Hey guys. I took a bit of a break and such, and now I'm back in the game. This chapter will be short since I feel like I'm lagging the whole thing and I'd rather post the first chapter despite how short it is. Think of it as a pre-chapter to set things off quicker. The next chapter will be longer, I promise. This chapter will introduce Alex and his girlfriend (note: Who is NOT the "main" girl. The main girl will show up in the next chapter.) and a short capture of their mundane and boring relationship. This whole story will be told by Alex's POV. :P Well, without further ado, here it is:


Chapter 1

"What's the matter?"


Oh, not this cal again.

My sweetheart, that be Bonnie, and I, that be Alex, were both standing in this somewhat short of a line to go viddy this brand new sinny that just about came out recently. This sinny was about a ruffian and his shaika doing their thing and they all got like caught by the rozzes, subjecting themselves to all these horrible treatments to turn them straight and proper like. Bonnie doesn't understand why I want to watch this sinny so badly, but I could never tell her as to why. Some things are better left unspoken.

I am now nineteen years old, and I just about have met my now serious girlfriend, who is also about my age. Bonnie and I met at the town's library, this very popular library that just about opened up about almost a year back, and what caught my attention was her blue glazzies and curvaceous body, not to mention her lovely wavy blonde locks. We appeared to be the perfect couple, usually holding our fights in private against the whole world, and I am quite sure that this is the dama I'm going to marry and have my offspring with.

My violent days are over. Long live the kroovy-splattered days and the screams of a million cheenas when I was a proud standing hoodlum, staring at death in the litso with my glazzes looking up below my bowler hat and a smirk.

"No, really," I inquire again, nudging her arm, "I must know."

Bonnie shakes her head before sighing, "I just don't understand why you want to watch this movie so badly. It looks so violent and darkā€¦ I wanted to see that romantic comedy with you!"

I viddy at her as she crosses her arms and pouts like a malenky child, and I had to shake my gulliver at her, "You mean that stupid movie about the painter and his wife?"

She stands quietly for a moment before muttering, "Yes, that stupid movie."

I smeck, "You're such a child, grow up."

She turns to me and before she opens her rot to yell at me like she has always done in the past, I grab a hold of her and kiss her, real horrorshow. That shut her up real skorry, because without hesitation, she gives into the kiss and wraps her arms around Uncle Alex to continue.

"Get a room, you two." I slooshy a veck sarcastically call out from behind us. I break away from the kiss and I smile at Bonnie, her red in the face like a tomato.

"Get a room, you two!" I like mouthed the words to her, pulling a gloopy litso at her before she smacks me in the arm jokingly, leaving us guffing a malenky bit before moving on ahead to go get our tickets.