Potter, why aren't you in bed?" She murmured, "It's almost too late for you to be out of your dorm."

"Have you seen Harry?" Iris asked loudly. "I can't find him anywhere. Dean doesn't know where he and Ron could be and they weren't in the library and I'm really worried and afraid he might have-" Her words were spoken much too quickly for the professor to comprehend. She had no choice but to interrupt the girl who never held a conversation with her.

"Miss Potter, calm down." She spoke softly. Iris appeared to be on the verge of tears. "You are afraid he may have..?"

"May have g-gone looking for the st-stone." Iris whimpered. "What if he gets k-k-killed?"

Minerva's face paled. The trio must have been serious when they told her they needed to speak to Albus. Would they really do something so dangerous? After facing a troll and surviving a detention in the forbidden forest, Minerva could only assume the three were daring enough to do so.

"I'll have to contact the headmaster at once." She announced. "Miss Potter, please get Professor Snape for me."

"Y-yes ma'am." Iris gasped and ran off, arriving out of breath outside Snape's office.

"Professor there's an emergency." She barged right into the room. Iris inhaled deeply and wiped tears away from her eyes. "M-m-my brother and his friends are g-g-gone, st-st-st-stone."

"They what?" Severus looked alarmed. "Does Professor McGonagall know?" Iris managed to nod in response. "Come, let's head to her office. Expect to do some more talking." He needed to stay calm in front of his goddaughter. She was too fragile to appear anything but confident in front of when her brother's life was involved.

The three would attempt to contact Dumbledore and hope for the best.

[And this is where you grab a copy of the first Harry Potter book to familiarize yourself with Harry, Ron, and Hermione's adventures on the third floor. In short, they get past Fluffy, survive the Devil's Snare, catch a key, nearly get killed by chess pieces, pass Quirrel's troll, walk through fire, destroy the man with two faces, and save the stone. The next part of this chapter will start now, shortly after Harry is put in the hospital wing and just before Albus speaks to him. I didn't feel the need to quote Queen Rowling word for word.]

Harry slowly came to his senses. His vision faded from black to the blurred appearance of the Hospital Wing. He moved to sit up and was pushed back down; pounced by his sister.

"You twit." Iris gasped out. A fresh wave of tears poured from her eyes. "You almost d-died."

"Nice to see you too, sis." Harry groaned. "Lighten up a little." He didn't dare ask her anything about the stone, feeling that she likely didn't know or care enough about it to tell him.

"D-don't tell m-me to l-lighten up." Iris hissed. "You d-didn't tell me w-where you were and almost d-d-died. What if he k-killed you?"

"I'm sorry." He frowned, "I didn't want to worry you or put you in danger."

Harry was saved from Iris' disapproval by the appearance of the headmaster.

"Good afternoon, Harry and Iris." He grinned.

"Does Q-Quirrel have the stone?" Harry blurted out.

"Calm down, Harry." Albus murmured, "You're a little behind, dear boy."

"Then who?" Harry asked, "Sir, I d-"

"Please relax, Harry, or Madam Pomfrey will have me thrown out." The headmaster spoke all too calmly.

Harry gulped and looked around. A table beside his bed was covered with candies.

"Your friends g-gave you those." Iris whispered. She was now seated at the end of her brother's hospital bed. "You've been here for thr-three days."

"Three days?" Harry asked. Iris nodded grimly.

"Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger will be happy to hear you've come around." Albus added. "They were quite worried."

"But the stone, sir." Harry interjected.

"You did well on your own, Harry. Quirrel didn't take it. The stone has been destroyed. The process nearly killed you. Although I assume your sister's outburst made you aware of that."

"But your friend…" Harry tilted his head.

"He and his wife have enough elixir to settle their affairs. They will die. It will seem as though they were going to sleep. After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

Iris and Harry had identical looks of shock. The headmaster and the twins exchanged words about the stone and the mirror. It wasn't long until the conversation needed to come to a close.

"Enough questions, I suggest you and your sister dig into some of the sweets your friends left you."

"C-Couldn't w-we stay here for the summer?" Harry stammered just before the headmaster turned to leave.

"No, I'm afraid you must return to your aunt and uncle's." The headmaster sighed. "You are safest there."

"You're wrong, sir." Harry and Iris spoke at the same time. It was a brave, yet necessary move in potentially earning some safety over the summer.

"No no, dears." He earned a glare from each twin. "I know what is best for you and Iris. You must go home this summer."

"Oh, cheer up Harry." Ron jokingly punched Harry's shoulder. "It's only the summer holidays. I'm an owl away if your relatives get you down."

"Me too!" Hermione grinned. "If you don't write or call me…" The trio sat in a train compartment. Halfway home.

"Call?" Ron looked perplexed. "What's call?"

"Don't worry about it." Harry frowned, "I can't use the phone anyway."

"I'll tell you later." Hermione pat Ron's shoulder. "So what are your plans for the summer? My family is visiting France."

"My brothers are putting me through Quidditch training." Ron frowned. "I don't trust Fred and George."

"I expect I'll be outside a lot." Harry shrugged. "Iris and I have a few books to read." He didn't mention the large list of chores they'd have. "I should probably change into my muggle clothes." He added when no one asked questions.

Iris shakily changed into one of her dresses. It was a little small now. She made a mental note to see if she could exchange galleons for muggle money while home. Maybe she could buy clothes that actually fit.

"I bet you can visit." Pansy smiled at Iris once everyone in the compartment was done changing out of their school robes. "I'm sure my parents won't mind having you over."

"I-I'll try t-to." Iris said. "I d-d-don't know if m-my u-uncle w-will let me."

"I'll owl you." Pansy announced. "Harry will let you borrow Hedwig, right?"

"Yeah." She sighed. The train pulled into the station soon after. The Slytherin girls gathered their trunks and exited the train. Pansy lingered behind to ensure she had a moment alone with Iris. The girl lowered her trunk to the ground and quickly pulled Iris into a hug.

"Don't let your relatives get you down." She whispered once Iris appeared to recover from the surprise contact. "And owl me, okay?"

"Kay." Iris nodded. "I n-need to g-g-go." She added with a frown, "I can't k-keep my u-uncle waiting."

She pulled away from Pansy and grabbed her trunk, pulling it to where Harry and his friends were.

"Ready?" Iris asked when she caught her brother's eye.

"Ready." He said and hugged Iris. "They don't know we can't use magic."

Iris looked confused but the look was quickly replaced with a smirk.

"You're right." She laughed. "M-maybe this summer w-will actually be fun."