New series I'll be doing inspired by my childhood favorite, Thomas the tank engine and friends. Only based on however, none of the characters are carried over and only the basic fact that trains can talk to each other and their drivers and there line owner. These are not the talking trains you remember people just keep that in mind. There are a lot of fictional places that don't exist, such as the ocean bridge, which I made up, a bridge connecting England to France.

British Railways Red Baron

Chapter One

Odd Red Out

That morning Baron's driver lit his fire as quietly as possible and his boiler warmed. He slowly inch by inch crept out of his cell in the engine shed hoping the other three engines wouldn't here him. Unfortunately Butch had already made steam and as if waiting for Baron to leave was waiting just outside his own cell.

"Ugh disgraceful, here comes the trash of the line everyone!" He exclaimed to wake up the other two still in the shed.

Before they get a chance to wake up enough to make fun of him, Baron lets of steam towards butch and chuffs away.

His driver speaks up to him. "Don't worry, they only say that because they wish they were half as talented as you are, you can do things they will never be able to."

"I know it just gets annoying after all these years with all those accidents, it's not my fault…"

"You're right, it's not, but we need you so it doesn't matter what they think at all. You're the only one in the shed that can pull the freight for this line. Even so we do need another train to help you, these trains are getting to long for you alone in your condition."

Baron is a 4-6-0 Mixed Traffic Engine, what is left of his paint is red with golden yellow detail. Butch is a 2-10-0 Express Engine.

"Comon old boy lets go get your train." As his driver takes baron to his long line of freight which Baron carries from the mainland across the ocean bridge and all the way to the western edge of Germany every other day of the week. Baron has been in many accidents in his time, the biggest of them all in the center of the ocean bridge when it collapsed beneath him. His entire cab has been taken off due to damage in a different crash involving his brakes failing at the top of the hill on his line.

In the ocean bridge accident, his faceplate slammed into the rubble concrete created from the collapsing, and cracked in half and fell off straight into the ocean. Also his front 4 wheels were torn off. Even though that was all over 10 years ago he still manages to pull his train because he has no internal damage, he cannot be fixed because the controller can't afford his parts.

That night after Baron pulls his trains he arrives back at the shed to rest for the next days train. He tried to pull in quietly from behind the shed into his cell since the cells have front and backdoors, but once again he had no such luxury. The controller had called all the engines out of their sleep and they all had their doors open out into the faint moonlit night where the controller stood. And he wasn't alone.

"This!" he boomed "is Joan,(pronounced Jown not jo-an) she is a new addition to our railway, an import from America.

Baron, staying inside his shed once he is in examines the young tank engine. She is 0-4-0 tank engine with black paint and gold detailing.

"She" he continues "will be helping baron by taking local freight trains to try and lighten his load on the long runs."

"Uhm…hi" Baron is shocked at how nervous and shy she sounds.

Butch decides to get right to the insults after hearing the word "Freight". "Sir we already have one disgrace to our passengers why do we need another?" He sulks sarcastically.

"And what might that disgrace be Butch? If anything it's your attitude."

"No sir it is Baron, he is hideously broken and old and pulls those disgusting freight trains."

Joan looks into the rightmost cell in the sheds the moonlight shines on his lower half and it's easy for her to tell he is missing quite a few parts and she begins to feel sad for him.

"Butch shut your mouth, this railway wouldn't function without Baron and neither would any of you if he didn't get your coal on all these trips he takes. Now there is a danger here for Joan, she is very small as you can see so she weighs no where near as much as you all do, there is a high powered wind storm coming tonight and she may be swept right off the rails if she is not kept in doors. One of you will have to give up your spot in the shed tonight for her."

"Don't be rediculas!" he booms "No one would even think about doing th-

"She can have my spot." Baron cuts him off. "It's her first day, wouldn't want to see her get hurt," As he starts to back out of his cell.

"Thank you Baron." Says the controller. "You may go and sleep wherever you feel you'll be most comfortable.

Joan speaks up to him "Thank you…Baron." She says and seems to smile timidly.

"Not a problem." As he chuffs out of the shed and to the yard where the coal trucks sleep, he always felt that they had no problem with him, with all his wrecks none of them were the trucks fault, they had always gotten along and respected Baron. When he gets there one wakes up.

"Baron? What are you doing here?"

"We needed a space in the shed for a smaller engine, do you mind if I sleep here tonight?"

"Not at all!" The truck says with confidence and pride. "That empty siding over there is all yours."

"Thanks." As he chuffs away to the directed siding. However once he gets there he hears two engines chuffing around, He looks over to his right in the yard and sees two more tank engines, one American and one British. He chuffs over them quietly to not wake up the cars. Once there he strikes up a conversation.

"Hello, I've never seen you two before?"

The first, the American speaks up first "Hello, you're Baron right? Haha, we shunt all the trains every night and sleep during the day, we make your long train every other morning!"

"And might I say it's no easy task big shot." Laughs the other.

"My name is Smokey." Says the American 0-4-0 tank.

"Bradley." Says the other 0-6-0 tank.

"Well in that case thank you very much, I'd really hate to do that myself Ahaha, well do you two mind if I sleep in that siding?"

"Not at all, got no plans for it this evening." says Smokey.

"Thank you." As he starts to chuff away. "Oh! And be careful there's a storm coming tonight!"

"Okay you're welcome, and we will!" says Bradley

Back at the sheds Joan has slowly been able to tune out the other engines making fun of her through the wall off Barons cell, and looks around the room. His parts of his smashed cab lay in one corner while his 4 rusted and cracked front wheels lye in another. On his walls however are several framed pictures and trophies and medals. The picture frame that is most prominent is one that has a newspaper inside and the headline reads "The Wreck of The Red Baron."

End of chapter one

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