Chapter 4

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(( Taylor's POV))

I sat beside Kat in the Humvee as it raced across the desert in the dead of night. Grock was on the Turret keeping an eye on the sky. Issac and I kept glancing out the side windows as we peered into the night. It was dark as far as the eye could see and I couldn't help but feel a little bit helplessness. Is it possible this is what my Earth looks like now.

I glanced at Kat who was busy rechecking her rifle. "So... have a plan on any of this?" I asked.

Kat sighed "Not a clue. I have no idea even where to begin."

"I know, they could have at least told us where to begin ya know." I stated as I glanced out the window once again.

"If you ask me, it feels like we were thrown into this situation as a last resort." Issac said across from us. He was busy checking his IM-822 Line Gun.

"That thing can be rather nasty." I said as he opened it and closed the firing trigger.

Issac smiled "I couldn't agree more."

I turned to my arm as my omni-tool glowed into existence. Thanks to Shepard everyone was fitted with one. Shepard had showed me something and I had been working all throughout the day to make it work.

I held out my hand as I sent a burst through my omni-tool. Suddenly a bright blue blade sprang into existence in my hand. Kat and Issac both jumped.

"Watch that thing." Kat growled as she was nearly impaled by the blade. It resembled the energy sword from the Halo games. Except it was blue and made in entirely of electricity.

"Sorry" I said as the blade disappeared.

"How did you do that?" Kat asked intrigued.

"Shepard showed me how he operatives his omni blade. I simply copied it to a point." I said.

She nodded. "So I take it you plan on getting up close and personnel with these machines?" Kat asked raising an eyebrow.

"Only as a last resort. I'd rather not get that close." I said as I tinkered some more with my omni-tool.

"Hey, we've got lights about five miles out." Galina said from the front.

Kat and I slid towards the front as Galina activated a holographic map. "It looks like some kind of base." Erica said. Erica was sitting in the front passenger seat next to Galina.

"What are those structures right here?" Kat asked. Kat touched the indicated spot and the map zoomed in to show more detail.

"Those are tanks, at least that's what we call them" Galina said.

"Ok, so if I'm reading this right. There's four tanks guarding this compound. I can see a couple of landing pads. They must be for those aircraft that we fought against. But here's my question, what are these structures right here?" Kat asked. She indicated two large structures.

"I haven't a clue, but well find out soon enough" Galina said.


((no one's POV))

Five bodies lay stretched out on a rock in the desert as they surveyed the machine compound through infrared binoculars.

"This place looks heavily fortified." Kat said as she switched between zooms.

"Yep, how much you want to bet that Ashley's in there also." Taylor said as he moved the binoculars from his eyes.

"So, what's the plan? Go up to the front door and knock?" Issac asked sarcastically.

This caused a chuckle among the group. Something caught Taylor's eye and he turned his head to stare off into the distance with his binoculars.

"Guys, I think I just found a way in." He said smiling.


((Taylor's POV))

I was slowly climbing my way up the old power pole, luckily this one was at an angle. I had seen the lines running into the base. After remembering some of Cole's powers I decided to give something a try.

"I think this is a dumb idea." Kat said from below.

"You got a better plan?" I yelled over my shoulder. I was nearly to the top and I could feel the electricity in the air around me.

Kat huffed and I had to keep from chuckling. Finally, I reached the top and quickly pulled myself to the top. I warily placed my left foot on the power line. Blue electricity crackled into life around it.

I smiled than turned to look down at everyone "Alright, I'm going to go in. Be ready for my little distraction." I said.

"I still don't think this is a good idea." Kat said frowning again.

I tapped my ear "Com check, can you still hear me" I asked.

Kat sighed and touched her ear "Yes, the power your generating doesn't seem to be interfering with the coms."

I nodded "Good, alright once I get close its going to get hot real fast. Galina, is there any chance John can give us some air support?" I asked.

The com crackled with static before Galina's voice came on "Sorry Taylor, John says the birds are needed elsewhere at the moment."

I sighed and nodded "Than we do this on our own. Wish me luck" And with that I jumped forward into the air. When my shoes hit the power line I was suddenly propelled forward at a great speed. I looked forward and saw I was coming up on another pole. I jumped as I cleared it and landed on the lines to continue on towards the compound.


((Kat's POV))

Kat dropped into position behind a boulder as the others did the same. They had jumped in the Humvee and made it quickly back to their original position. They watched as they waited for a sign of Taylor.

"I think I see him" Erica said suddenly.

I whipped my head in the direction Erica indicated and sure enough a glowing blue blur was heading towards the compound fast.

Suddenly two large turrets swiveled towards him "Taylor" She cried as the turrets opened up. She glanced away only to hear a gasp from Erica. She turned back thinking she would see his body get torn apart by the blasts instead she sees that he's still heading towards the compound but has some sort of bubble in front of him. It appeared to be blocking the bullets.

He got closer as the turrets continued to hammer at him. They heard a noise as an HK was closing on him from a distance.

"We have to do something" Issac said as he moved to get up. I grabbed him and jerked him back down. "Negative, we wait on his signal" She barked.

She could feel Issac's glare even from under his helmet.

"Shit, That plane thing behind him." Erica hissed.

Kat turned to look and sure enough the machines having realized that they couldn't get through his shield realized he was vulnerable from the back.

Taylor hit the barrier right as the HK fired. He jumped and disappeared from their sight.

A few moments went buy when gunfire was heard and a loud explosion rocked the ground beneath them. Several more explosions rocked the ground and several fireballs were scene in the distance.

"What the fuck is going on in there?" Galina cursed.


((Taylor's POV))

I jumped just in time as the HK's gun nearly took my head off. I hit the railing of the building that I landed on hard. I rolled and nearly went flying off the side. I grabbed the railing and was quickly slammed against the metal bars making my ribs scream in the process.

As alarms started to go off in the compound I pulled myself over the railing and saw a doorway.

I ran up to the doorway. It had some kind of electric lock. I held up my hand and electricity from my hand fried the lock and the door slid open. I turned around saw an HK heading towards my position. Two glowing spheres appeared in my hand.

"Take this bitch" I yelled as I chucked both orbs at the HK. One missed but the other hit the turbine on its left wing. The resulting explosion knocked me off my feet. I looked up and my face paled as the burning wreckage that was the HK was nearly on top of me. I turned scrambling quickly and jumped into the room as the HK crashed into the building I was in. The explosion rocked the building as I covered my face as I felt heat swirl around me.

I opened my eyes to see that the shield had protected me from the fire. I sighed. "Thank god I remembered that bit of information from Infamous." I got to my feet. I brought up my omni-tool and tried to send a signal to the others but no luck. I was getting to much interference.

I pulled the AR off my back as I made my way down the hallway as quietly as I could. "Why does all these hallways look the same?"

After what felt like hours I came across a large room. Inside were people strapped to various machines. There was also people hanging by chains in the air. I gasped as I saw Ashley hanging by her wrists in the air.

I fried the lock and the door opened. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. Something was off here. I made my way over to Ashley and looked around for a wench or something. "Fuck it" I sent a blast at the chains breaking them. I caught her in my arms and sat her on the ground.

"Ash.. Ash can you here me." I said shaking her slightly.

Her eyes opened slightly and she did a sharp intake "We have to get out of here now." She said weakly.

"What's going on in this place?" I asked as I picked her up bridal style.

She screamed and I suddenly felt pain and a feeling of weightlessness as I was thrown violently through the air. I smashed into a console and tumbled a few times before I came to a stop on my back. I gasped as I tried to get up. My insides felt like they were on fire. I looked back from where I had came from and my blood ran cold as before me was a seven and a half foot talk Krogan.. no.. that wasn't a Krogan. I saw the red glow from its eyes. "Things just really became ugly." It started towards me when it was hit suddenly by gunfire. I glanced over to my right where Ashley was propped up on one elbow firing at the thing with my discarded AR. She had a nasty gash on the side of her forehead. The thing turned towards her and I finally got to my feet.

"Hey Ugly, over here" I said. The things head turned to me and it started for me.

"Fuck, now what" I also noticed that the bullet wounds where Ash had shot it was already healing.

I turned held up both my hands as I quickly hit it with a dual blast from both hands. It staggered back slightly before looking up at me and it broke into a run.

I tried to dodge but it caught me with one hand and slammed me into a wall make a sizable dent.

I grabbed its head and hit the juice which seemed to barely have any effect at all. I decided to change tactics and grabbed its head again and started to drain it. It quickly realized what I was trying to do and chucked me across the room. I crashed into the floor and skidded to a halt next to Ashley.

I glanced up just in time as the thing charged again. I turned to Ashley "Get ready to fire" I said.

I ducked and dodged at the last moment and grabbed its arm as I propelled myself up onto its back. I reached up to grab me but Ashley fire bursts into its chest causing it to stagger. I activated my Electro Sword and jammed it into the base of its skull. The machine panicked as it tried to grab me but I twisted the sword and promptly decapitated it. The body of the machine staggered a few feet before It collapsed onto the ground. I stood up and felt my heart racing a mile a minute.

I held out my hands and sapped the remaining energy from the machine. I turned and staggered over to Ashley and plopped down on my ass.

"So... how's that for a rescue?" I asked smirking.

She chuckled and winced at the same time. "Right, let's get out of here. There's bound to be more of those things." I said.

The lights suddenly flickered and the door across from us opened and non other than Kat and the rest walked into the room.

"How?" I started to ask when she held up something in her hand. It was a terminators skull.

"When that HK crashed it took out the security mainframe. We were able to sneak in and disable the rest.

Galina walked over to the decapitated Krogan terminator. "This is bad, we need to report this to John" She said.

We all nodded "Let's get find the survivors and get them out of here." I said.

"Galina, call for transports." I said as I walked over to a room that had several wide eyed people staring at us.

I fried the lock and the door opened. The stream of people coming out nearly trampled me to death. Finally the last person stayed in the back of the room huddled in a corner.

I stepped in and made my way over to the person. As I got closer I realized it was a child.

It was a little girl with raven colored hair. "Are you ok?" I asked as I stepped closer.

The girl didn't look up but appeared to be drawing something on the ground. I glanced at the drawing and to my surprise it looked like a map.

"You four won't succeed on your own, your going to need help." She said. She continued to draw on the floor with some kind of chalk.

I reached down to touch her and her head snapped up and my heart started to pound fast. Her eyes were jet black in color. She smiled a very evil smile.

"What the hell are you?" I asked as I reared back at the sight of her.

She laughed and it sent shivers up my spine. "Just someone who has a interest in all of this." She said. She looked down as the map she had drawn on the floor suddenly turned into a hologram and it shot into my omni-tool which glowed red for a moment before vanishing.

I turned back to the little girl but she was gone. I started to get up when I felt small hands on my back. I felt hot breath in my ear.

"You have a map, now what will you do?" The little girl chuckled. I spun around but she was gone.

"Ok, seriously.. what the hell is going on?" I wondered.

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