Slight AU. I'm not sure if I got the perfect character traits, so attempt not to kill me. Prepare yourself for my story! Character death.
Sidenote: Sena can sing. And read
Warning: Yaoi, angst, a little ooc, Hiruma, Agon, allSena.
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Mostly everyone who knew Sena well came to the Deimon Devilbat's clubhouse, demanding to know what was going on. They didn't stay long, they had a friend to find, two at a time, one walkie-talkie for each pair, and they ran out and tried to find Sena.

Rain was splashing around, and they didn't cease, they, while looking and flashing the flashlight around, they put up their hoods and continued running. It fact, began to get darker, but they still ran.






Voices rang throughout Japan, trying to find the small boy.

And Sena, Kobayakawa Sena, heard it all. The famous (or at least in the American Football world) Eyeshield 21, 40 yard dash that grew from 4.2 to 3.99, but he didn't tell anyone just yet, not until he could get used to it. He was in a tuxedo, white roses in his hand; he was in front of a grave. The rain soaked him as his hair went limp across his face.

It reminded him of the Death March, when it was raining and Yukimitsu was...


He was supposed to go to practice and then he heard the news. Without thinking, he just brought all of his Amefuto things, his jerseys, his helmet, his eyeshields, his shoes, everything. When his mom told him to pack up the day before, everything, Sena was too tired to say anything and just did it, if only he noticed that someone was missing…


A shy father and husband, yet always cheering them on.

Sena's tears left him, they couldn't get anymore tears out, his mom left a long time ago, packing up everything with teary eyes, she said that they were leaving. And moving to America, "better chances there," she said.

As though she already got over her 20+ years with her husband.

Dead eyes stared at the stone in front of him, emptily.

So, there was Sena, standing in front of his father's grave, white roses in his hands, he clenched his hands so hard that they started to bleed. His father that always supported him, the one that was always on Sena's side, the one that always cheered him on, and the one that said that if Sena was willing to do it, he assured that he was there, being with Sena.

What was he going to do now that he died?

Why didn't I notice?

He took an unsteady breath, he should go to the airport, and his mom told him to be there by 10 o'clock at night. He felt someone coming closer, a flashlight flashed the nameplate, and a hand on his shoulder. Flinching at contact, the drooping hair off the top of his head made it all the more worse. And that was when he realized that he was shaking, badly. The tears, almost all disappeared, and the rain washed away the stains.

"Sena," It was a soft voice, as if they were trying not to alarm him, he was slowly pulled into a semi-awkward hug, the person being twice his height, "I'm sorry," he said.


Kakei Shun, the captain of the Kyoshin Poseidon.

"Fuu," Akaba breathed, and Sena sensed two more people behind him, "A minor scale does not suit you, Sena," he said quietly, before talking into something, "We found him, he's at the funeral place at A flat 6."

Akaba. Akaba Hayato of the Bando Spiders.

Sena pulled himself from the warm embrace and turned back to the grave and dropped the flowers, "Tell them to come to the airport instead," Sena said and the pair looked at him funny, "I… I have to go… I'm sorry," he said and walked away, past Kakei and right in front of Yamato.

"Where are you going?" Yamato asked.

"… America," Sena whispered and ran, at the full 3.99 speed to where he thought the airport was. Leaving in the dust and dirt, the people that he loved.

Not the first time. Doburoku and Hiruma did tell him to get used to it.

When he got there, his mom was there, saying everything good about America.

Maybe it was good.

"…And we'll get you away from that dangerous sport, I know that you didn't want to play in the first place…" his mother didn't trail off, the quiet boy snapped harshly instead.

"WHAT?" Sena halfway screamed and half of all of the Dream-Team was there, most looked as though they just ran five games in a row, "I can't believe that

you would do that!" he yelled.

Shin wasn't tired though, even if the line-backer had this hilarious look on his face. A mixture of all these emotions he had never seen before.

"What are you talking about, I thought that you didn't like the pain…" she said quietly.

"So?" his voice was a low growl, scarier than what anyone ever heard. And there was the glare, that icy glare that made everyone just shut up and watch.

"That doesn't give you the right to take away the one thing that I love, do you know how hard it was to play, and do you know how fun it was?" and for the first time, Sena's eyes looked directly into hers.

She doesn't care...

Chocolate brown eyes melted into caramel, as Sena remembered all of his friends, and the new ones and that burning desire to run on the field again, once more, again and again. "It's the one thing that I love, and you're trying to take it away, take away my friends and my rivals, but Amefuto as well? Isn't that too much? Even for you?" he asked.

Hey look! Agon and Hiruma came in together, maybe they really are friends!

Mihae blinked but sighed, "I'm sorry Sena, but we have to go," she said as though she didn't even hear him, she grabbed for the frozen Sena.

Looks as though he didn't matter anymore.

The usually happy, yet shy, Sena was in shock of what happened, and almost… He looked as though he was about to just drop and cry, but he didn't.

Instead, without glancing back at anyone or thing, he was dragged away.

Well, it wasn't like he had any tears left to shed.

"Sena?" the name stained their mouths, they were frozen on the spot, even Agon's reflexes didn't kick in, and Hiruma just stood there and then looked away, almost shamefully.

"I'll get him back," he whispered quite painfully.

I hope so too.

Then again, hoping never really got him anywhere.