A River Runs Through It


They were everywhere.

It was almost nearly definitely hard (oh now I even sound like Him!) to keep my mouth shut about all the things I know about my sometimes-companions.

I knew how I came into existence. But they did not. They had no clue.

How could I ever possibly tell them that all of our destinies and timelines were intertwined into a near unrecognizable ball of string.

Thank God for my little blue book. It's my saving grace. It's really the only thing separating me from reality and the brink of insanity.

But it's come to the point where I have to get it all out, or else I'll burst. The last few months(?) has made that perfectly clear.

It all started in, well, to be honest, I'm not really sure when it started. That's the problem with time traveling - things don't always happen in chronological order. (Someday, I'll figure out how to explain that theory.) I'm not for sure when I was born. But I do know the details of how I was born. I was born out of deception. I'm a conspiracy theory, in my own right. I have a picture of my mother. Just one. But it's cherished nonetheless. It was taken just hours after I was born. Her beautiful auburn hair framed her face, as she smiled down at me. Her smile spoke volumes. You see, I was a miracle.

My conception took place in a dark, dark place. And not in the usual way. My mother was abducted by a volatile race of aliens known only as The Silence. The torture they ensued upon her was indescribable. I am thankful that she wasn't able to retain the memories of those particular moments. It could break even the strongest person. Little blessings, that. You see...my mother was impregnated by these aliens. Not by their own. No. They didn't want to taint their race with ours. No, they impregnated her with my father's DNA. A good man. And the DNA of a Time Lord. Not His DNA, because that would just be sick and wrong in so many ways. No, it was the DNA of Another. My DNA is a three-fold, compressed mess of my mother, my father, and Time itself.

I am part Time-Lord. I retain the memories of both my mother and father, and bits and pieces of the TARDIS. It's almost ironic really. I am the genetic offspring of His most Beloved.

It wasn't long after I was born, though, that I was quite literally ripped from my mother's arms into a timeline so messed up by The Silence.

I was "raised", if you could even call it that, in a dirty rundown orphanage on the outskirts of Washington D.C. I call it Hell's Nursery. Because, that's what it was. I think it was the 1960s, but that particular time is a little blurry to me. The Silence took pleasure in putting me through rigorous tests, and experiments. Nothing that I couldn't recover from, thanks to the regeneration process from my Time-DNA. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better if I never regenerated. To actually die and be at peace. But, it doesn't do any good to dwell on that possibility.

I think the most excruciating, and traumatizing experiment they put me through was the spacesuit. It was painful. It was scary. I was a monster. The things I did…were indescribably…horrible. I killed so many people. I "killed" really a good man. I remember all those things. Those things I'll never be able to wipe from my memory.

But then I escaped. I was seven years old, I believe. I escaped. But my body was dying as a result of a fluke accident. But then I regenerated into who I am today. The regeneration process is rather fascinating. It changes everything about who you were, except your memories, and makes you into a brand new creation. New face, new skin, new hair, new eyes, even an accent. I can't explain that. It's all that Time-Lord-Sciencey stuff.

I was on the run at such an early age. Really young. Really impressionable.

But the most amazing man ever saved me. I was rescued by… Him.