I got super bored and this idea popped into my head :) I couldn't find any "Facebook" themed stories about CP Coulter's Dalton characters... So i've decided to make one! Hope you all like it! And go read my other stories (some of which involve Dalton characters!)

So here's the deal:

Kurt's back at McKinley now so the Dalton boys want to keep in touch... but you know how crazy facebook can get... especially when the Windsor boys get involved...

Chapter 1: Ranebows and HurriKlaines


David "Mad Hatter " Sullivan - Kurt Hummel: KURT! When are you coming to visit? Westerville is getting boring!

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: Dont forget annoying!

Kurt Hummel: ? And I'll see if I can swing by this weekend :)

David "Mad Hatter" Sullivan: awesome! Oh and Wesley is referring to Blaine's agonizing whining!

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: IM NOT WHINING!

Dwight "White Knight" Housten: yes, yes you are.

Ethan "Tweedle Dee" Brightman: rather loudly really

Evan "Tweedle Dum" Brightman: very loudly indeed!

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: DONT BELIEVE THEM KURT!

Charlie Amos: don't deny it Blaine. We can ALL hear you.

Kurt Hummel: -_- i mean i miss you guys but i sure dont miss your insanity... or Blaine's Katy Perry obsession...


Kurt Hummel: Blaine honey, take off caps lock. It's truely annoying the crap out of me.

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ... okay :(

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: ... whipped ;)

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Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ... you guys all suck.

Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: and there goes the caps lock :) I see who wears the designer pants in this relationship

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: -_- where did you come from Reed? Go talk to Shane or something.


Ethan "Tweedle Dee" Brightman: I guess "caps-lock disorder" runs in the family...

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Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: hi Shane :3

Shane Anderson: Hi Reed ;)

David "Mad Hatter" Sullivan: haha Wes just said the most brilliant thing!

Evan "Tweedle Dum" Brightman: Share your brilliance, oh wise Hare!

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: sure thing ;) HEY MR. CAPS LOCK KATY PERRY!

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: what do you want from my life?

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: ... after a hurriKlaine comes a Ranebow xD

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Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: ME AND SHANE AREN'T TOGETHER!

Shane Anderson: :(

Dwight Housten: ...well it sure looks like the Anderson "caps-lock" syndrome is rubbing off on you...

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Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: Kurt!

Kurt Hummel: what? It's kinda ture...

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ... I need new friends...

Shane Anderson: well, I'm your brother ;D

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ... I disown you as my brother.

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Shane Anderson: ... harsh bro -_-

Kurt Hummel: I know for a fact that you CANNOT replace me ;)

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: I couldnt replace you even if i tried :)

Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: awww how cute!

David "Mad Hatter" Sullivan: ...blech

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Ethan "Tweedle Dee" Brightman: YAY! KLAINEBOWS!


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Kurt Hummle: Reed? I thought you said you and Shane weren't together!

Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: ... It doesn't make our couple name any less adorable...

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Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: nahhh. Klaine is way cuter. AND its canon.

Evan "Tweedle Dum" Brightman: true dat.

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Shane Anderson: RANE IS BETTER!

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: KLAINE!

Shane Anderson: RANE!

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: KLAINE!


David "Mad Hatter" Sullivan: ... I think Chaz is mad...

Kurt Hummel: ...I'm kind of glad i'm not with you guys right now...


Ethan "Tweedle Dee" Brightman: ... now look who's the one commenting...

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: you smart ass -_-

Charlie Amos: alright. THATS IT-

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ...?

Evan "Tweedle Dum" Brightman: SHIT! RUN FOR IT!

Kurt Hummle: why? Whats going on over there?

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: CRAP! HE'S GOT THE BASEBALL BAT! RUN!

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: AHHHHH :O

David "Mad Hatter" Sullivan: HELP US!

Dwight "White Knight" Housten: ... How come you guys are wasting precious time on facebook when you could be running from the bloodthirsty prefect?

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ...

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: ...

David "Mad Hatter" Sullivan" ...

Ethan "Tweedle Dee" Brightman: ...

Evan "Tweedle Dum" Brightman: ...

Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: ...

Kurt Hummle: well what about you Dwight? You just posted, didn't you?

Dwight "White Knight" Housten: ... touche' Alice, touche'

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: your so adorable when your clever :)

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: ...*hacks and throws up*

Kurt Hummel: I hope Chaz beat you senseless next -_-

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: meanie :P

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: AHHH CHAZ CORNERED ME! Kurt! If I don't make it, I want to ask you something!

Kurt Hummel: anything!

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: what's your cookie recipe? !

Ethan "Tweedle Dee" Brightman: that would probably me my last request as well :D

Evan "Tweedle Dum" Brightman: same here :D

Kurt Hummel: -_- Really Blaine? Geeze I hope Chaz beats the crap out of you.

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ...really? :'(

Kurt Hummel: ... nah then i'd have to take care of you :)

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: ... but what if i want you to take care of me?

Kurt Hummel: been there, done that ;)

...five minutes later...

Kurt Hummel: Blaine? you alright over there?

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: I think im suffering head trauma from the force of Charlie's baseball bat...

Kurt Hummel: aww want me to kiss it and make it better? ;)

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: yes. definitly ;)

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: *throws up again*

Blaine "White Rabbit" Anderson: your disgusting -_-

Wes "March Hare" Hughs: and your as annoying as Reed is clumsy

Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: HEY!

Shane Anderson: don't insult Reed!

David "Mad Hatter" Sullivan: ugh. Just look at you two... MAKE OUT ALREADY.

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Reed "Dormouse" Van Kamp: o.O

Shane Anderson: O.O

Kurt Hummel: 60 people wanna see some RANEbows ;)