••• Based off an imaginary GOOD-END for Gabriel Blessing's "In Flight" (fanfiction. net/ s/ 6556187/ 1/) •••

The Emiya Clan is an imagined family filled with OC's assuming Shirou got a full-fledged harem ending with his flock... and then some. Various characters have been created/contributed by the members of the TFF Omakes thread and expanded into the Emiya Clan thread on the forums:
(fanfiction. net/ forum/ The_Mechanics_of_In_Flight/ 88086/)

For a full list please refer to KittyBear's (fanfiction. net/ s/ 7052893/ 1/ Emiya_Clan_Reference_Data_Sheet)


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My own personal OC contributions are Koyuki, Kumako, and Gekkou. Feel free to use them however you want so long as it is EC-related.


(emiya-clan-residence. deviantart. com/ gallery/) — Art Archived by HubiKoshi and the dA group #Emiya-Clan-Residence

(img687. imageshack. us/ img687/ 203/ 4koma02. jpg) — nonspecific time, Reiko and her Pudding

(img155. imageshack. us/ img155/ 5624/ koyuki. jpg) — Nerima18, Koyuki's 'battle costume' and stance

(img850. imageshack. us/ img850/ 9231/ inflight. jpg) — In Flight poster, with sloppy coloring

(img684. imageshack. us/ img684/ 8025/ ecfateclanwarsv2. jpg) — HS from maximorph1's EC: Black Knight/Clan Wars


—Misc Errata—
Gradation Air (Tracing) – we all fell victim to it at first, they're all kids of Shirou so naturally they'd have his abilities, right? of course at some point a Type-Lunatic brought up just how weird Shirou was for mastering it, and not all of the kids have UBW so...

Rune-Created Dimensional Space – is our new answer. a research resulting from a collaboration of Rin, Bazette, and Shirou getting together to create... well, HammerSpace. if you see an example of (casual) projecting abilities for major items, it has been retconned into this (like Keiko and her guns; we let her keep projecting bullets though). the runes are either inscribed onto the user themselves (Victoria's Secret Compartment), onto favored clothing (Battle Costumes), or onto pendants (the Ultimate Keychain Accessories!)
there are still a handful of characters who can still use it, but we nerfed them hard so they cant just (insertweaponhere)-spam like Archer/Shirou does.


I guess the full title of these could be called, "In Flight-Omakes: Emiya Clan: Fate/School Days" ...which is really long. I'll just refer to this as "Fate/School Days"


F:SD and its various sidestories take place 1-2 years before the 'main events' of the Emiya Clan omakes. The primary cast includes (sorted by age)

Elementary 1st Grade (age 6-7):

Middle School 1st Year (AGE 12-13):

This is my the primary cast for my series of Omakes, but various members of The Clan will make appearances here and there for possible continuity purposes.


Emiya Clan Misc OMAKES take place concurrent with the 'main timeline' or later (there will be a note in the a/n if the timeline is different). currently this includes:

Nerimaseries; xover with Ranma 1/2

NGE: Nobody Diesoneshot; xover

Devil May Cryoneshot; xover

Melty Blood: Neco-Arconeshot (get it? it's a story arc with Necos... haha...)

Ouranseries; xover with Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ba Sing Seoneshot(?); xover with Avatar: the Last Airbender

Karakuraoneshot; xover with Bleach

Loreleioneshot; xover with Sword Dancers


Why is this separate from chronodekar's OMAKE collection? eh.. he asked us contributors to help him organize the collection ^^a
at least any new stuff. go see his story for the old stuff (fanfiction . net /s/6957555/1/)


In-Depth Character Profiles

the guys on the forums are trying to revamp our character profiles to make them more descriptive. for my part, i added a 'powers' section... and wrote it up like a half-baked dnd character sheet. i feel moderately geeky. you'll also notice a section called 'personality tropes'. if you have no idea what this is, i encourage you to end your life as you know it and visit (tvtropes . org)

Keiko's written by mu-sensei
Koyuki's written by me
Karin and Sakuya's are a collaboration between me and mu-sensei
Reiko's written by shadowzerover5

we don't have one for the rest yet, though deus-rasengan2, HubiKoshi, and Trooper1023 have made some for their own respective 'main' characters on the forums



Name (+creator):
Keiko Emiya (Mu-Sensei)

13-f (School Days); 16-f (Nerima)


Physical: Dark Red haired, with one or two side tails, Cyan eyes that seem to sparkle in glee or burn in rage. ~155cm (5'1") and light in build.
Wardrobe: Usually favors indigo blue and golden and skirts ans short sleeved blouses, and sometimes wears bloomers and bike shorts instead of panties. Always carry a small stylized silver cross in her waist (With her M24 inside), and wrist-chains (that stores her Heaven & Hell Wings, see below).

She is somewhat between Aloof and easygoing when calm, and Tsundere(A) (specially towards Karin) or Anti-Pervert (only towards her), to Hot or Cold fury (if her family or friends are threatened for some reason). Can be somewhat of a sadist when pissed off (or PMSing, some said). Keiko plays harmless/damsel in distress when fighting those who don't know her, and really hates perverts, thieves, and open perverts even more. Teasing a sore point of someone who carry weapons is never a sane thing.

Loves: Weapons and explosions!
Likes: Cakes, sweets, and music
Dislikes: Costumes or frilly clothes as well as restraining clothes, closet perverts
Detests: When people underestimate her (though she'll usually play the role of an innocent when not in a battle), being teased about her relationship with Karin, having her weapons confiscated, open perverts (nobody knows why Karin still lives...)

Karin Emiya (Sekirei)

Magic Circuit Activation Aria:
—I imagine the gun within my soul, the hammer ready and waiting to be cocked. I pull it back, trigger it and let it release deep inside, flooding myself with prana. I am the gun, "Action open." My mind is the shooter, "Charge." Prana is the shell, "Load." My intent is the trigger, "Fire!" Od shoots through my circuits.—

Basic Skills/Proficiencies:
Marksmanship, Weapon Crafting, Reinforcement, Runes

Special Skills:
Projecting Rune Bullets, Jewel Crafting, Mana Burst.

Finishing Skills:
Mana Break Bullets, Jewel Bullets

Typical Arsenal:
• JTL-E .500 (pair)
• Smith & Wesson's 1911 Auto (pair) (Custom Black & White design, Upgraded calliber (.45 Winchester Magnum) Rune-treated barrel (designed to function as a rail gun and accelerate the bullets)) - Karin dubbed them 'Heaven & Hell Wings'
• Contender (Pistol, 30.06, chrome & fiber finish, magically treated armor-piercing bullets, Thermal scope.)
• Pfeifer Zeliska (Zel did it, as a birthday present)
• M24 (.338 Lapua Magnum, 5 riffling Rune-treated barrel, Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm M5 scope, engraved metal finish including runes for reinforcement, expanded internal cartridge with 2 extra bullets, black seamless leather sling, built-in silencer with thermal sleeve)
• Browning Citori
• Various Grenades



Name (+creator):
Koyuki Emiya (throwaawy)

13-f (School Days); 16-f (Nerima)



Physical: 160cm (5'3") 77b/56w/78h; shoulder-length grey-blue hair, grey eyes

Wardrobe: Commonly wears t-shirts and shorts, with a vest or tank-top over the shirt; ankle-socks and slip-on shoes; chain-link bracelet on her left wrist. Her current 'battle' uniform adds rune-enhanced knee-high stockings, elbow pads, and fingerless gloves.

Personality Tropes:
Kuudere (Type 2); Spock Speak; I Want My Beloved to Be Happy; Determinator; An Ice Person/Weak But Skilled

Unfailingly polite for the most part, even to her own family. Is most comfortable around Akitsu, Karin, Keiko, Sakuya, and Shirou (in that order), not-coincidentally these are the family members most likely to provoke an extreme reaction from her. She's most comfortable being led around by her more outgoing siblings, but if she does find a goal she really does want to accomplish for herself, she will become the Determinator.

She is socially inept - by her own choice - and is not used to being out in the world without a member of her family to filter everything for her. She has a minor inferiority complex due to her lack of offensive abilities - especially compared to her mother. She is content to play the role of a support/defense class for her family, but quietly dreams of being a front-line combatant. She lacks the overarching thought process to be a good strategist, but has a good grasp of small-unit tactics and using her abilities for herding opponents.

Recently she has been undergoing rigorous training to improve her speed and agility in order to offset the large charge time her attacks require from her. Though her improvement is relatively small, she augments it with a set of rune-enhanced equipment Keiko and Uzume put together for her to further increase her speed closer to NWC levels.

Likes: Family, puppies, being useful, origami, ice cream, snow sculptures
Dislikes: Strangers, sunny days, being useless, threats to her family or her Ashikabi

Ranma Saotome (Ashikabi, Ranma 1/2)

Affinity: (normal/enhanced)
Snow – Rank B(A+)
Ice – Rank E(C+)

Snow Adhesion:
passive - Exactly What it Says on the Tin. Aids in snow collection, opponents who come into contact with the snow are slowed. Also very, very useful when making snow sculptures.

Snow Manipulation: Rank B(B+)
minor action - Freeze moisture in the surrounding air into tiny ice particles and mass them into snow balls
standard action - Range 10 (~15m). Telekinetically moves and propels any available snow (max volume roughly 5 cubic-meters). Opponents hit take damage and are slowed. During Enhanced Mode, freezing/icicle attacks are possible.

Special Attacks:
Icicle Fall: (combination attack) – Rank B(A)
standard action - Burst 1 (~1.5m across) within a 10m zone. Summons a large spread of snow across an area over the targeted area. An additional cold spell can freeze the snow into harder ice-crystals, which are then manipulated into saturating the targeted area with thousands of ice-blades. Dependent on a stronger ice spell to be available, or Koyuki to be in Enhanced Mode. Sometimes has a 'safe' zone the size of a bus. She's working on that. ⑨

Storm Wall: Rank C(B+) – at initial cast
standard action - Burst 3 (~4.5m) within a 10m zone. Summons a localized snow storm to encircle a target area. The storm lowers visibility both into and out of the area, opponents that cross the boundary take damage and are slowed. The storm will also absorb small projectiles and add them to its boundary, inflicting additional damage based on the object absorbed.
minor action - The zone persists, power increases the longer the zone is maintained

Final Attacks:
Enhanced Mode: (requires norito)
passive - Koyuki's collection rate, speed, and power of her abilities are all increased. Snow Adhesion has the possibility to prevent movement completely. She is able to utilize fully-realized ice spells and can cast Icicle Fall at-will. Storm Wall's AoE and damage increase.

Arashi Nadare (Tempest Avalanche): (requires norito, startup aria) – Rank A+
—"The Frozen Heavens hear my pledge / Inundate the foes of my Ashikabi"—
standard action -
Burst 10 (~15m) centered on Koyuki. Summons a wave of snow and ice spears from origin, pushing out. Ground-level opponents take damage from the snow, are knocked back, and knocked prone. Airborne opponents take damage from the ice and are knocked prone, taking additional fall damage. Using Arashi Nadare ends Enhanced Mode, requiring an additional norito to recast.



Name (+creator):
Karin Emiya (Mu-Sensei)

12-f (School Days); 15-f (Nerima)


Physical: 152cm (5'0") 73b/54w/76h; red hair to mid-back length, usually braided into two tails; round wire-framed glasses

Wardrobe: Pastel/white long-sleeved fitted shirts; sweatpants while at home or capris for outdoors; slippers for footwear

Personality Tropes:
GadgeteerGenius; LoveableSexManiac (PG-13 version...so far); TheNicknamer; PlayfulHacker; SkewedPriorities; TheSmartGirl

Childish, she is very fond of teasing her family and muggles. She will generally refer to her family members either with the least-formal form of address (blah-chan) or give them a shortened nickname. To outsiders she will start from the nickname and downgrade into nonsense titles. Like her mother, she enjoys making innuendos in everyday conversation and making others squirm.

As one of the half-sekirei whose powers are least likely to be detected, she enjoys abusing the family's Secrecy Laws and regularly 'dives' into local digital networks – especially surveillance systems. She is not above gross acts of voyeurism or inciting other family members to do the same. She has a photographic memory, and on the occasions where it fails, she has continuous access to her own personal data 'cloud' on the networks.

Likes: Teasing, violent/suggestive movies, computers, giant mecha, family
Dislikes: Physical activities, script-kiddies, lack of knowledge

Keiko Emiya (Ashikabi)

Digital Networks
Networked Machinery

Network Access:
passive – Can access her personal tabletPC (MBiPAD) and download/upload any information from or to it while it is within 1km from her position, or at an infinite distance so long as it is connected to a nearby network.
standard action – Can remotely access any nearby network within 500m and download/upload/edit any information on it. Firewalls and encryptions can be broken (they're literally like puzzles for her) but use up more prana.

Remote Control:
standard action – Actively manipulate a network's dataflow, directing or redirecting data packets in realtime; imposing her own firewalls or encryption protocols; or simply locking out further access to a specific network from outside intervention.
minor/movement action – Must be sustained, Karin loses all physical mobility while Remote Control is active.

Special Attacks:
Mechatronic Access:
standard action – Higher level of access, requires more prana to maintain. Can access a full range of mechanical, electrical, computer, software, and control networks/systems.

Mechatronic Remote Control:
standard action – Actively manipulate any mechatronic systems in a similar manner to Remote Control, but now includes hardware controllers. Basically, she can control power switches, servos, electric motors...
(ex. if your car is computer controlled or connected to a network she can play GTA with it.)
minor action/movement – Must be sustained, she loses all physical mobility while M. Remote Control is active.

Final Attacks:
Gradation Air (Trace):
standard action - Only possible due to Karin's near-perfect memory. She requires a comprehensive set of blueprints for whatever she needs to trace, as well as a complete production history from the designers in order to properly sympathize with her target object. If she wishes to modify an existing object she would need those two requirements from every element she wished to combine together and formulate her own blueprints.

(ex. if she wanted to take a normal squirt gun and modify it to squirt glue, she would need both design history and blueprints for: 1) the gun, 2) the glue, and 3) probably a type of tubing that would not stick to the glue so it could even be fired)

It takes Karin several minutes to properly process all of the information in a manner suitable for projecting. Gradation Air uses up half of her maximum prana reserves, more complex objects or higher quantities of objects require additional prana. If she does not have sufficient reserves by the time she finishes sympathizing her object, the trace will fail and burn through her remaining prana.

Enhanced Mode: (requires norito)
passive –
Reduces the prana cost for all of Karin's abilities to 25% of their original cost.

Gradation Air (Enhanced): (requires norito, startup aria)
—"Lights of my pledge, give me the means to protect my Ashikabi."—
standard action –
Can summon powerful and complex devices for relatively little cost in prana, the limit of what she can do is a 5mt mech, but she can be rea~aly devious and summon exotic devices. Gradation Air also ignores the limitation of needing to know everything about the device in question, allowing some imaginary, but reality-almost-possible stuff to be summoned. Using Gradation Air (Enhanced) ends Enhanced Mode.



Name (+creator):
Sakuya Emiya (Mu-Sensei)

12-f (School Days); 15-f (Nerima)


Physical: 151cm (4'11") 71b/52w/74h; shoulder-length purple hair

Wardrobe: Pastel cardigan over a light shirt, knee-length skirt and outdoor slippers

Personality Tropes:
CombatTentacles; CovertPervert; GollumMadeMeDoIt; LivingShadow; PerpetualSmile; YamatoNadeshiko; Yangire

Sakuya aspires to be like her mother, Sakura. Calm, collected, the ideal feminine beauty. The only problem is herself. She inherited her mother's Elemental Affinity of Imaginary Numbers and control over the ether. Unfortunately, Sakura's body was so ravaged by the Matou Clan's Angra Mainyu tainted worms, that when Sakuya was born she was found to have absorbed some of this corruption. This gives Sakuya control over the Shadow element, capable of manifesting her shadows in the material world in the form of tentacles and creatures capable of limited autonomy.

The downside is that Angra Mainyu also manifested itself as a literal split personality in her psyche. As her initial caretaker, Gilgamesh nicknamed her Yin and Yang.

Yin– The Shadow, is cruel and sadistic. She enjoys embarrassing her host greatly, often engaging in rampant perversions and other means of inflicting pain on others. She's generally the dominant personality during a fight, or if Yang begins thinking anything remotely romantic.

Yang – The Light, is shy, delicate, and good-natured. She strives to be in constant control of herself to keep Yin from taking over, trying to mold her personality as close as she can to her mother's. Yin's constant pressure on her sometime starts her thinking slightly perverted thoughts, which makes it easier for Yin to take over as the dominant personality, and Karin really is no help in that regard.

Likes: Family, sports, cooking, boys, brightly lit places, shadowy places, helping people, tormenting people, friends, boys
Dislikes: Bullies, perverted people, shadowy places, bright lights, Yin, disregard that I'm awesome


Imaginary Numbers

Spontaneous Regeneration:
passive – Allows recovery from debilitating wounds within minutes. Mortal wounds will still kill her, but even minor medical treatments are significantly more effective on her. Side effect of Angra Mainyu's possession.

Shadow Tentacles:
standard action –Range 3 (~4.5m) Summons shadows to pierce, ensnare, or bludgeon opponents – or all three at once. Opponents ensnared take a -5 penalty for escape rolls.

Special Attacks:
Shadow Illusion:
standard action – Burst 3 (~4.5-5m diameter) Requires a shaded area. Creates a bounded field which hides anything inside in the shadows. Anything within the zone is immune to visual, auditory, or magical detection, but can still be hit by physical or magical attacks. Anything not in the field at the time of casting can enter the zone, but will not be concealed by it. Anyone inside the zone can leave concealment at any time.
minor action – The zone persists.

Summon Creature:
standard action – Spawns a semi-autonomous creature created from the ether and gives it physical form using her Shadows. Creatures are limited to traveling no farther than 20m from her position and are only capable of basic physical attacks. Multiple simple creatures can be summoned, or few large/complicated ones.
minor action/movement – All creatures persist.

Final Attacks:
standard action – Range 3 (~4.5m) Injects a portion of Angra Manyu via prana-infused blood inside a target either corrupting and putting it at her service for a limited amount of time, or destroying inside-out. Sakuya also takes feedback damage for 80% of her remaining health, incapacitating her for a brief period.



Name (+creator):
Reiko Emiya (shadowzerover5)
Eiko Emiya

6/7-f (School Days); +600-f (Origins!timeline)


Child (Reiko)
Physical: 98cm (3'3"), Ash blond hair and gold eyes, Sekirei crest on her forehead hidden by long bangs
Wardrobe: Black Goth Loli with suspiciously flesh like rag-doll about the size of half her body.

Adult (Eiko)
Physical: 160cm (5'3"), 80b/55w/78h Waist length ash blonde hair, Half-lidded golden eyes that seems to see something beyond mundane, Sekirei crest displayed proudly on forehead
Bare-shoulder battle dress/Goth loli with armor plates inspired by Saber's own armor.

Personality Tropes:
Trademark Favorite Food (pudding), Creepy Doll, The Quiet One, Beware The Quiet Ones, The Unintelligible

She is expressive but quiet, very quiet and often mumbles her words into her doll. Shirou, Gil and Karasuba understands her words due to practice while Arika seems to understood her immediately. Stares at the night sky often. Even given the gift of foresight, Reiko often gets into trouble when she tries to "help" out. While being perfectly fine afterwards, the same cannot be said to the victims of her well meaning actions.

Being Scrapped at such an early age, had a severe effect on her personality. As the feeling of utter emptiness is something a child cannot comprehend or understand, she became severely withdrawn to those she did not personally know. She also craves attention to the point that it will cause her physical harm if she is not careful. This will turn into a somewhat boon later on in life as it allowed her to keep a level head in almost any situation.

Her powers are great and as she grows she will develop physical skills to augment her lack of control over them. Aspires to be like her mother when she grows older but her powers limit her role in combat till she gets better control of them till then her role is scout and transport, provided that she can get the coordinates right. Her visions are random and is active when she is awake which is why she prefers to stay asleep.

As of 'recent', future!Reiko succeeded in preventing her grimdark!Origins future from coming to pass, at the cost of not being able to return to it. She remains in the current!NewFate timeline, taking on the name 'Eiko' to reduce confusion amongst her family.

Likes: Pudding, playing with Gil and Shinra, sitting in Shirou's lap to nap, going rides with Primy and torturing the Kaleidostick (Rin: "Karma is sooo sweet...") Among her siblings she is closets to Shinra, Arika and Kyon, her Crest, Her older/younger self.
Denied pudding, Cosmic Horrors, Zombies, her Crest


Powers: (child/adult)
Time Manipulation
– Rank C(EX)
God like level of control over the power of Time to a degree that Space, its closest companion, can be manipulated to a lesser degree. But her powers are hard to control so its appreciable rank is lower than its true rank. At this level, it grants Agelessness, Clairvoyance, Spatial Distortions, Time Reversal, Time Travel, Loop Effect, Tesseract Creation etc.

Sankakukankei –
Rank B(A+)
A sword crafted by Emiya Shirou to control his daughter's powers. Appears as a dull edge nodachi made of a gem crafted from the powers of the Second Magic and covered in silver lines along the length of the blade; They are runes the size of a hairs width.

Neutral: Allows the user to accelerate and decelerate local time around him. Increasing speed and reaction time by two ranks. Reiko is unable to use this ability due to the blade exerting its more powerful abilities over the world

First Corner: Kagizaki (Tear) – In Reiko's hands, it can invoke an unblockable edge made from by warping space upon contact. This also make the blade selective and only cut the target and nothing else. Cannot be used in conjunction with the other corners.

Second Corner: Taru (Suspend) – Isolates its wielder in a separate time frame mimicking Avalon but does not grant absolute immunity the sheathe has. The barrier can be broken but it will be very difficult to do so. Reiko cannot move while this is active, barrier size is dependent on amount of prana infused. Cannot be used in conjunction with the other corners.

Third Corner: Fuuin (Seal) – Its most terrifying ability. Functions almost like a curse. Allows Reiko to turn an instantaneously fatal blow into slow lingering death by isolating the target in mini tesseract slowing the passage of time while keeping the targets perception of time normal turning seconds into days or years or centuries.