Hi everyone! This is my first ever Victorious story, if there is something I should improve on, please tell me! I have never written one, but I have been thinking of doing it ever since the first episode! It never happened, until now!

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Make Me Shine


Victoria "Tori" Vega walked the hallways of Hollywood Arts. She was on her way to class with Sikowitz but she was easily getting distracted by the strange kids in the hall. When she finally regained her focus, she found herself in front of Sikowitz's classroom. Tori entered the room and sat next to Cat Valentine, who was twirling her red hair on her finger. Oddly enough, the girl wasn't saying anything.

"Hey Cat," Tori greeted her friend.

Cat turned to look at her while biting on her nail. As soon as she saw Tori, she smiled and began talking. Tori shook her head with a smile, not really listening to the nonsense the girl was speaking. As soon as Cat stopped talking, Tori opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by Andre Harris.

"Hey ladies, what are you two up to?" He asked as he took a seat next to Tori.

"Oh nothing, we were just talking about my brother getting shot by a clown," Cat answered before Tori could.

Tori nodded, even though she had no idea they were actually talking about that. "So, what're you up to?" She questioned Andre.

"Nothing really, Beck and I were just –"

At the sound of Beck's name, Tori tuned out the rest. Beck Oliver; it was the perfect name for a perfect guy. He was caring, sweet, funny, and adorable – Tori just couldn't get her mind off of him. His perfect hair, perfect brown eyes, everything about the man was perfect.

Tori was good at pretending she was listening, in fact, at the moment, she was nodding her head at what Andre was saying, even though she wasn't listening. By the time Andre was done talking, Tori had snapped out of her fantasy of Beck and was getting ready to start the class.

Sikowitz – as usual – came through the window, not surprising Tori or any of the others. "Morning everyone, today we will be doing alphabetical improv. We'll start with Jade; pick your group."

Tori rolled her eyes as Jade West stood up and walked to the stage. She called out the names Andre, Beck, Cat, and Robbie, bringing a relief to Tori. She was just too distracted to go up in front of the class today. Inside her brain, she was silently thanking Jade.

"Tori, give us a letter!" Sikowitz demanded, making Tori jump at the sound of her name.

"Uh, B," she answered almost immediately. Hmm, B… as in Beck.

"Ok, B! Jade, start us off!" Sikowitz called up to her.

Tori blocked everything out, not really wanting to listen to what anyone had to say right now. She was too busy lost in her thoughts of Beck. In the middle of thinking about how sweet he was – she stopped herself and asked why am I thinking about him so much? She didn't want to cross that line, especially when Jade was on the other side of it.

Beck was one of her best friends – and if you've ever liked or had a best friend like you, you'd understand why Tori was so on edge about this thought. She was too caught up in her thoughts to even notice Cat was trying to get her attention.

"Tori!" Cat yelled loudly, making everyone turn to look at the two girls.

Tori snapped out of her daze and looked around the room. Seeing everyone staring at her, she gave a weak smile but said no words. She then turned to Cat and sent her daggers, "What?" She whispered.

"If you two ladies have something to share…" Sikowitz trailed off, giving them time to explain.

"Well, I was trying to get Tori's attention, but she wasn't listening to me!" Cat exclaimed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Like someone would actually want to listen to you," Sikowitz mumbled to himself and looked directly at Tori, "Your side is…?"

Tori opened her mouth to explain, but nothing came out because he mind drew a blank. Tori improvised, trying to think of something quick, "Uh, my cat… died?"

Cat gasped. "That's horrible!" She placed her hand over her heart, really believing Tori's pathetic and unreal story.

Beck looked at Tori and asked, "Since when do you have a cat?"

"It died, Beck! She doesn't have the cat anymore, silly!" Cat pointed out in a duh type of tone.

Tori smiled and pointed at her while nodding, thinking man, do I love this girl! "Exactly, and I was thinking about her, so I was… not listening," she made up in her mind, acting sort of sad.

Andre shot the girl a look that said we are going to talk after class. Tori nodded in response and dropped her head onto her hand, knowing that she had gotten caught. She didn't listen for the rest of the class, Tori was too caught up in her thoughts. And not thoughts about Beck, there were about Andre.

The bell rung and Tori quickly stood up. She grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder. Tori tried to make a break for the door, but she was spun around by Andre. "We need to talk," he told her straight out.

Tori sighed and followed him out the door, "Fine," she mumbled to no one really.

~*- Make Me Shine -*~

At lunch, Beck sat at his normal table by himself. He looked around, wondering where everyone was. He knew Jade had gone home for lunch that day, but Cat, Robbie, Rex, Andre, and Tori where nowhere to be found. He looked down at his pizza then back up around the courtyard.

Pretty soon he spotted Andre and Tori walking through the crowd. Andre sat down with a face of satisfaction as Tori sat down with a dreadful look on her face. Beck looked at Andre, "What did you do?"

"Oh, nothing," Andre smirked and glanced at Tori who was tapping fingers on the table. "So, whatcha' doing?"

"Eating. Alone. By myself," Beck replied, looking down at his food then around the table.

Andre looked around too and shrugged. He picked up one of Beck's pieces of pizza and started eating it. Beck looked at his pizza entering Andre's mouth and looked over to Tori, who had arms wrapped around her stomach and she was looking down at her lap.

Beck nudged Andre as if to ask him what was wrong with Tori. Andre just gave a smile to reassure his friend that Tori was fine. He knew Beck had some sort of romantic feeling for Tori, but he never revealed he knew that secret.

"Hey guys," Cat greeted her friends and sat down with a box of cupcakes. "I brought cupcakes!"

"Lemme guess, red velvet cupcakes?" Tori guess as Cat opened up the box.

Cat stared at her and shouted, "What's that supposed mean?"

Tori looked at Andre and Beck. The both of them gave a small smile and shook their heads at the clueless girl. Tori looked back at Cat and raised her eyebrows as she seemed suddenly happy eating her cupcakes.

"Do you guys want one?" Cat questioned while pushing the box to the center of the table.

At the moment, Robbie and Rex came up and sat at the table. Beck didn't acknowledge his friend or respond to Cat's questioned. Being Cat, she didn't mind it much, but Robbie, Tori and Andre looked at their friend questioningly.

"Uh, Beck? Something wrong?" Tori asked him.

Beck didn't respond, in fact, he didn't even notice she asked him the question. Beck was too wrapped up in his thoughts about his feelings. He thought he loved Jade, he really thought he did, but when it came to Tori, it seemed as if Jade was pushed right out of the picture and out the door.

Andre waved a hand in front of Beck's face, trying to get his attention, but it clearly didn't work, seeing as Beck still had his eyes fixed on his piece of pizza.

"Beck!" Tori yelled, making his head snap up and look around, his cute brown eyes wandering in his head.

Andre grabbed his arm, muttering to himself, "Why am I always the love doctor?" as he pulled Beck away.

Beck blinked and looked at his friend. "Something you need to say?" He questioned.

"You need to stop daydreaming about Tori if you want to keep this little act up," Andre told his friend seriously.

"I know but I – wait, how did you know I like Tori?" Beck asked alertly, his brown eyes wide and fixed on Andre.

Andre laughed and replied, "Kind of obvious, man!"

Beck narrowed is eyes and looked down, "Is it really?" He mumbled, suddenly becoming very guilty for liking Tori while dating Jade. It was wrong, but he didn't want Jade to know he broke up with her to be with Tori – the girl Jade just coincidentally hated.

"Nah, I heard you mumbling in your sleep during free period last week," Andre notified, practically saving Beck from a heart attack.

"Good, because I don't want Tori or Jade knowing about this," Beck admitted, talking quietly.

"Your secrets safe with me, Beck, but just try to stop daydreaming – and night dreaming – about Tori, you never know what kind of problems that name can cause around Jade," Andre warned him and they walked back to their table.

But unknown to both of them, a certain someone was right around the corner, listening to every single word the two had shared together.

So, this was my first ever attempt at a Victorious story. I really hope you guys liked it and please tell me if there's something I need to improve on, or something I did well, something I should keep up. And just so you know, I don't like to keep characters in their… character. I sometimes like to put them out of character and to be honest; I do not know how to write Cat, which is why I kind of skipped her part… Trust me; I'm trying to work on it, and if you have any advice on how to write her, PLEASE tell me!

So, I've been writing this all day, trying to make it seem… not so out of character, but I don't know if that worked too well. And I even watched a couple episodes of Victorious, trying to get the real idea of their character, I don't know if that worked either.

And speaking of watching Victorious, I watched the episode "Robarazzi" and just… my oh, my, Beck is really freaking amazing. And yes, I have seen the episode before, but it still gets me every time. "Beck and I are not splitting up!" "Well…" "Is there something you want to talk about!" "Kidding!" Oh Lord, I love that man!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed! Please leave a review to tell me anything at all. If you have any advice and I do mean any advice, you can PM and tell me. So, please tell me what you thought! And remember, this is my first ever Victorious story, so it probably won't be too good. So, I hope you all enjoyed and maybe I'll see you guys next time! :)