Chapter 1

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I was sitting with my friend Adam when it happened. I still can't believe it. All our lives we had been told about the different missile crisis but no one ever believed that they would truly blow everything the fuck up now did we or that's what I believed at the time.

I had just gotten off work from my job at a local clothing retailer. It was a Friday night and as usual I met Adam in our usual Friday night spot at a bar called "Dave's." Well anyway, I wanted to relax before I made my way home to my wife and kid.

Oh that's right a little bout me right? Ok, Well I'm 27 years old. I have black hair and piercing green eyes. Someone once told me they looked creepy and catlike. I wasn't sure whether to take that as an insult or compliment.

I've been married for 7 years and my son was four. I know I got married young yada yada whatever. But that Friday... my world as did everyone's... came crashing down.

We were starting our third beer when the emergency broadcast system started blaring across the TV's and Radios advertising everyone to find shelter immediately.

As normal in an event like this everyone started to freak out and run this way and that. Dave the bar owner had known me and Adam since we were kids, he quickly told us to take his daughter Erica down to the cellar with us while he got the rest of the patrons out safely. She was a waitress at the bar. Adam and I had to practically drag her down to the cellar kicking and screaming. As the screams of people above us were heard my thoughts settled onto my family.

Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound. I cried out in pain as I felt my eardrums burst. The ground shook and as I looked up the ceiling collapsed on top of us.


I opened my eyes and everything was foggy... I moved my head which pained me to great extent. I saw Erica laying across from me on some kind of bed. Wait.. that can't be right. We were in a cellar. After first I thought someone had rescued us.. than my eyes adjusted to my surroundings and I noticed we were in some kind of circular white room.

Everything appeared to be white. I also noticed that I was stripped totally to the nude as well as Erica for whom I quickly averted my eyes.

"Hello?" I called out. Erica stirred slightly and groaned.

"Taylor, is that you?" She asked as she sat up.

"Yes its me Erica" I said as I stepped over to her.

She gasped as she realized she was naked and tried to cover herself. "Where are my clothes?... wait, where the hell are we?" She asked looking around.

"I have no clue." I said as I slowly walked around the room. The room was padded kinda like a cell of a mental patient or something.

"Taylor" Erica called out. I turned and my eyes widened as her whole left arm turned invisible before turning back to normal.

"What the fuck just happened?" She asked.

"I.." I grabbed my head as I dropped to my knees in pain. "Taylor wh..." Erica asked as she went to get up but she to fell to her knees while gripping her head in pain.

I fully collapsed onto the floor, as my vision darkened a door opened in the side of the room and a shadowy figure stepped into the room.

My world fell to blackness.


I awoke this time to a pitch black room this time.. though as I looked around there was some kind of orange emergency lights going off all across the room.

I heard another groan. I turned expecting Erica but instead I was staring at a female in some kind of armor. I had an instant feeling that I somehow knew who she was. She had short black hair. I was about to ask who she was when out of no where she launched herself at me and slammed me into the wall.

I hit the wall hard and I felt all the air knocked out of me.

"Who the fuck are you and where the hell am I?" She yelled in my face. Her piercing blue eyes burning into me.

In that instant I knew who she was "Kat?" I asked. She looked startled and dropped me as she took a few steps back. She pulled out a pistol from a holster on her side and aimed it at me. "How the hell do you know who I am?" She asked.

"You wouldn't believe if I told you." I said. She cocked her pistol and placed it against my head. "Try me" She said.

"Put the gun down miss." Another voice said. This time it was a mans voice. We both turned towards the voice when I got another surprise. I instantly knew who it was just by the armor alone. Issac fucking Clarke was standing in front of us with his SWS Pulse Rifle pointed at us.

"Holy Shit! Issac Clarke" I said suddenly causing Kat to glance at me than back at the tall man.

Issac turned his attention to me "How do you know my name?" He asked pointing the rifle at me.

I swallowed. Crap this was going to be hard to explain.

"What the fuck?" Kat said taking a step back quickly while still maintaining her aim on me.

"What?" I asked. But than I got my answer as I looked down and saw blue electricity flowing across my arms and hands.

"What the fuck?" I jumped up yelling. I pointed my hand at the nearest wall and a blue bolt of electricity flew from my hand and hit the wall causing a large black mark as well as a sizable dent.

"What the fuck are you?" Kat asked. Issac echoed her thoughts.

"I... I don't know." I said getting to me feet.

Both tensed as I took a few steps forward.

"I think you three need to calm down, I'll explain everything." A voice said. We turned to see a window high up with a shadow behind it.

"Who the hell are you?" Kat asked.

"That will come later right now however I'm here to tell you that all of you have been chosen to stop something that never should have happened." The voice said.

"Make some fucking sense." I said. Kat nodded her head in agreement. Yay I just got Kat to agree with me. At least she wasn't pointing a pistol at my head anymore.

Suddenly the floor fell away from us and I momentarily panicked than I realized it was some kind of hologram just like from the transformer movie.

"What are we looking at?" Kat asked as we saw several worlds destroyed including Earth.

"A grave error was made and now two sentient machine races have joined forces and have set about destroying all organic life. One you may recognize is the sentient machine Skynet and the other is the Reapers." The voice said.

Kat and Issac had no clue to who either was but my blood ran cold at the revelation. The person behind the window seemed to know this as well.

"While the two of you don't know who these beings are I'm sure Taylor can fill you in." The voice said.

I turned to Kat and Issac and explained to them about Skynet and The Reapers.

I turned back to the voice "What does this have to do with us?" I asked.

"When they joined forces they each set about destroying Earths on a multi dimensional level. So far they have wiped out twelve Earth's... including yours Taylor. Issac yours and Kat's will soon fall as well... though not without a fight as your dimension's are more prepared for war." The voice said.

I was devastated..suddenly I felt white hot rage boil within me "You bastard, you knew this was going to happen. I lost my fucking wife and child... you could have warned my world." I said as I fell to my knees crying in anguish over my family.

Kat looked at me with something mixed with sympathy and understanding. She turned back to the window.

"How the hell did they get this technology in the first place?" She asked.

The voice was silent at first than it spoke "We were studding the two when our computers were breached and they managed to infiltrate our systems. Within hours they were aware of each other and soon joined forces to exterminate our species.

The window slid apart to reveal a tall thin alien with gray skin. "Our race existed for millions of years but our curiosity has caused the downfall of our species. Even with all our knowledge we couldn't stop them. You are on a ship. We are the last of our species." The gray alien said as he made his way into the room.

"Last of your species... damn" Issac said.

"What does this have to do with me?" I asked as the alien came near me.

Kat was a spartan and hell even Issac was pretty badass with his armor and guns. I was a nobody.

The alien stared at me for a moment before he spoke. "Something happened to you in that blast.. something they managed to get their hands on.. it gave you and your friend these powers." He said gesturing to my hands as they crackled with electricity.

"What of my family.. my friends..are they dead?" I asked. I didn't want the answer but I knew.. that If I didn't find out the truth it would kill me to the end.

He looked down as sadness crossed his features and I knew. I tilted my head down towards the ground as the hot tears flowed down my cheeks.

Suddenly an explosion rocked the room and we were thrown off our feet.

"What the fuck was that?" Kat asked as she got back to her feet.

"They've found us. Here take these" The alien said as he quickly gave us each some kind of device.

"Hold it to your arm." He commanded. We did as he said and my eyes widened as the thing attached itself to my arm and vanished.

"What the hell is it?" Issac asked as he looked at his arm.

"It's a portable dimension teleporter. It will allow you to cross dimensions without the need for us." He said.

"What's going to happen to you?" I asked.

To my surprise he smiled "We will join our brother and sisters in the afterlife."

He got to his feet and pressed something on his arm. A door opened and Erica came running in. She threw her arms around me and squeezed me so tight I nearly choked to death.

"Now go, we don't have much time. You'll go to the Terminator universe first. Stop them there and their maybe hope... good luck.." He said as he stepped back into a doorway.

As chunks of metal started to fall around us and various machine parts exploded a warm tingling sensation flowed through me.

"Ohhhhhhh Shit!" I yelled as I felt a giant pull on my body.


I opened my eyes to find myself staring into the face of a wide eyed Kat. "Um.. sorry." I said as she rolled off of me and sat up.

"Where are we?" Issac said as he sat up with his helmet retracted and he ran a hand over his short grayish brown hair.

Everywhere around us, was ruins of destroyed buildings.

"Taylor, I'm so glad your ok. The gray man said something happened to us that changed us forever." Erica said as she walked over to me.

She suddenly stopped as she bent over to pick up something. As her fingers closed around it she screamed and tried to step back but tripped and fell on her ass.

"What is it?" I asked as I made my way over to her accompanied by Issac and Kat. She pointed and I looked down. I was staring at the destroyed head of a terminator.

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