Title: The Beautiful Notes

By: Sephira-san

Fandom: Grand Guignol Orchestra

Rating: PG

Warning: None

Characters: Lucille & Celes, mention of Eles

Pairing: Lucille & Celes

Prompt: #3 jolt!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Kaori Yuki owns the series and characters. I just like using them.

Celes sat at the Grand Piano and her slender fingers moved along the ivory keys, lightly touching each onyx keys that she needed.

Since the death of her twin brother, she has dressed like him and has been using his name. She felt guilty because she was the one who awoke those creepy dolls that effect people easily. Her brother was one of the victims. Her father had insisted that she go in hiding as her brother.

But since Lucille learned her true idenitiy, he had opened her eyes. He told her that, Eles had wanted her to share her piano playing with everyone else and that she had a gift as well. Her gift was that, once Celes started playing those guignols would come back to their sense for a moment.

Celes had then told them, she will still dress as her brother and go by his name till she has found her true self.

With her eyes closed as she played, Celes lost herself in the music she was playing in the sound proof room where she would practice with everyone else or by herself. This day she wanted to practice alone, but she didn't know that someone else had entered and just stood a few feet behind her, just listening to notes fill the room.

The long haired blond beauty behind her just let the music flow, till the slender lips opened and this lovely began singing with such an elegant and beautiful voice you've ever heard in your entire life.

Celes jumped with a jolt when she heard the voice and she already knew who it was with that wonderful voice. "Lucille." She scolded.

Lucille had a smile on his face. "I'm sorry did I startle you?" he sauntered towards her sitting on the bench beside her, crossing his long legs.

"Yes you did." Celes' face began to blush. Only when she was alone with Lucille was when she would blush.

"I couldn't help, but join in. Your playing is improving everyday." His slender fingers touched her cheek softly. "Won't you try wearing a dress?"

She closed the lid that went over the keys of the piano. "I told you I will continue to dress like this till I find who I really am."